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Dave and Connor Win it All in Las Vegas! Caroline and Jennifer Finish Second! Brendon and Rachel Pant in Third!

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Eleven legs ago, eleven All-Star teams set off from UCLA in Los Angeles, California, on a race around the world for a second (or, in some cases, third) chance for one-million dollars. Each team, save for one, had appeared with their old partners. And they faced many Detours, Roadblocks, regular tasks, Speed Bumps, U-Turns, and Pit Stops along the way. And as the race went on, eight teams fell by the wayside and were eliminated -- Natalie and Nadiya, Mark and Mallory, Joey and Meghan, Margie and Luke, Jessica and John, Flight Time and Big Easy, Jet and Cord, and Leo and Jamal. This left the final three teams who'd be racing for the million dollars -- newlyweds Brendon and Rachel, country singers Caroline and Jennifer, and father and son Dave and Connor. All would be competing on the twelfth and final leg of the race.

The season finale of The Amazing Race was very exciting and very thrilling. It began with the final three teams, fresh off Leo and Jamal's long-awaited elimination, continuing on with the race, now starting from Wales, and setting off for their final destination city, Las Vegas, Nevada! It was the final leg, and all three teams were ready for it! Dave and Connor were hoping to redeem themselves after Dave had ruptured his Achilles' tendon. But at the same time, they really wanted Caroline and Jennifer to win, too, if they didn't. Caroline and Jennifer wanted to win the final leg after not winning any prior ones. And Brendon and Rachel felt like they'd have an advantage since Rachel lived in Vegas, and they were glad to be the first full team to make the final three twice (after Eric Sanchez from seasons nine and eleven became the first individual racer to make the final three twice). All three teams caught the same flight to Vegas.

The teams' first task was getting a ride in a Ford Explorer. Then, they were taken out to the desert at night (the show's first nighttime finale!), where they were told to start digging for something, anything. Brendon and Rachel purposely threw the dirt they dug at Dave and Connor and Caroline and Jennifer during the dig. It turned out that each team had to dig up a box telling them to deliver it to David Copperfield. They also had to find a way to open their boxes before arriving back in Vegas. The box contained a ring of keys.

The teams then headed to the MGM Hotel, where they met with Copperfield. They were tasked with a Roadblock, which saw one member of each team being locked in a wooden crate. They'd have to find one key out of several that'd help them break out of the crate and reunite with their partners. Connor, Jennifer, and Rachel all took the task for their teams. Dave, Caroline, and Brendon were all taken blindfolded over to watch. The three Roadblockers had to unlock all four legs binding them, then pick locks by hand. Connor blew through it, but Caroline and Rachel struggled a bit. Still, all three were okay. Their teammates were thought to have been burnt up in crates, but were actually in firefighter costumes.

The teams' next stop was to the Neon Boneyard Park, where several neon signs were taken when they'd fallen to having very limited use. From there, they'd have to take a light bulb from a large question mark sign and take it to the Mirage Hotel. Caroline and Jennifer were the last team to get to the Neon Boneyard Park, but due to bad navigation from Dave and Connor's cab driver and plain slowness and incompetence from Brendon and Rachel's cab driver, they reached it first. There, the teams were tasked with boarding a window wiper scaffold and riding it up to the neon lights of the Mirage Hotel. From there, they'd screw in as many light bulbs as possible and count them as they did so. The correct number was 241, and Dave and Connor missed it, only saying 240 the first time before getting it right the second. Caroline and Jennifer and Brendon and Rachel, on the other hand, got it right the first time. But Brendon and Rachel were greatly slowed down by misreading their clue and searching the entire lobby of the hotel before realizing they just needed to find their clue at the entrance.

The next stop was a taxi ride to a heliport in Henderson, Nevada. There, the teams were tasked with the final Roadblock of the race. This tasked one member of each team with going up in a helicopter, flying around Vegas, and looking for a flashing marquee detailing the location of the finish line, Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Then, if they got it right, they'd skydive down to rejoin their teammates, who'd already been taken to the finish line. Because their respective partners had done the first Roadblock of the final leg, Dave, Caroline, and Brendon all took the task for their teams.

In the end, it all came down to the two teams from season twenty-two, Dave and Connor and Caroline and Jennifer. And surprisingly, they were separated by only minutes. (Or so it looked by the editing, at least.) It came down to who'd land first between Dave and Caroline. In the end . . . Dave landed first! So he and Connor ran up to the finish line and jumped onto it! So after nine countries, twenty-two cities, and over 23,000 miles, Dave and Connor were the official winner of The Amazing Race and had won the one-million-dollar prize! And even better, Dave was the oldest winner of the race at age sixty! And best of all, they were finally, after twenty-four seasons, the first parent/child team to win, after Ronald and Christina, Margie and Luke, and Gary and Mallory had all come so close in the twelfth, fourteenth, and eighteenth seasons, respectively! Both were really proud of themselves and truly did think that they'd gained their redemption after having to self-eliminate in season twenty-two. They thought it was an amazing accomplishment for both of them. Caroline landed minutes after Dave, and she and Jennifer ran to the finish line to finish second, bummed to have lost, but happy that Dave and Connor had won if they couldn't. They were glad to have shown everyone who didn't think they should've returned that they did in fact deserve to race with the elites. Brendon and Rachel, due to their incompetent cab driver and slip-up at the Mirage, were left to finish third . . . again, after finishing there in season twenty, as well. So with that, the race was over.

I'll start with the third-place-finishers. I hated Brendon and Rachel from Big Brother. And I'm not surprised that that hate continued into both of their Amazing Race appearances. They were annoying, whiny, and entitled. Especially Rachel, though Brendon was no prize himself. And all of their talk about getting a baby if they won had me especially rooting for their lost. And I'm glad that that happened. And it was their own fault, too! Even better! So long, Brendon and Rachel! Glad you both lost, and I hope you two never come back again!

Now for the second-place-finishers. I loved Caroline and Jennifer back in season twenty-two, and I love them now. They really had an uphill battle to get all the way to the end of the race after just missing it last time. While they were great at the physical aspect of the race and just okay with the mental aspect, they really excelled at the social aspect. And it did them well to get one of the Express Passes early on and get other teams falling over themselves to help them out, especially Dave and Connor and Leo and Jamal. I think if they'd figured out how to open up their keys a bit faster and hadn't slowed down at screwing in their lights, and maybe Caroline had seen the sign from the air sooner, they probably would've won and become the third winning women's team in the show's history. Still, good show, Caroline and Jennifer! Good that you made it to the end, good that you became the ninth women's team to reach the final leg (following Mona and Beth from season twenty-two, your first season, Kisha and Jen from season eighteen, both Brook and Claire and Nat and Kat from season seventeen, Jaime and Cara from season fourteen, both Charla and Mirna and Dustin and Kandice from season eleven, and Lyn and Karlyn from season ten), and good luck in your country singing career!

And now for the winners. I loved Dave and Connor in their first season and was very sad when they had to drop out. So I was happy to see them get a second chance to show how far they could've made it if not for Dave's accident. And sure enough, they did! They made the final three, were consistent racers in doing so, and just dominated the race! They dropped the hammer and just killed the final leg! Connor obviously did all the heavy lifting, but Dave earned his keep, too. Don't let his age fool you. They were both just on throughout the race! Their history-making win -- becoming the first parent/child team to win and Dave being the oldest winner since Chip McAllister won with his wife, Kim, in season five, at age forty-six -- was well-deserved, and I'm very happy that they accomplished it! Congratulations, Dave and Connor! A well-deserved win!

In other news, I'm glad that, in a season where six teams I loved were the first six teams to fall, four men's teams lasted to the final six (though I loved one of them), and the only three teams I hated all made the final five before two of them finally fell, the top two ended up being the last two teams I truly loved. That was the big saving grace of this season's elimination order. At least for me.

Once more, the teams finished the final leg in the following order:

#1. Dave and Connor (Prize: $1,000,000)

#2. Caroline and Jennifer

#3. Brendon and Rachel

And so, the sun sets on The Amazing Race 24: All-Stars 2. We've had a decent cast, a mediocre route, great tasks, a good final three, and very deserving, history-making winners in Dave and Connor! Will The Amazing Race 25 be just as good when it starts this September? We'll see then!

Kass Flips Woo to Her Side and Gets Tony to Dump Trish!

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This week's episode of Survivor was kinda interesting, but kinda not. This time, the five remaining castaways, fresh off Tasha's tragic vote-off, resumed the game. This week, Kass called out Tony in front of Woo in such a way that it got him to flip sides, Spencer won immunity again, this time just over Tony. And even better, Kass got Tony to see that Trish could beat him in front of the jury. So Tony joined Kass, Spencer, and Woo in voting out Trish 4-1.

The finale is next week. Four castaways remain. Who'll fall victim to the final vote-offs? And which castaways will face the jury? And who will become the Sole Survivor and win the million dollars next week? We'll see then!

Leo and Jamal Reach Their End in England . . . Yet Again Just Short of the Final Leg!

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This week's episode of The Amazing Race was yet another thrilling one. Especially the ending! It began with the four remaining teams, fresh off Jet and Cord's glorious, meltdown-inducing elimination, continuing on with the race, now departing from Seville, Spain, and racing all the way to Liverpool, England. Dave and Connor couldn't believe that they'd reached the final four with some very strong teams, but now that they were, Dave wanted to become the oldest winner of the race (passing Chip, who was forty-six when he won the fifth season with his wife, Kim), and Connor the youngest. Brendon and Rachel were glad that they hadn't had any major freakouts. Leo and Jamal were hoping to fight through Jamal's injury incurred from the Running with the Ballz Detour, especially since they didn't want to be eliminated at the final four again like they were in season twenty-three. And Caroline and Jennifer were hoping to make the final three, especially after they'd also barely missed the final three in season twenty-two. All four teams managed to get on the same train and plane to London, England, from which they all proceeded to drive to Liverpool and find a stadium.

At the stadium, the teams were tasked with having each member kick two penalty kicks past a professional goalie at a football (soccer in America) game. Leo and Jamal got there first and finished before any of the other teams could even finish. Brendon and Rachel did it easily, as well. But Dave and Connor and Caroline and Jennifer all struggled a long while before they finished it.

The next stop was an aqueduct. But it was hard for several teams to get there. Brendon and Rachel and Leo and Jamal all got lost, while surprisingly, Caroline and Jennifer navigated their way to it perfectly! As did Dave and Connor. Still, once they arrived there, the teams were tasked with the leg's Roadblock. This saw one member of each team learning and performing Welsh poetry (since they had to head to Wales). They'd learn the poetry with an instructor while crossing the aqueduct, then perform it to a Welsh linguist in exchange for a clue. Connor, Caroline, Brendon, and Jamal all took the task for their teams, with Caroline and Brendon blowing through the task in two tries. Connor and Jamal struggled with a few words that they just couldn't say exactly right. Connor got it in four tries, and Jamal in five.

The next stop was the Bolesworth Estate, and here, the teams faced the Detour. This saw them choosing between Boot It and Shoot It. Boot It involved filling boots with water, throwing them along a course, and reaching a finish line. Shoot It involved shooting down sixteen "pigeons" with shotguns. (It was basically Wales's equivalent of skeet shooting.) Brendon and Rachel were the only team to choose and complete Boot It, though they had to do it twice after getting two boots of the same size when they were actually instructed to get boots that were sizes nine and eleven. Caroline and Jennifer, Dave and Connor, and Leo and Jamal all chose and completed Shoot It, with both of their teams blasting right through the task.

In the end, it came down to the two twenty-second-season teams. And of the two, Dave and Connor managed to arrive first at the Pit Stop! In addition, they were the first of the three teams who'd be racing to the finish line for the one-million dollars! In addition, they won a trip for two to Fiji, compliments of Travelocity, as their prize. Caroline and Jennifer ran up to the mat in second, becoming the second of the three teams racing for the one-million dollars, a fine redemption after just missing the final three their last time on the race. This left things down to Brendon and Rachel and Leo and Jamal, two teams who'd suffered navigational woes (both teams), botched Detours (Brendon and Rachel), and botched Roadblocks (Leo and Jamal). In the end, only getting lost navigating the Roadblock compared to getting lost navigating to both the Roadblock and the Detour made all the difference, as the newlyweds eked out the cousins to land on the mat in third, grabbing the spot as the third and final team to race to the finish for the one-million dollars. This left Leo and Jamal to finish fourth and last . . . and become the final team eliminated this season, once again right before the final three!

This ending was such a good one for me! I hated Leo and Jamal the first time around, and while the hate wasn't as strong this time around, I still didn't like them. They stopped most of their lying can conniving, but they kept up their mugging and hamming. Plus, they were an alpha-male team, and I don't care for alpha-male teams winning. Even better, I can take pleasure in them going out in the same position as last season -- right at the final four, only a hairbreadth from reaching the final leg. It's what they deserved. From bad navigation to Jamal botching the Roadblock to more bad navigation, this was a well-earned elimination for them. Again. Adios, Leo and Jamal! Hope to never see you guys again! Glad you tied at your last finish and dealt with that very same shame!

In other news, it's either Dave and Connor or Caroline and Jennifer for the win next week! At least for me, it is! Brendon and Rachel wouldn't be bad, either, since they have done well this season, but I'd still rather see them lose since I don't like them. Also, I quite enjoy that the last three eliminations have finally brought about a slaughter of men's teams -- Flight Time and Big Easy, Jet and Cord, and now, Leo and Jamal!

Once more, the teams finished this leg of the race in the following order:

#1. Dave and Connor (Prize: Trip for two to Fiji, Courtesy Travelocity)

#2. Caroline and Jennifer

#3. Brendon and Rachel

#4. Leo and Jamal (ELIMINATED)

So it's all come down to this. The final three teams have been decided. The three teams officially competing for the million dollars are now known (though I've known them since before the season started!). Next week, one of these three teams will win the final leg and take home one-million dollars. One of them will be the winner of the second All-Stars season. Who will it be? Who will emerge victorious, and who will meet with defeat? Who will win The Amazing Race: All-Stars 2 when the season wraps up next week? We'll see then!

Tasha's Immunity Streak Ends . . . and so Does Her Game, Thanks again to Kass!

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This week's episode of Survivor will be recapped in a very small nutshell due to the tragic end result. Long story short, the remaining six castaways, fresh off Jefra's vote-off, resumed the game. Spencer, Kass, and Woo won a reward, during which Kass and Spencer tried to woo Woo into finally flipping on Tony. Then, Spencer ended Tasha's long-kept immunity streak by winning immunity himself. And then, Woo agreed to flip, after all, and target Tony with Kass, Spencer, and Tasha. But at Tribal Council, upon remembering that Tony could be a great goat to go against at the end, Kass flipped back to Tony and Trish, and she took Woo with her, and Tasha, now vulnerable to getting voted out . . . got voted out with a 4-2 vote. Thus leaving Spencer all alone now and pretty much with no chance of surviving without another immunity win or flipping Kass and Woo again.

Five castaways remain. Who'll be voted out next week? We'll see then!

The Highly Overrated Jet and Cord U-Turned out of the Race in Spain! Cat Ladies Cry! I LOVE IT!

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This week's episode of The Amazing Race was one I've waited all season to see ever since hearing about how it went down. It began with the five remaining teams, fresh off Caroline and Jennifer's second non-elimination, continuing on with the race, now departing from Zurich, Switzerland, and racing all the way to Seville, Spain. Dave and Connor still hated Brendon and Rachel for U-Turning them over Jet and Cord and wanted them U-Turned on the upcoming leg. Jet and Cord were hoping to stay neutral in the feud between the two teams. Leo and Jamal were planning to use the U-Turn on either Brendon and Rachel or Jet and Cord. Brendon and Rachel were hoping to avoid the U-Turn since three of the other four teams hated them. And Caroline and Jennifer just wanted to overcome their next Speed Bump. Also, Caroline was excited about heading to Spain since she'd studied abroad there in college. In the end, Dave and Connor and Leo and Jamal both got on the first flight to Spain, while Jet and Cord (who got lost on the way to the airport), Brendon and Rachel, and Caroline and Jennifer all ended up on the second and last one, which connected for the night through Barcelona.

Once in Spain, the teams rushed to the Alameda and found a clue between Hercules and Caesar. This clue told them to head for a barbershop. This place tasked them with the Roadblock. This saw one member of each team shaving a sensitive balloon in sixty seconds with a single razor and shaving cream as an homage to The Barber of Seville. Connor, Jamal, Rachel, Jennifer, and Jet all took the task for their teams, with only Connor blowing through the task.

The teams then had to head for the Real Alcazar. But the real challenge was probably getting to the task, as Brendon and Rachel's cab driver got stuck behind a truck, and Caroline and Jennifer and Jet and Cord all got lost trying to find it on foot.

The Detour saw teams choosing between Spanish Steps and Run with the Bulls. Spanish Steps involved mastering a Spanish dance routine. Run with the Bulls saw the teams dressing up as large, inflating bulls, running through the streets of Seville, battling other inflatable bulls donned by locals, and memorizing a saying ("A matador never thinks about his own death"). Caroline and Jennifer chose and completed Spanish Steps and seemed to do it well enough. In fact, they did it right on the first try! Dave and Connor, Leo and Jamal, Brendon and Rachel, and Jet and Cord all chose and completed Run with the Bulls, with Leo and Jamal and Brendon and Rachel struggling with resisting the opposing bulls, and Jet and Cord struggling with catching part of the saying. Only Dave and Connor blew straight through it.

Of course, before Caroline and Jennifer could do the Detour, they were faced with their second Speed Bump, a task only their team had to complete. This saw them delivering six Spanish hams to a café. They did it in a decent amount of time and were allowed to return to the race, with the hopes of making up the valuable lost time.

The teams then had to run to a location where some archives were waiting for them. Waiting for them there was the U-Turn. A U-Turn appears at the end of a Detour and allows one team the power to turn back another team and make them complete the Detour they didn't previously complete. But this was a Double U-Turn, so two teams would have such a power. Leo and Jamal chose to use the U-Turn on Jet and Cord, despite Dave and Connor and Caroline and Jennifer expecting them to U-Turn Brendon and Rachel. This forced Jet and Cord to turn around and complete the Spanish Steps Detour after they'd already completed the Run with the Bulls Detour. Caroline and Jennifer also used the U-Turn, hitting Brendon and Rachel with it. But since they'd already passed it by that point, Brendon and Rachel didn't have to turn back and do Spanish Steps.

In the end, Dave and Connor arrived first at the Pit Stop for their fourth time! Yes! They won a trip for two to St. Croix, compliments of Travelocity, as their prize. Brendon and Rachel came in second. Leo and Jamal ran up to the mat in third after getting lost on the way to the Pit Stop. This left things down to Caroline and Jennifer and Jet and Cord. One team who was bad with navigation and had been Speed Bumped, and one team who'd faltered at the Detour and had been U-Turned. In the end, the U-Turn made all the difference. The country singers eked out the cowboys, landing in fourth place. This left Jet and Cord to finish fifth and last . . . and be eliminated. Yay!

This was a very happy result for me! I've hated Jet and Cord -- hated them -- since season sixteen and am glad that they are officially three-time losers of the race! Their cheesy cowboy theme, their cocky, arrogant talk, and their general personalities just bugged me something fierce all three times they were on. Luckily, I was privy to news saying that they'd been eliminated again prior to the end, and with a U-Turn once more, no less, so I was eager to see it go down, and am so happy I did! It was glorious to see these overrated jerks get the boot! Goodbye, Jet and Cord! Glad you lost again, and I hope you NEVER come back again! And I'm enjoying the cyber tears of your cat lady fans and fangirls as they cry over your departure! Bye-bye, bastards!

In other news, I'm still firmly for either Dave and Connor or Caroline and Jennifer winning this race! I love them both and would take a win from either one of them! I still hate Brendon and Rachel and Leo and Jamal, though, so if I had my way, I'd want one of their teams to just miss the final three in next week's penultimate leg. Please be so! (Spoiler: It is. And if you followed my bootlist from way back in the premiere, you know whom it'll be.)

Once more, the teams finished this week's leg in the following order:

#1. Dave and Connor (Prize: Trip for two to St. Croix, Courtesy Travelocity)

#2. Brendon and Rachel

#3. Leo and Jamal

#4. Caroline and Jennifer

#5. Jet and Cord (ELIMINATED)

It's down to the final four. Who'll fall victim to the final elimination next week? We'll see then!

Jefra's Failure to Flip Sends Her Packing!

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This week's episode of Survivor was chock-full of suspense. It began with the seven remaining castaways, fresh off Jeremiah's vote-off, resuming the game. Jefra felt bad about not switching sides, but didn't want to go against Tasha or Spencer at the end of the game and wanted to get rid of them instead. Kass knew that Spencer had the hidden Immunity Idol and likely wouldn't play it on anyone but himself. That was why she'd suggested voting out Jeremiah instead of him. Spencer felt vulnerable now that Jeremiah was gone due to him playing his idol incorrectly. But he and Tasha were still there, and they were hoping to fight their way back. The mood around camp started to improve the next morning, though, when seven packs of Survivor dollars were included in their treemail. They knew that this meant a Survivor auction was coming. And Tony, Spencer, and Tasha all realized that this meant that some kind of advantage was available in it. And they all wanted it.

The Reward Challenge was indeed the Survivor auction. This involved the castaways using their money to bid on items. They'd each start with $500 and bid in twenty-dollar increments. They could not share money or food. The auction would end without warning, so if they saw something they wanted, they'd have to bid on it.

So here's how the auction shook down. The first item was popcorn, candy, and a soft drink. Trish won it for eighty dollars. The second item was covered. Jefra won it for one-hundred dollars, then saw that it was quesadillas, guacamole, dip, and some wine. The third item also stayed covered. Kass won it for twenty dollars, but she had the offer to trade her choice for a different item. She stuck with her first one and got a steak sandwich. The fourth item was the item Kass turned down. Trish won it for sixty dollars, and found out that was a bowl of rice and a glass of water. The fifth item was ribs and beer. Woo won it for forty dollars. The sixth item was an advantage in the game. Tony and Spencer both bid on it for $500, and because two people wanted it for the maximum amount, they'd have to draw rocks for it. Tasha opted out of bidding because she didn't want to risk losing her money for nothing. So Tony and Spencer would either draw a black rock or a white rock, with the former one winning the advantage. After the draw, it was revealed that Tony drew the black rock, so he'd get the advantage. Spencer . . . just got the white rock. And with that, the auction was over. Which crushed Tasha, as she thought at least one more advantage would be available. So now she'd have to win immunity herself.

Back at camp, Tony and Spencer were sad about losing the chance at food, but they knew what they'd signed up for. Still, Spencer felt more vulnerable than before. Kass felt happy that Spencer was so dejected. But Tony was disgusted with his alliance for eating instead of bidding on the advantage. He was even more disgusted by Trish, Jefra, and Kass not doing anything. So while they were resting off their food, he went off to read about his advantage. It wasn't an Immunity Challenge advantage like I figured it'd be. Instead, it was another hidden Immunity Idol clue. (And I have to cry foul on this. It is WAY too late in the game for another one. Though then again, I guess Earl found a late-game one in Fiji, I think at the final six, and Amanda found a late-game one in Micronesia, also at the final six. So I guess it's not so awful that one's available again at the final seven. It's just that one is already in play. They don't need another.) Tony went off to find it.

Meanwhile, Tasha spent some with Trish, Kass, and Jefra, and they did so in full view of Tony, who was searching for the new idol. Of course, unbeknownst to Tony, it was all a ploy by Tasha to make him think that the last four women in the game were forming an alliance to vote out the last three men -- Tony, Spencer, and Woo. Sure enough, Tony saw them, and his suspicions and paranoia were raised. He talked to Spencer about this, and Spencer proceeded to feed into his paranoia, telling him about Tasha being a social player, and then informing about Jefra considering voting him out last week. Now, she wasn't planning to now, but Spencer used something true from last week to manipulate Tony and stoke his suspicions and insecurity even more. Upon hearing this news, Tony now wanted to divert from going after Spencer . . . to going after Jefra.

That said, Tony wasn't feeling fully safe. So to secure his position, he went off to find the hidden Immunity Idol. And with no trouble at all, he actually did. I'll just save the details and say that. He felt that he had even more of an advantage with the super-powerful idol and the regular one he'd just found. And to make sure he wasn't voted out, he showed Kass, Trish, Jefra, and Woo the idol he'd found. It was just a scare tactic.

The Immunity Challenge saw the castaways racing to dig up bags in the sand, and then bring all five bags back to their starting point to release the balls inside. From there, they'd maneuver them through a table maze. The first person to get all five through would win immunity and be guaranteed a one-in-six chance at winning the million dollars. The losers would all be vulnerable to becoming the twelfth person voted out of the game at the next Tribal Council.

So here's how the challenge shook down. Woo got his bags first, followed by Tony, Tasha, and Spencer. Jefra was right behind them. Kass found a bag after some struggles, and Trish found some after more struggles. Tasha was actually the first to reach the table maze and get her balls going. She even landed two balls before anyone got started! Tony started off with his balls at this time, as did Tony, Spencer, and Woo. Woo got his first ball, as did Tony, just as Tasha landed her third. Jefra started the maze just as Woo got his second balls. Spencer also got his first just when Woo got his third. So he and Tasha were tied now. Tasha then got her fourth ball. Woo got his fourth, too. But not in enough time to overtake Tasha, who landed her fifth and final ball! For the third time, she won immunity! So she'd be safe from the vote at Tribal Council with a one-in-six shot at winning the million dollars! This meant one of Jefra, Kass, Spencer, Tony, Trish, and Woo would be voted out at the next Tribal Council.

Before Tribal Council, the potential targets emerged -- Jefra and Spencer. Jefra was targeted by Tony and Woo (whom Tony talked to about it) to reduce the chances of a women's alliance that didn't even exist. And to stay in the game, Spencer and Tasha were glad to join in. Plus, Tasha continued talking to the other women to keep fueling Tony's paranoia. Spencer was targeted by Trish, Kass, and Jefra for being one of the last two outsiders with a high chance of making it in front of the jury and pleading his case for the money. But even Tony started to consider voting him out when he found out that Spencer went out looking for another hidden Immunity Idol. But would he do so? Or would he play stupidly by turning inward on his own alliance again? . . .

At Tribal Council, the question was answered. First, Tony played neither of his idols. But he did show one of them there. Then, by a close vote of 4-3, the twelfth person voted out of Cagayan and the fifth member of the jury was . . . Jefra. Who was shocked. Tony and Woo did indeed blindside their alliance again. (Oh, and the lone votes were Jefra, Trish, and Kass's votes for Spencer.) So her torch was snuffed, and she was sent on her way.

This ending was completely sad for me. I loved Jefra. I thought she was a sweet, nice person and liked seeing her play. But she really did bring this on herself. All she had to do was go through with switching sides last week, hope she won a rock draw (or that Spencer aimed his idol correctly), and she'd be golden. But instead, she got cold feet, and she gave Spencer ammunition to use against Tony. And confirming at Tribal Council that she still had a grudge against Tony over L.J.'s vote-off didnt help her, as it only made Tony feel more sure about getting rid of her. So I really can't feel bad for her that even though she wasn't plotting against Tony this week, Tony still knew about her attempt to go after him last week. I loved her, and I wanted her to stay in the game longer, but this ending was her own fault. Goodbye, Jefra. You played well to get to seventh place, and I still admire your split-vote strategy from week three (when Brice went home), even if it wasn't necessary (not that you knew since L.J. told no one about his idol). Hope you enjoyed playing, but I don't think you'll be asked back in the future. I will say, though, that it's weird to see all six Beauties out of the game now. Brice and Alexis left pre-merge, and then, after Sarah's boot, Morgan, L.J., Jeremiah, and Jefra all go out back-to-back! Only three Brains (Kass, Spencer, and Tasha) and three Brawns (Tony, Trish, and Woo) are left!

In other news, I still love Tasha the most. I also love Trish and Woo. I like Kass and Spencer. But Tony, his paranoia, and his bravado need to go. I don't hate him like I've hated past castaways . . . but I still hate him. He needs to go soon, and I hope he does.

Six castaways remain. Who'll be voted out next week? We'll see then!

Caroline and Jennifer Lost it All in Switzerland! . . . Except They Once Again Don't

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This week's episode of The Amazing Race was chock-full of excitement . . . except for the leg winners. It began with the five remaining teams, fresh off Flight Time and Big Easy's elimination, continuing on with the race, now departing from Oviento, Italy, and racing all the way to Chiasso, Switzerland. Brendon and Rachel knew that Dave and Connor would take their U-Turn personally. Jet and Cord were glad not to have been U-Turned on the last leg and wanted to stay out of the drama. Leo and Jamal were proud to have survived three U-Turns, and they didn't hold anything against Dave and Connor. They hoped that they and Caroline and Jennifer reached the final three with them, because their chances of winning would be better up against them. Never mind that Dave and Connor have outperformed them a lot this season. Dave and Connor were after Brendon and Rachel for U-Turning them and not the more dangerous Jet and Cord. And Caroline and Jennifer were willing to support them all the way. Brendon and Rachel, Leo and Jamal, Dave and Connor, and Caroline and Jennifer all took the same train from Italy to Switzerland. Jet and Cord took a later one due to missing the earlier train after getting lost trying to find the train station. And on the train, Leo and Jamal, Dave and Connor, and Caroline and Jennifer all formed an alliance to reach the final three together over their shared dislike of Brendon and Rachel.

Despite Jet and Cord being hours behind, they caught up at the statue of William Tell. The next morning, they were sent to Lucerne to find the oldest bridge in Switzerland. Then, they headed for a hotel, where they were tasked with cleaning up trashed hotel rooms. The teams did so, dressing up as housekeepers to do the task. No team got it on the first try, but Dave and Connor, Jet and Cord, Leo and Jamal, and Caroline and Jennifer all got it right thanks to checking an example room multiple times. Brendon and Rachel didn't use it till much later.

The teams needed to look at the monument for a museum. Once they revealed its purpose, they were supposed to use road signs and a mathematical formula to calculate the model year of the Ford Mustang. Caroline and Jennifer were the only team to struggle with this task.

The Roadblock saw one member of each team taking a sled dog and using him or her to transport empty milk jugs to a vendor and trade them for full ones to take to another vendor. Connor, Cord, Leo, Brendon, and Caroline all took the task for their teams, with only Caroline struggling with the task.

In the end, it came down to a three-way race among the remaining men's teams, and surprisingly, despite being at the physical disadvantage, Dave and Connor arrived first at the Pit Stop! They each won a 2015 Ford Mustang as their prize. Jet and Cord came in second. Leo and Jamal ran up to the mat in third. This left things down to Brendon and Rachel and Caroline and Jennifer. And being more physical at the Roadblock made all the difference, as the newlyweds eked out the country singers to arrive fourth, staying alive for another leg. This left Caroline and Jennifer to finish fifth and last . . . but they were not eliminated. It was the third and last of three predetermined non-elimination legs, and they were still in the race. However, they'd have to complete a Speed Bump, a task only their team would have to complete, on the next leg of the race while the other teams continued racing. They knew it'd be an uphill battle, but they were eager to win it.

I was very happy and relieved by this ending. I love Caroline and Jennifer and wanted them to stay around. The physical nature of that Roadblock was unfair to them and really shouldn't have been used on an elimination leg, and I'm glad it wasn't. I hope they can recover, because there are three teams I'd rather see go home before them. Good luck, Caroline and Jennifer!

In other news, Dave and Connor and Caroline and Jennifer are the only teams left that I love. I hope they can make it to the end. Any of Jet and Cord, Leo and Jamal, and Brendon and Rachel can be the last two teams out, and I'll be happy. (Spoiler alert: two of those teams are the final two teams eliminated! Yay!)

Once more, the teams finished this week's leg in the following order:

#1. Dave and Connor (Prize: One 2015 Ford Mustang Each)

#2. Jet and Cord

#3. Leo and Jamal

#4. Brendon and Rachel

#5. Caroline and Jennifer (Must Complete Speed Bump on next leg of race while other teams continue racing)

Five teams still remain. Who'll be eliminated next week? We'll see then!

Underdogs Take Hit as Jeremiah Gets Sent Packing Due to Jefra being a Wet Noodle!

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@This week's episode of Survivor was . . . actually, quite disappointing. It began with the eight remaining castaways, fresh off L.J.'s very relieving vote-off, resuming the game. Jefra was reeling from L.J., her closest ally, being voted out. Trish understood why Tony hadn't told Jefra and Kass, so she still trusted him. Spencer knew about Tony's unpredictability, but he was glad about it since it'd helped him. Still, he wanted himself, Jeremiah, and Tasha to try and flip someone else to their side to make a move against him. But now, knowing that his big move would probably get him targeted, Tony worked to protect himself by making a little "spy shack" to spy on people. He used some branches and leaves and hid inside of them, and he luckily heard Jefra and Trish talking about him. Jefra didn't trust him anymore, but Trish did her best to keep Jefra on their side. As a result, Tony trusted Woo, Trish, and Kass, and that was all. He no longer trusted Jefra. So he needed to do something to get himself out of trouble.

The Reward Challenge saw the castaways dividing into two teams in four. They would then race out to collect paddles floating in the water. Once they had them all, two team members would use these paddles to solve a puzzle: "Worth playing for." (This is Probst's phrase after describing rewards.) The first team to win would win reward -- a trip to a cave to enjoy a barbecue lunch.

So here's how the challenge shook down. Kass, Trish, Tony, and Woo made up the orange team, while Tasha, Jefra, Spencer, and Jeremiah made up the purple team. And the orange team got an early lead on the purple team due to having stronger members to row their boat. But Tasha's leadership helped them get out in front at the first set of paddls. But the orange team retook the lead in getting the second set of paddles, but they lost a bit of their lead when Tony dropped one of their paddles by accident. Still, they kept the lead in getting back to the shore to start on their puzzle. Here's where it all made the difference. Woo and Kass solved for the orange team, while Spencer and Tasha solved for the purple team. It was back and forth for a while, and the teams even thought the phrase was "Worth fighting for." But upon Spencer's realization that it was "Worth playing for," he and Tasha put it together, and that was that! They won reward! So Spencer, Tasha, Jefra, and Jeremiah would all be getting the barbecue lunch! This meant Tony, Trish, Woo, and Kass would be going back to camp with nothing. Which worried Tony, as Jefra, who no longer trusted him, would be going on a reward with three people who could potentially try and flip her to their side. . . .

Back at camp, Woo, Kass, Trish, and especially Tony were bummed about losing. Still, Kass wanted to stick with her alliance of five. She wasn't upset at Tony for getting rid of L.J. since she knew he'd felt threatened by him. She wanted to keep an annoying person like Tony to the end of the game, anyway, and she wanted to make sure that she, Trish, Woo, Jefra, and Tony were the final five. Tony continued to be worried about Jefra being with the members of the other alliance, but no one else worried about it. Trish was sure that she'd wooed her perfectly. Bummed that no one would talk strategy with him, Tony decided to ease his paranoia by going out to find the special hidden Immunity Idol. Meanwhile, as he did that, Woo went up a tree to shake off some coconuts. But he hit a dead branch and ended up falling out of the tree! He landed hard on his back, and he was hurt a fair bit. He was okay, though, so that was good.

Elsewhere, Tasha, Jefra, Jeremiah, and Spencer headed off to their reward, and they started with exploring a cave. Then, they reached the table of barbecued food. Of course, they wanted to eat, but Spencer and Tasha knew that they needed to try and pull in Jefra. They all agreed that Tony had to go, and Spencer asked Jefra about working with them. Before Jefra could answer (at lest as far as the editing showed), they were surprised with one more thing: letters from home! Jefra's letter was from her mother. The letter encouraged her to agree to a final four alliance with Spencer, Tasha, and Jeremiah.

The Immunity Challenge saw the castaways standing on narrow beams while balancing balls on small platforms. As the challenge went on, they'd move down the beam, making it hard to balance on it, and keep the ball balanced. If they dropped the ball and/or fell off the beam at any time, they'd be out. The last person would standing would win immunity and be guaranteed a one-in-seven shot at winning the million dollars. The rest would be vulnerable at Tribal Council, where the eleventh person would be voted out of the game.

So here's how the challenge shook down. Jefra was the first to fall out of the challenge. Trish fell out second, seconds later. Tony was third, right behind her. Kass fell out fourth, not that long after. And that was just within the first ten minutes of the challenge! Then, Woo, Spencer, Tasha, and Jeremiah all moved down one level on their beams and their platforms. Once the next part of the challenge got started, Jeremiah fell out fifth. After twenty minutes, Woo, Tasha, and Spencer were allowed to adjust their platforms and positions on their beams. Then, in the third and final stage, Woo fell out sixth. This left it down to Tasha and Spencer, just like it was two weeks ago. Would Spencer win again? Or would Tasha prevail this time? It was once again back and forth, but in the end . . . a fateful gust of wind made Spencer fall out seventh and last! So for the second straight week, Tasha won immunity! So she'd have a one-in-seven shot at winning the million dollars! Yay! Meanwhile, one of Jefra, Jeremiah, Kass, Spencer, Tony, Trish, and Woo would be voted out at the next Tribal Council.

Before Tribal Council, the potential targets emerged -- Tony and Spencer. Tony was targeted as the strongest player in the other alliance. And Tasha, Spencer, Jeremiah, and Jefra were willing to do a 4-4 tie and maybe even go to rock-drawing (unless they could flip Kass on a revote). Spencer was targeted for being perceived as the strongest player in the underdog alliance (even though I think it's really Tasha). But Tony didn't want to risk his vote-off, so he set off to find the special hidden Immunity Idol. And much to many people's disappointment, he found it and knew that it'd save him, as the owner of the idol would be allowed to play it after the votes were read, not before. It was an idol that hadn't been used since Cook Islands. But Tony couldn't play it on another tribe member. Just on himself. Meanwhile, Trish knew that Jefra was getting antsy, so she tried her best to woo her back to her side. When it looked like she did, a new target emerged from their side -- Jeremiah. He was targeted because Kass suspected that Spencer had a hidden Immunity Idol since he'd found the clue to it last week. Also, he was a big, strong male who could possibly win immunity. When Jefra later told Jeremiah that she couldn't vote with him, Tasha, and Spencer that night, Jeremiah realized that she'd been pressured back to her old alliance. So with it locked in that either he or Spencer would be getting votes, it was time to choose a new target for their alliance -- Woo. He was targeted for being an immunity threat. Spencer told Tasha and Jeremiah about the idol he had and thought that maybe he could play it on one of them to try and bounce the vote back onto Woo. But would it work? . . .

At Tribal Council, the question was answered. After the votes were cast, Spencer got and played his hidden Immunity Idol . . . on himself. He did so largely due to seeing Tony's special idol, which he tried and failed to play off as fake. Then, the vote followed. By a vote of 5-3, the eleventh person voted out of Cagayan and the fourth member of the jury was . . . Jeremiah. So Spencer aimed his idol incorrectly. (Oh, and the lone votes were Spencer, Tasha, and Jeremiah's for Woo.)

I was a bit sad about this ending. I liked Jeremiah a lot and wouldn't have minded him staying. But at the same time, he seemed like the least interesting player left. Just another young alpha-male pretty boy. And he wasn't all that bright, either. He had some bad luck in being on the wrong side of the numbers thanks to Kass, but he didn't do much to improve his position. Add in Spencer not taking the correct aim with his idol, and it was clear that he was toast. He didn't seem to be that good of a player on his own, anyway, though, so it might've been about time for this. Sorry, Jeremiah.

In other news, my main rooting interests are Tasha, Trish, Jefra, Woo, and even Kass. I still like Spencer, too, but he needs to stop being a jerk in his voting confessionals, like he did with Woo tonight. And Tony is a jerk who, just frankly, can't win for this season to have any redeeming qualities.

Seven castaways remain. Who'll be voted out next week? We'll see then!

Flight Time and Big Easy Fall Too Far Behind in Italy Due to Bad Navigation and Switching Detours!

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This week's episode of The Amazing Race was another exciting one. It began with the six remaining teams, fresh off Jessica and John's elimination, continuing on with the race, now leaving Rome, Italy, and racing all the way to the remote city of Civita di Bagnoregio. Brendon and Rachel were glad to have won their second leg, and they were hoping to stay in front since a U-Turn was ahead, and they were hoping to use it on Jet and Cord to force them to burn their Express Pass (even though it was the last leg for them to use it). Caroline and Jennifer trusted Dave and Connor enough to print directions to their next destination for them. Dave and Connor adored Caroline and Jennifer from their time together in season twenty-two. Jet and Cord knew that this leg was the last one for them to use their Express Pass, and they knew they'd need it with a U-Turn coming up. Leo and Jamal knew that they'd have to fight Flight Time and Big Easy for last place, which wasn't preferred with the U-Turn coming up. And Flight Time and Big Easy wanted to try and get out of last place. The teams drove themselves to the next city, but Caroline and Jennifer suffered from directional woes when they lost track of Dave and Connor. Flight Time and Big Easy had their own woes when they kept getting lost.

Once at their next clue, the teams were tasked with the Detour, which was a choice between Donkey Run and Donkey Build. Donkey Run required taking a donkey on a three-lap race around a course. Donkey Build required assembling a wooden donkey using required materials and delivering it to Gepetto. Brendon and Rachel and Dave and Connor all chose and completed Donkey Run. Jet and Cord and Caroline and Jennifer all chose and completed Donkey Build, with Jet and Cord only completing it by using their Express Pass. Leo and Jamal initially chose Donkey Build, but switched to Donkey Run when they had no idea as to how to complete Donkey Run. Flight Time and Big Easy initially chose Donkey Run, but switched to Donkey Build due to uncooperative donkeys. But then, due to not figuring out what they were doing wrong at that task, they switched back to Donkey Run, this time completing it.

The teams would have to go fast, because immediately following the Detour was the Double U-Turn. A U-Turn enables one team to turn another team around, forcing them to complete the other Detour not previously completed by that team. A Double U-Turn, however, gives two teams the power to turn two other teams around and force them to complete the other Detour. Eager to get rid of some competition, Brendon and Rachel quickly U-Turned Dave and Connor, despite previous discussions of using it on Jet and Cord. They wanted another first-place finish, and Dave and Connor were right behind them. Dave and Connor used the U-Turn themselves out of necessity, opting to hit Leo and Jamal with it. Not Jet and Cord, who were right there with them. This forced Dave and Connor and Leo and Jamal to go back and complete Donkey Build after already completing Donkey Run.

The Roadblock saw one member of each team copying a page from a manuscript to the letter. Rachel, Jet, Leo, Dave, Caroline, and Flight Time all took the task for their teams.

In the end, Brendon and Rachel arrived first at the Pit Stop for their second leg in a row. They won $7,500, for a total of $15,000, as their prize. Jet and Cord came in second. Leo and Jamal ran up to the mat in third, making a nice recovery from their U-Turn. This left things down to Dave and Connor, Caroline and Jennifer, and Flight Time and Big Easy. One U-Turned team and two teams with bad navigation. In the end, the father and son eked out the country singers to finish fourth, and the country singers eked out the Harlem Globetrotters to land in fifth, staying alive for another leg. This left Flight Time and Big Easy to finish sixth and last . . . and be eliminated.

This was a sad ending for me. I loved Flight Time and Big Easy and really wanted them to go far. Unfortunately, I've known since even before the season started that they'd be out at the final six. It's sad, but they really brought it upon themselves. From bad navigation to switching Detours twice, there really was no way they could've recovered. And no bunching point on this leg only made this worse. At least they never gave up, so I can give them that much. It's sad that this is their worst finish in three seasons, though -- they finished fourth in season fifteen, second in season eighteen, and now, sixth in season twenty-four (which will hopefully be their last season). Farewell, Flight Time and Big Easy. You were a lot fun while you lasted, but it's time some new teams and returnees start coming back. Three times is more than enough for you guys.

In other news, I only love Dave and Connor and Caroline and Jennifer now. But surprisingly . . . I'm hating Leo and Jamal a tad less since they do seem to be learning from season twenty-three and are making friends rather than enemies. But I still want Brendon and Rachel and Jet and Cord out. (Sadly, only one of these two will be eliminated before the end.)

Once more, the teams finished this leg in the following order:

#1. Brendon and Rachel (Prize: $15,000)

#2. Jet and Cord

#3. Leo and Jamal

#4. Dave and Connor

#5. Caroline and Jennifer

#6. Flight Time and Big Easy (ELIMINATED)

Five teams remain. Who'll be eliminated next week? We'll see then!

Game Opens up when Big Threat L.J. Becomes the Latest (Blindsided) Loser! YES!

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This week's episode of Survivor probably gave me the biggest sense of relief of all time, if only for getting rid of some predictability. It began with the nine remaining castaways, fresh off Morgan's vote-off, resuming the game. Tony was angry at getting voted for at Tribal Council. He took it as a compliment, but he still was mad, because he'd voted for Morgan because she was "unworthy" of staying there. He didn't know why he was targeted over L.J. or Woo, both of whom were younger and stronger than he was. Still, he felt fairly confident, though not fully, at having his alliance six against three -- Spencer, Tasha, and Jeremiah. He was starting to get paranoid. Trish noticed it the next morning while talking to L.J., and she hoped that he'd do nothing stupid. Alas, Tony was thinking of getting rid of L.J. already, even though he was part of his alliance. He wanted to trick L.J. into breaking a promise, or looking like he did, so he could provide a reason or excuse to get rid of him. He tried lying to him about Woo having the new idol, and as a result, L.J. suggested blindsiding Woo, which was all that Tony needed.

The Reward Challenge saw the castaways splitting into three teams of three. They'd throw ropes through a ring to release sandbags, which they'd then throw through net tunnels. They'd then bounce them off a trampoline to nail a series of baskets. The first team to land a sandbag in each of five waiting baskets would win reward -- a spa reward with a shower, shampoo, soap, and a massage. They'd also have a lunch prepared for them.

So here's how the challenge shook down. Jefra, Trish, and L.J. were on the orange team. Kass, Tasha, and Woo were on the purple team. Spencer, Tony, and Jeremiah were on the green team. And the green team got the early lead with the ring part, though the orange team was right behind them. The purple team brought up the rear, though they were not far behind. The green team kept the lead in throwing the sandbags through the net tunnel, then worked fast t maneuver them. The orange team was close behind them, and the green team behind them. All three teams were working at the same time to maneuver them. The green team kept the lead into the bouncing part, and Tony landed all five baskets before either team even landed one (though the orange team got there second, and the purple team last)! So Tony, Spencer, and Jeremiah all won reward and would be taking the spa leave. Meanwhile, L.J., Jefra, Trish, Kass, Tasha, and Woo would be returning to camp with nothgn.

Back at camp, Woo was sad about not getting the reward. But he decided to get back into the game, knowing that Spencer and Jeremiah would be watched by Tony. Jefra was also confident in her alliance. But L.J. wasn't. He told Trish and Jefra that he felt a bit worried about Tony's paranoia. Still, he felt comfortable with their alliance since he thought he'd shown Tony that covering him with the idol at Sarah's final Tribal Council was a sign that he was loyal to him. So they decided on Spencer for their next target if he didn't win immunity.

At the reward, Spencer, Jeremiah, and Tony enjoyed their reward. But not that long into it (or so it seemed), Tony approached Spencer and Jeremiah to talk strategy. Tony thought that the two guys were desperate, along with Tasha, so he wanted to get them to vote out L.J. with him. He didn't specifically name his target, but he said he'd protect them at the next Tribal Council. Jeremiah and Spencer didn't trust him, but they let him think that they did.

Back at camp, Tasha decided to try and flip or make a big move. She approached L.J. about flipping, since she knew that Tony wouldn't want to take another big, strong guy to the end of the game. L.J. considered talking to her, but he didn't want to fuel Tony's paranoia. Either way, he trusted Tony and felt like Tasha would have nothing that benefited him. However, he stood her up. Tasha was peeved, because she was hoping to propose a new five-person alliance of herself, Spencer, Jeremiah, L.J., and Jefra to take out Tony the first time he was vulnerable since he seemed to be running the show. But since L.J. didn't come, she knew that she'd need a new plan, or she'd be screwed.

The Immunity Challenge saw the castaways taking a break from the physical challenges and instead taking part in a mental one. They'd test their memory by being shown a series of colored tiles. Then, they'd try to re-create the order using tiles of their own. Everyone who re-created the correct sequence would stay in the challenge. Everyone who got it wrong would be eliminated. The last person standing would win immunity and be guaranteed a one-in-eight shot at winning the million dollars. The other eight would be vulnerable at Tribal Council.

So here's how the challenge shook down. Probst showed them the colored tiles in this order -- yellow, blue, red, and green. Everyone got through yellow. Everyone got through blue except Trish, who jumped the gun and put red before blue. So she was out first. Everyone got through red except Woo, who jumped the gun and said green. He was out second. Everyone got through green. Probst's next sequence was red, green, purple, black, blue, green, and blue. Everyone got through red. Everyone got through green. Everyone got through purple. Everyone got through black. Everyone got through blue. Everyone got through green except Jefra, Kass, Spencer, and Jeremiah, the former three of whom said yellow (which wasn't even in the sequence!), and the latter of whom said red. So they were out third, fourth, fifth, and sixth. All of the remaining three got through blue except Tony, who said yellow. So he was out seventh. So that brought things down to L.J. and Tasha, who each had to get through the same current color, the final one in the sequence. L.J. had red, Tasha had green. One was right, one was wrong. And the one who was wrong was . . . L.J.! So he was out eighth and last! And Tasha won immunity! YAY! So she'd have a one-in-eight shot at winning the million dollars! Meanwhile, one of Jefra, Jeremiah, Kass, L.J., Spencer, Tony, Trish, and Woo would be the tenth person voted out at the next Tribal Council.

Before Tribal Council, the potential targets emerged -- Spencer, Jeremiah, and L.J. Spencer and Jeremiah were targeted for being the two strong males left of the outside three. L.J. wanted to split the votes between the two men. Jefra, Kass, and Trish would vote for Jeremiah. L.J., Tony, and Woo would vote for Spencer. But L.J. was targeted by . . . Tony for being a big threat. He went to Woo with L.J.'s plans to blindside him, which got him on board. He also went to Spencer with that lie and wanted to get him, Jeremiah, and Tasha on board. He agreed to it and went to Jeremiah about it. Tony would also get Trish on board, even though he knew she liked L.J. a lot. It was only Jefra and Kass he didn't bother with. A lot of craziness. But with Tony's growing paranoia, how would the votes go? . . .

At Tribal Council, the answer was made clear. By a vote of 5-3-1, the tenth person voted out of Cagayan and the third member of the jury was . . . L.J.! Whoooooo-hoooooooo! So the flip happened, and the predictable ending has been prevented! (Oh, and the lone votes were Jefra, Kass. and Trish's for Jeremiah, and L.J.'s for Spencer. So Tony and Woo flipped, but Trish held firm with Jefra and Kass.) So his torch was snuffed, and he was happily sent on his way. Yay!

I was thrilled by this ending! It's not really L.J.'s fault I hated him. It's the fault of the cat ladies and fat, under-sexed housewives over at Television Without Pity who fawned over anything and everything he did. I can't believe so many of those women worshipped such a bore. He was nice and calm and respectful, yes, but he clearly wasn't all that interesting if the editors only gave him, like, one or two confessionals per episode. And I have no idea why they praised him so much for what was just average gameplay. He found a hidden Immunity Idol without a clue? Big deal! So have several others! He kept it quiet that he had it? Big deal! So did others! He noted how untrustworthy Tony was? Big deal! So did Jefra, Sarah, Spencer, Jeremiah, Tasha, and even Trish, his own alliancemate! And he doesn't look all that hot or attractive to me. Just kinda average.

But on to his boot. I was fine with this because he made the classic Survivormistake of getting way too comfortable with his alliance and doing nothing to stifle a paranoid, overthinking alliancemate. He even brushed off any attempt to change up the game and save himself by talking to Tasha. And he trusted Tony way too much -- just because he covered him with his idol, it didn't mean Tony felt like he owed him anything. But I'm glad he's gone because I really thought the editing was setting him up as the winner of this season. I got some hope that that was not the case when he got no confessionals last week (male winners never miss getting at least one confessional per episode save for Ethan from Africa, Chris from Vanuatu, Aras from Exile Island, Yul from Cook Islands, Bob from Gabon, and Fabio from Nicaragua), and then, I see it proven with his vote-off tonight! Plus, a known troll who happened to be a big fan of his gave out a false spoiler saying that he'd won. Glad that didn't happen! I really am! Later, L.J.! Take your boring self, tongue-bathed by too many fat, sexless b*tches, and get off my screen! Won't miss you one bit! At least someone actually interesting will win this now!

In other news, the best part of L.J.'s vote-off is that with the player perceived by many as the one winning the game now out of said game, this opens the field wide open! I can't tell who's gonna win this now that L.J.'s gone! Editing-wise, I think Spencer and Tasha have the best chances, as Spencer's been generally positive and has had a confessional in every episode, while Tasha's been positive at least since Garrett's boot and has only missed one episode, confessional-wise -- the episode of Morgan's boot (though I won't count her out -- every female winner's missed at least one episode, confessional-wise, except for Sandra from Pearl Islands and Denise from Philippines). On an offhand chance, since she's calmed down with no Lindsey to antagonize, I could maybe see Trish pulling it out, too, with Jefra and Kass as sleepers. Jeremiah, Tony, and Woo, though? Forget it -- dumb and mostly silent, season villain, and too naïve and trusting, respectively. Still, I either like or love everyone left except for maybe Tony. So it's a seven-in-eight chance that I'll be happy with the winner this season! Yay!

Eight castaways remain. Who'll be vote out next week? We'll see then!