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This is different.

'Ello to anyone who still remembers me xD.

Just thought i'd do a blog and see if there was still anyone left here, seeing as I kinda dissapeared over a year ago....O_O

Lots has happened I guess. Moved in with boyfriend. Lost a few jobs. Rejected by my parents (For said moving in with boyfriend and subsequent happenings).

Oh! And I'm pregnant ^-^ =D

Weird huh, how thinggs can change so much in just a year o.o.

Bubs due in April so lots of fun times ahead.

Anywho, drop us a line if you're still around, it'd be good to see how everyone is. =]

Lots of Love

DUDE!! (tagged)

DUDE! I got tagged!

So apparently I gotta post ten random facts about myself. Hopefully I can do that in 20 minutes cause thats all the time I got left today.

First floor: Homewares, deco-...oh yea! Facts.

1. (is the lonliest number that you'll ever know) *coff* I have purple hobo gloves ._. Or for you more refined people out there, fingerless gloves.

2. I work for Apple Mac, and No i do not get free iPods. Do not ask.

3. My thoughts lately have been to go all out steampunk, used to have the gear, would be fun to do it again.

4. Nacho Toll: 16

5. About 10 minutes ago an extremely easy on the eyes guy walked into my store, and asked me for my number ^^ *head is huge*

6. I'm over relationships. Period.

7. Ice cream fixes Everything :|

9. Nine is an upside down six, despite that, orange cups make good rockets.

10. I miss my friend. I wish she'd come back.

And there you go, for the next round of taggery, I choose....iamtherealgad20, -Katsuri-, crazyboutdemons, Burner101 and Nicasso_

YAY! *does a dance and runs back to work*

Lotsa love,


Oh suuuuure

Right. Here goes.

I haven't blogged anything nice for a while so I thought I'd put something fairly okay up. And a cute song I just gotsta share. ^^

Well here's whats been happening. I've been working for 4 months now as Service admin for Mac1 Australia. I tried to move out but that idea got shut down by the olds. Um......Ooh. I bought a new hat ^^. I like hats. They're cute. And they keep my head warm when I has short hair (like now).
Hm....*thinks* Oh, started playing Piano again. Its such a beautiful instrument. The sounds I can bring out are absolutely amazing. Not to mention it's good fun. And I can succesfully annoy every person within earshot with an extremely bad rendition of "Twinkle twinkle". :twisted:

I've been looking at a lot of new musics lately (well, new/old stuff) and have a couple of things I would like to share and I thought were nice.

1) Sara Bareilles.
She has a couple of beautiful songs. My favourites are "Love song", "Bottle it up" and "One sweet love". (Hmm, i sense a theme. :P )

2) Jason Mraz.
A little like Sara Bareilles, very cool sounds. Favourite song is "I'm Yours" and "Did you get my message". I'm yours is a good guitar song, nice solo piece for any acoustic artists out there.

3) Five Iron Frenzy, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Streetlight Manifesto.
SKA!!!!! Never was into Ska, but the Crazy gave me some Streetlight Manifesto and, well, now I am XD. Look em up. All three bands are good.

Wellp, I fink das about it's. :3
Ooh, if anyone knows of Artists like Sara B or Jason Mraz, lemme know cause i'd like some more like that. T'is nice and I need some happy musaks. Although my Hollywood Undead, Skillet and Linkin Park is gettin a nice workout lately,........ANYWAY

Have fun, talk soon, love ya alls.


._. Dude....wait....what?

Tired >.>
Sick. >.>
Lacking music cause headphones are broken.....:cry:

Hi everybody!

Parents suck. Family sucks. A lot of ppl aren't much better.

Is all I have to say.

GO crazy. Ciao.

So....RGU huh....


Is random :|

:lol: Hi people! I have absolutely Nothing to blog about ^^ So.....maybe we should play hide and seek (I like that game:oops: )

Tangled Banana Grapes offer you nothing :|:|:twisted:

I confuse myself! :lol: I think i'm hyper. Blame the sugar my work is feeding me. *nods wisely* Sugar does that.

Gotta work nao! Ciao! *hands out sugar laden lollies*

It's been so long...

...since I've felt this way.

I feel....warm.

And it's because of him. He makes me warm from all the way over the other side of the planet. I can feel him smile from a million miles away and I can see his sadness when i'm not even with him.

A nice dramatic opening to my first blog in ages. I doubt many will read this but I want to put something up anyway. Whats going on in my life....um....I finished high school and i started working for Apple Mac. I have an amazingly sweet boyfriend who i was referring to above :oops: and I love him so much.
Things have been...difficult...to say the least but lets not dwell on that.

I like strawberries.....:|

Random. I know. But I have no idea what to write about xD
Anyways, whoever reads this lemme know how your doin.

Loves to all.

Woah/New Laptop

Aloha all!

Woah! I haven't been on here in ages, you guys have probably forgotten about me. Anywho, am on school holidays right now (cause i'm in Australia) and have been travelling around the country heaps, buying stuff and meeting up with old friends. I got back home a couple days ago and found sitting on my desk...dun dun duuuun.....A BRAND NEW LAPTOP...which isn't really brand new it's second hand BUT works better than my old one.My old one was about 7 years out of date and I had, uh, spilt tea in it so half the keys didn't work in it and then I accidentaly dropped it so the monitor was half coming off....it wasn't a very happy laptop. So anyway, i know have a new laptop that ISN'T broken and DOESN'T have keys missing. :D:D:D Am Now a very happy chappy.

So now, beloved friends I must be off as my parents are hounding me to clean my room. See you when I see you!


Un blog italiano!! (cause I feel like it)

Hi tutto! Come sta andando? Ho deciso fare un blog del italain perché sto studiando la lingua e la coltura (perché quello fa parte della mia eredità). È realmente freddo. Approvazione, abbastanza di quella, di nuovo all'inglese.

Hehe, i'm not gonna tell you what that says, you can figure it out for yourself, but it's nothing bad...I think :?

Anywho,I was talking with one of my friends the other day, and we got onto the topic of insults.My insults are always embellished, so the insultee doesn't actually know what i'm saying, and they usualy think it's a compliment. Sometimes it's just easier to use another language or the good 'ol "ya mum!" though. :PSo tell me, whats your favourite insult?


A poem

My brothers Girlfriend sent me this poem. It's really sweet and i wanted to share it.


There's something in a simple hug,

That always warms the heart.

It welcomes back home,

or makes it easier to part.

A hugs a way to share the joy,

and sad times we go through.

Or just a way for friends to say,

they like you cause you're you.

Hugs are meant for anyone,

for whom we really care.

From your grandma to your neighbor,

or a cuddly teddy bear.

A hug is an amazing thing,

it's just the perfect way.

To show the love we're feeling,

but can't find the words to say.

It's funny how a little hug,

makes everyone feel so good.

In every place and language,

it's always understood.

Hugs don't need equipment,

special batteries or parts.

Just open your arms

and open your hearts.

There you are. I love this poem. I might put up another one tomorrow.



I LIKE FRUIT!!!! Especially Strawberries and Mangoes. So yummy. So tell me, whats your favourite fruit?

Hehe, Fruits basket...get it? Fruits basket? Hehe...ok, so that was lame...

Mmm, strawberries.

Ok, sotechnically this isn't fruit...but it's cool!

And i shall now leave you with a random piece of wisdom....or...something...ANYWAY! Say this out loud..."Argle bargle" It's...magical, yes...magical...

Tell me your favourite fruit anyway!


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