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Big Ups and Downs

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Wow it's been a while. Major things have happened which is why I was absent.

March 1st - Grandma got married.

March 2nd - My 19th birthday :D

March 3rd - Grandma gets into a car wreck but is ok aside from pain in her knees and legs.

March 4th - I finally got a 60GB PS3 that's backwards compatible :D My username on PSN is SacredWarrior88.

Well that's about it. My life seems to be taking a turn for the better. I hope things stay good this time around. I can't take another blow,



Hey, long time no see. :) Hope you grandma feels better soon and happy late birthday. :D

My psn name is soulless4now. I'll send you a friend request once I get back on psn. 


Happy Birthday to you! 

Also, congrats to your Grandma for getting married! Though, it's bad news to hear about the accident that she had. Hopefully, she's OK. 

DigitalDame moderator moderatorstaff

Glad to hear things are looking up for you! You should add me as well, I'm DigitalDame on PSN. :) 


@PiscesAnimeGirl  No, I just live between two different places during different parts of the week. I'm finishing up my last full time semester of college so I stay with my grandma on the weekends and with my aunt and uncle on the weekdays since their house is much closer to my school. :P