To Those Who Might be Interested

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Since the new Gamespot update has went ahead and killed blogging for the moment, I decided to create a blog over on Wordpress.

I will mirror every post I make here, because I still have hope the staff will get to fixing this issue eventually. But so far, due to the frustration of not seeing what my friends post and not having my friends see what I post, I will create blogs on both spaces.

I am still trying to get a hang of the whole design thing over there, so I would appreciate some feedback!

Thanks to all, and if you have a blog over there, let me know so that I can follow you.



I have done exactly the same thing at See you there!


Would like to but I'm still here and active in Gameinformer :) Lets keep waiting :) Next year, maybe, things may be fixed :(


Not a bad idea considering GS hates their community...

Pierst179 moderator

@AvatarMan96I still have hope they will get it fixed.

But with the whole GOTY thing upon us, it might take a while.