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E3 2014 Predictions: It Could Happen Edition

There is little to no evidence these games will show up on this year's E3. At the same time, a reasonable argument could be built that it would make a whole lot of sense if they were to make an appearance. On this second edition of E3 2014 predictions, we look at titles whose reveals would not shock anyone.


New Metroid games are overdue for both the handheld and home console lines, and it is the only one of Nintendo's major franchises not to have a release on the current generation. Other M is already four years in the past, whereas Hunters – the last portable Samus adventure – was released a whopping eight years ago. Meanwhile, Metroid Fusion – the most recent sidescrolling installment – took place on the distant year of 2002.

With A Link Between Worlds, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and New Super Mario Bros, the company discovered that old-school renditions of their popular games are quite successful commercially and critically. Consequently, it comes as a shock that Metroid has yet to receive the same treatment. The Wii U and 3DS will probably eventually get their own Metroid titles, but right now the 3DS seems to be the most likely candidate, and a 2-D Metroid would make a whole lot of sense.

Yarn Yoshi

Unveiled in January 2013, Yarn Yoshi was supposed to be second incursion of a Nintendo character into a world of threads, needles, and buttons. Good-Feel, which had already done an absolutely fantastic job with the Wii's Kirby's Epic Yarn, seemed to be hard at work on the title that would bring Yoshi and his charming adventures back to a home console after a bunch of handheld outings.

However, even though Nintendo has done a handful of presentations since the game was originally announced, the title has seemingly disappeared. The doubts surrounding its current status keep it from being an absolute lock for the upcoming E3, but since Nintendo is not one to show games that are not far into development, it is probable the game is still around and its release will occur sooner rather than later.

Advance Wars

Ever since the Gameboy Advance days, the Advance Wars has become a major staple on Nintendo's handhelds. The Intelligent Systems franchise borrows heavily from the book written by Fire Emblem, and dresses it up in an appealing cartoonish coat backed up by brutally challenging missions. Across the previous two portables, the series has given birth to four stellar games, so that run will possibly continue.

Despite a strong first semester that featured Professor Layton, Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Mario Golf, and Bravely Default, the 3DS' second half of the year looks relatively empty even as Smash Bros looms on the horizon. Though the Wii U will end up being the ultimate focal point for Nintendo during the Direct, the little handheld beast will also get some attention and a new Advance Wars could captain the next wave of 3DS releases.


Although he has had an embarrassing showing on the Wii U due to the weak Game & Wario, Mario's rival has experienced a great deal of success in recent years in distinct fields. The WarioWare titles have transformed into a must for every new Nintendo platform, while the Wario Land series was skillfully rebooted by Good-Feel on the Wii's Wario Land: Shake It. Hence, the greedy fellow could end up appearing in many different forms.

Two factors work against his showing, though. Firstly, Game & Wario is fairly recent, and even though it is not a collection of microgames, the Big N might count it as a slightly tweaked WarioWare game. Secondly, given that Good-Feel is busy with Yarn Yoshi, if there is a Wario Land game being developed it is probably on the hands of some other company. Still, the announcement of a new Wario game would not be very surprising.


I would love a new 2D Metroid for the 3DS.

After Other M, I don't even know if I ever want to play another 3D Metroid. Especially not one with such an awful story.

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@dylan417 Well, I think a new game with the Prime gameplay and story development would be a great new 3-D Metroid.