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E3 2014 Predictions: You Know It's Coming Edition

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As Nintendo's online presentation for this year's E3 approaches, it is time to take a quick look at the games that have a chance of showing up. First, we glance at the ones that are an absolute lock to make an appearance.

The Legend of Zelda U

It is completely unknown how far into development the next installment of the Zelda franchise is. However, given that Skyward Sword is nearly three years behind us, not to mention Nintendo's desperate need to produce hardware-selling Wii U titles, it is very likely the world will get its first glimpse into the game when the Direct comes around.

As its release might be more than one year away, the company will probably opt to tease its fans with a short trailer instead of full-blown explosion of details and gameplay videos. Still, an effective and alluring showing – much like the one Twilight Princess got in 2004 – could be key to making the media and the public turn their heads towards the Wii U and look at it as the great gaming machine it actually is.

Super Smash Bros

As far as Nintendo goes, there is no doubt about it: Super Smash Bros will be the star of the show. With the release of its two versions probably happening within the next seven months, E3 2014 comes as the final huge opportunity the company will have to show what Sakurai and his crew have been cooking during the past years.

Expectations are naturally high. Even though the game's director updates the game's website on a daily basis, the fact that just 30 characters – and a relatively small amount of newcomers – have been unveiled leads many to believe the show will be packed with both new and old fighters, inventive battle arenas, and – maybe – one or two exciting modes.


X is by all means Nintendo's greatest Wii U weapon. Xenoblade was regarded by many as last generation's best JRPG. Yet, due to the Big N's reluctance to bring it to the West – something that only happened on the tail end of the Wii's life, its effect was greatly diluted. Now, the bigwigs are looking to avoid repeating the same mistake by putting a grand spotlight over the game and pushing it as a major release, and not an afterthought. As the game is expected to arrive during the next months, it will probably be fully dissected by the company throughout the event.

If Monolith Soft strikes gold once more, X could form – with Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros – a first-rate trio of games that would, together, appeal to a crowd that goes from the most casual gamers to those who have shunned Nintendo's systems during the past few generations. If X is presented just right and given the proper attention, it could garner an expected group of supporters for the system.

Hyrule Warriors

In a way, Hyrule Warriors is a very smart game, because it allows Nintendo to state that the Wii U will soon be home to an exclusive Zelda game without putting any sort of pressure on the development team behind the franchise's next real installment. The game will most likely turn out to be a nice little detour for Link, and even though many are not very excited about the prospect of playing Dynasty Warriors with a Zelda makeover, the title will serve the marketing department quite well.

With August already announced as the month of the game's Japanese release, Hyrule Warriors is either complete or nearing its final stages of development. Hence, the E3 Direct will have the full game at its disposal to be explored, and Nintendo will try its best to get as much gamers aboard as possible.



I'd be all for an HD rerelease of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.


Really, really looking forward to LoZ.

I had high hopes for X when it was first revealed, but then came the gameplay demo a few months back. Looked pretty generic. I hope it rebounds.

Hyrule Warriors is a pretty interesting idea, if not a shameless cash grab.


They should srsly release a HD port of Xenoblade.. Imagine how beautiful satorl marsh in during night would be in HD.. btw you missed out bayo 2

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@SloganYams You know, I was playing Mario Kart 8 and as I marvelled at how gorgeous it looks I thought that Super Mario Galaxy would look absolutely flooring on the Wii U.

Pierst179 moderator

@dylan417 I am torn on Hyrule Warriors. The gameplay does not look that appealing to me, but I will give it a shot if it gets decent scores.

Compared to the colorful and imaginative visuals of Xenoblade, X does seem to be a bit bland.

Pierst179 moderator

@voljin1987 You are right about Bayonetta 2! My bad!

And a HD port of Xenoblade would be epic.