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I Finally got every puzzle piece in Donkey Kong Country Returns

It wasn't easy, but Ifinally found every puzzle piece in level 9-1 and in doing so found every puzzle piece in the game. It felt incredibly rewarding to finally reach the ned of that level knowing I had all those tricky pieces in tow. Now I've decided to try and finish off every level in Mirror mode. All that's left are some of the golden temple levels and most of the bosses. Then if I'm feeling particularily daring I'll attempt gold medal speed runs on every level, but that's highly unlikely.

REALLY short Pikmin 3 impressions

I don't have much time between work and playing this masterpiece so I'll keep this short. Right now Pikmin 3 is one of the best games I have ever played! It is a worthy successor to my favourite gaming series! I can't believe it's exceeding my expectations after I hyped it longer and harder than any other game in my history as a gamer. Everybody should play this incredible game! Perhaps one day I'll articulate these strong feelings into a proper review.

Game of the Generation

I can't hold it in any longer. I knew exactly what game I was going to pick as my best game of the generation for a long while now. Not only does this game have superb polish and excellent gameplay, it manages to succeed in bringing a multitude of gaming aspects forth with exceedingly high quality. In other words, my pick for the game of the generation delivers enormous quantity at an outstanding level of quality and that game is none other than Rocksteady's masterpiece: Batman Arkham City.



Believe it or not, this was quite an easy choice for me. Many games over the past generation have reached for the stars by trying to include as many different gameplay elements as they could in one package, but none have done this as successfully as Rokcsteady has with Arkham City. This marvel in design is incredibly ambitious and it delivers beyond expectations on all fronts. Superb combat, excellent stealth, incredible exploration, ingenious puzzles, and more content than any other action adventure released in this medium to date. Batman Arkham City deserves all the praise it gets.

The ccombat in this game may seem overly simple at first glance, but after delving into the score based challenge levels, you quickly realize there is a ton of depth and skill required to master these mechanics. It's all about being aware of your surroundings. Where are the enemies, what are they doing, and what enemy type are they? These are all questions you'll be asking yourself all while trying to mix all of the many moves you have at your disposal into one continuous free flow combo.


The stealth in the game is also very well thought out. You have a large supply of gadgets each with their own set of uses. There are also challenge rooms for this gameplay aspect that has you attempting three specific objectives as you clear the room in the quickest time you can manage. 

When you first enter a room filled with gun toting enemies, they are all on a set patrolling pattern. They only start acting randomly when they are aware that you are in the room. In many cases, the best way to complete these rooms is by learning the enemy patterns and taking them out before anybody realizes. However, things get interesting when the AI learns there is an unseen foe in their midst. They will loose their predictable patterns and start searching the room often in sets of two. Enemies will also quickly look behind them unexpectedly when their heart rate levels are high enough. If you clear enough people quickly enough, however, you can just walk up to a guard and he will cower in fear of you. It's all quite brilliantly done.


Now let's talk about the riddler puzzles. These are basically the hidden collectibles in the world of Arkham City and they couldn't be more brilliantly hidden. There are an unbelievable amount of these things hidden throughout the open world that Rocksteady has carefully constructed for you. Many require you to utilize your gadgets in really think-outside-the-box ways. When enough of these clever conundrums are solved, you get the next location of one of Riddler's hostages. These portions have you try to solve your way to the victim and save them. The design in this game is incomparable.



I really cannot sing the praises of this game enough. All of this high quality content exists within perhaps the most detailed and intricately developed open world ever created with more backstory and easter eggs than you could possibly imagine. I haven't even touched upon the use of 3 extra playable characters each with their own selection of combat and stealth moves as well as different objectives each for the stealth room challenges. Yes, Batman Arkham City is the most complete action adventure package yet devised and it is my game of the generation. 


What are your thoughts on Batman Arkham City and what were your favourite games of the past generation? Please comment below.

Tentative nominees for best game of the generation

Here's my tentative list of nominees for my best games of the generation, but being only one man means that I've missed out on some potential candidates over the years. That's where you come in. I'd appreciate it if you'd recommend me some games in the comments below for me to play and potentially add to this list.

-Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Sky


-Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012


-Super Mario Galaxy 2






-Rayman Origins


-Batman Arkham City


-The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword


PS4: I am very impressed

Well, I just got done watching Sony's big PS4 event andI must say I'm extremely impressed. I've been saying that Sony had to make a console that's easy to develop for and it looks like that may be the number one drive for the system. Gone are the days it seems where Sony gets the inferior multiplat. It looks like third parties are strongly supporting the platform.


I'm also extremely impressed with the surprising new features. I'm very excited about the instantaniousness (not a real word) that they claim the PS4 is capable of. One of the major negatives for PS3 was having to wait through mutliple loading screens before you get to your game. The fact that you can start playing a game before it's even finished downloading sounds quite impressive.

Then there's the ability to seamlessly record pictures and video of your gaming experiences and share them with your friends. This feature alone could be hours and hours of extra fun for each game released on the system. Having that feature in Just Cause 2 pushed me to create more crazy scenarios than I would have if I could not save the experience to relive it later or share it with a friend.

Finally there's the all important games and the one studio I really care about in Sony's arsenal of developers made an appearance with my favourite Sony IP of all time. That's right, Sucker-Punch revealed their next inFAMOUS game entitled: inFAMOUS Second Son. This game is set in a George Orwell-esque distopian future in which society is so heavily policed that most of their freedom is gone. It looks like you'll be in control of a group of superpowered humans who'll either rebel against the system or cause further panic for the civilians that are already oppressed and perhaps force them to rely more heavily in their freedom sucking police. I'm extremely excited about this game.


So to sum up

-Sony had a problem with the PS3 because it was hard for developers to work with: Sony revealed that the PS4 is designed to be very easy to develop for

-Sony had a problem with PS3 because of the high frequency of loading and installing that one had to go trough to reach their gaming experience: Sony revealed that PS4 is designed so that you can instantly access any content you wish

-New video recording features are also included

-New inFAMOUS game shown albeit in cutscene form only

The only thing that's missing is the price tag. If it is a reasonable price, I believe that Sony has next gen in a bag. I'm very impressed with what I saw.

Why I didn't do my GOTY for 2012

2012 has come and gone and Pikminmaniac hasn't posted his GOTY nominations. What happened? Due to my lack of popularity on these boards, none of you probably care, but I'll offer a reason anyways. The year overall was alright, but that was it. No game really captivated me. Nothing jumped out a screamed "I'm a fantastic GOTY experience!" Because of that, I couldn't feel positive or comfortable with declaring any game to be 2012's GOTY.

I suppose the frontrunner was Darksiders II. It had superb level design, a massive quest, gorgeous visuals, and fun combat. The reason it didn't make the cut was that it fizzled out towards the end and the the looting system was no substitute for the power-up collectables from the first game which felt far more rewarding when found.


However, I can confidently assure you that there will be a monstrous and bloody battle for 2013 when I decide my GOTY for that year. DmC has already started the year off very strongly and might already be better than every game that came out last year. Stay tuned!

2013!!!!! I'm so glad the world didn't end!

So here we are in the year 2013! We only pretty much know the releases up to halfway through the year, but it already has enough unbelievably promising games to be considered one of the best years in gaming IMHO. Here are some of the titles that have me hyping 2013 so savagely

-DmC: Let the haters hate. I love the past Devil May Cry games and I loved the demo for DmC. It's a different game and I love it for what it is rather than what it isn't. The combat is extremely fun and the scoring system is addictive. Who cares if SSS is easy to get, let's see who can make it past 23 million points on overwatch shall we?


-Ni No Kuni: I love studio Gibli, full open world JRPGs, and many of Level 5's offerings. Here's Ni No Kuni


-Rayman Legends: Rayman Origins was easily among the very best platformers of last gen and this sequel looks to be a worthy follow up. This time the co-op isn't just shoe-horned in like most platfromers last gen. It's integral and extremely well implemented. The demo showed off absolutely-out-of-this-world-gorgeous visuals and a soundtrack to die for.


-The Wonderful 101: Platinum games has proven to be the number one action game developer in the industry so when I see them do what looks like a high octane pikmin game, I get excited.The Wonderful 101 looks extremely fresh and a great fit for Nintendo's new console.


-Pikmin 3: Back in 2001, the first Pikmin game rekindled my love for video games through it's wildly unique gameplay. It was proof that new genres and new ideas were possible and that they could produce absolute brilliance. Pikmin was completely fresh and worked perfectly. 1 part real-time strategy, 1 part action adventure, and 1 part survival. Pikmin had you managing troops, collecting resources, and exploring worlds all the while having to do all this under a time limit. Pikmin was an instant classic and a thing of beauty.

In 2004, Nintendo released the sequel and it expanded the shear content of the game to monstrous proportions. The campaign hadover 200 treasures to find, each with their own description from Olimar and the ship. There were more enemies and bosses, each with their own description from Olimar and Louie. There was a great challenge mode that pitted you against 30 diferent timed dungeons (included co-op play). There was a vs multiplayer that was brilliantly addictive. The game just simply had it all.

Now it's 2013.... Dear LORD! I cannot wait any longer



-Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon: Let's go back to 2001 again. I though Luigi's Mansion was a severely underrated game. Sure it was short, but it sported excellent puzzles and very unique ghost sucking gameplay. I look forward to the new puzzle filled adventure on 3DS


-Pokemon X/Y: These games were just announced today and I'm very excited. The new installment in the long running franchise is finally presenting itself in full 3D. And might I say, the visuals are far beyond anything I expected. Looks like I'll be addicted again come October.


-Bayonetta 2: The most critically acclaimed hack n slash of last gen is returning exclusive to Wii U. I did not properly get to enjoy the first game as I played it on PS3. I look forward to the one and only sequel this year on Wii U.


Giving Uncharted 2 a Second Chance part 2

Now I've gone through the jungle mission with sully

I must admit that the game was a lot more entertaining at this point. I enjoyed trying to take out as many enemies with stealth as I could. I like that feature the most about this game. I had a decent amount of fun. The only two real gripes I had were that a few of the animations just look unnatural (most notable, Nathan's running being very feminine and his jumping being downright hilarious) and the pacing in this game is very poor IMO. The first two missions were as slow as humanly possible and drag on far too long then this mission comes along with some slow parts and some action bits. It just feels really uneven so far.

So to recap, my opinion has improved on the game and I look forward to seeing what comes next.