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Update: On my 360

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Well as most of you know i've been having trouble with my 360 as it will not read any games when i have my game in the console it will say reading for a rather long time before it says open tray or play DVD or even play CD this is knowned as the open tray error but i don't think it is as every video on you that i watched on it and after talking to a member of the support team over 90% of open tray errors only takes it about 10 sec's to say open tray when mine takes aout 2 mins to say open tray or whatever,another thing you know the 360 logo on start up mine has been getting stuck on that for the past month and a half first it started out for about 30 sec but now it's stuck there for almost 6 mins before it loads the dashboard.

So thinking it was the disc drive I took the one out of my old 360 and put it into my new one but it will only say play DVD as it does not have the software. And now to top it all off my games that i can get it to read will freeze but not like you would think when mine freezes i can still talk to people send messages sign in and out people that sign on show up and the sound for the games still play but the game will freeze and I will have to go to the dashboard and reload the game in order to play it.

But i took out the harddrive and turned on my console and it read the game and never got stuck on the 360 logo at all but when I put it back on it was stuck on the logo for 2 mins and took me four tries to get the game to read and no this is for all my games and they have no scrache.

One last thing im not sure if i said this in my last blog but the disc tray some times jams and wont open or close until I turn off my 360 and then it takes 20 seconds before it turns off.

Does anyone know what might be going on I will upload a video later showing you whats going on.

360 problems may get a ps3

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Well my 360 is on it's way out and i really don't want to send it in as the warrenty is up as of 2 weeks ago so i would have to pay to get it repaired but then again it's just as well to get a new one.

My problem with my 360 this time is the disc tray it will never read any off my games and when i open it and close it again to get it to read the game the tray get either stuck out or in and will not close or open till i turn off the console and turn it back on everytime i load a game it says either open tray play game (will get disc unreadable) or play dvd and to get a new disc drive put in it from microsoft it will cost me $100 when right now there is a sale on 360's for only $129. but i just can't see myself buying another one as it will be my 3rd 360, So i've been looking into getting a PS3 sure it's a little over $300 but i know that the PS3 failure rate is lower than the 360s and will not break on me as easily as my 360 both console's have almost the same games coming out plus right now the online is free.

so what do you guys think I should do??

Very little snow.

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Well it's the 12th of feb and we here in Newfoundland have very little snow compared to what we usually get how much snow do you guys have were you live I know that over in the UK the have had alot this year.

Hello Gamespot!

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Well to start it all off I have to go to school next week which im not looking forward to but the good side of it will be every morning I usually get on GS before i go to school so im going to try really hard to get back on here and keep an active blog and catch up on union's im in and work on my review writeing skills and post some new reviews so im back.

Also is anyone excited for modern warfare 2 and brutal legend?

xbox 360

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i will be getting my new xbox 360 on monday so i'll be back online wooot!


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ok well i hardly come on gamespot anymore but im going to try and get back into it

just a couple things i want to say

im getthing my new xbox hopfuly next week and RE5 after that i have to go and buy some mircosoft points becouse of all the DLC i mean you have burnout paradise,gears of war 2,RE5

and the last thing i want to say is about the review on RE5 and what gamespot gave it an 8.5 now i think i should of got nothing less of a 9.0 im played the demo and i thought it was priity good the only thing i found bad with it was there seemed to be not as much gore as in RE4 but that was it if you want you can leave a commment about your opinion.

sick again

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yes im sick again this time i have a lung infection so i can't have no one down this week end witch sucks and i might be back to school on monday but i could of been better if the quck of a dr i seen on thursday night gave me somthing but here never all he said i was dehigreated witch i couldn't of been i drank over 10L of water that day but now i have the meds i need so i'll be in school monday i hope.

PS zap what whent on in school the past 2 days?? pm me or post a comment about it

sorry to everone in the achievemnts union

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sorry but i won't be able to make it to game night well first i had to go watch this ice show and now hockey is on and im going to watch it i might get 20 mins on but i'll be online for the next one

Ice Show ok it was ok the girl i like was there and i meet up with my olf friend chris simmyons any way we torched the for the whole 3 hours and way that it