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Once again my Memory Card is corrupt

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I can't understand what keeps happening to my Memory Cards, I have never heard anybody complain about GC's Memory Cards, It seems like I'm the only one that has problems with that.

I have already bought 4 Memory Cards, all of them got corrupt. The strange thing is I don't do anything wrong with them, I keep them inside the game boxes and somehow they stop working.

I'll wait until tomorrow hoping it will work again, if it doesn't  I'm going to format it and lose all of my Metroid Prime, Smash Bros, Mario Baseball, Wind Waker, Mario Kart, Star Fox and many other games data.

Some games I just don't bother losing all data, but there are some that are quite hard and boring to unlock many things like in Super Smash Bros and my Metroid Prime file.

I'd like to know if those things have already happened to any of you guys?

Playing Metroid Prime

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I haven't been doing much around Gamespot lately because I'm addicted to Metroid Prime and I just can't stop playing it.

I got to Phazon Mines yesterday and I'm loving it. Is so thrilling, you never know what you will find in the next room and how your enemies are going to strike.

Before Phazon Mines the game was looking kind of easy but when I first entered that place I completely changed my mind, getting to the second save spot was quite hard but now that I'm through I'm quite happy.

I hope I can finish this game as soon as possible because in one week I'll start to take an eight-hour a day course, so I won't have time to play anything. I'll study during the morning, go to the course in the afternoon and only get home late at night. 

No!! Banjo-Kazooie for XBOX 360!

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Today I read an interview from one of Rare's developers and he said they are starting to produce a new Banjo-Kazooie game for the XBOX 360.

For me that's pretty sad because I really love both games of the series and as I'm not buying an XBOX 360,so I won't be able to play this game.

Although I always knew it was impossible for Nintendo Wii to get a Banjo release I still believed in that, but I guess that after this news my hope is gone.

Getting Metroid Prime next week

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While I'm waiting for Nintendo Wii's release I'll now start to buy games from the GC that I wish I had bought before, but I couldn't because either I wasn't interested or I didn't have the money.

I'll start with Metroid Prime, because I've always heard that it is the best game for the GC besides it is long and hard, two features I always look foward to see.

After Metroid Prime I'll go for Harvest Moon and Metroid Prime 2, I'm also trying to find Mario Party 5 which is the only version of the series I'm missing, but this one is pretty hard to find here in Brazil so I guess I need to wait a little longer.

And by the way, I'm almost finishing Wind Waker with 100%.:D

WarioWare: Smooth Moves

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I've already saved enough money to buy my Nintendo Wii and get two games. I'm not buying it on the first day though, I still have many GC games I want to play, such as, Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2, Pikmin 2, Harvest Moon and of course Twilight Princess.

Today I was browsing GameSpot looking for the most interesting games for Wii and I came across WarioWare and decided to write a post about it.

Everybody who has played both GBA versions of the game knows how funny and addictive it is. After seeing some videos you can easily realize that Smooth Moves will manage to be even funnier than its prior versions specially because of Wiimote's awesome features.

What do you guys make of this game? I heard it has been delayed, can someone confirm that?

Super Mario World - 96 exits

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After finishing Ocarina of Time I focused on getting all exits from Super Mario World, so I turned on my SNES to start the challenge, after trying hard to reach all of them I finally made it!

When I defeated Bowser I had 93 so I went back to the first world to discover which ones I had missed. After finishing all stages over again I discovered I had overlooked one Secret Exit on Donut Secret 1 and two regular exits on Star World 3 and 4.

Next I'll try to beat Super Mario Bros 2 for the first time.

September 14th

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Two more days until Nintendo tell us everything about Nintendo Wii, maybe more details on some games and big surprises.

I hope they talk about Super Smash Brawl, show some new videos and some more characters. I also want them to talk about Twiligth Princess storyline and how long is the game going to be. Metroid Prime 3 and the new DK game details would be awesome too.

Actually I'm more interested on this announcements than in the price and release date stuff because I'm not getting a Wii until 2007.

So, what do you expect Nintendo to say and what are your wishes for Nintendo Wii?

Ocarina of Time

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Well, I haven't been online lately because I'm playing Ocarina of Time and when playing a game that is so good we just can't stop playing.

Today I finished the Shadow Temple and I'm getting near the end. Honestly, I've never finished this game. When it was released I was only 8 years-old so I just couldn't understand anything that was going on as I didn't know english, some years after I played it, but I didn't got to the end I went up to the Water Temple, now that I bought it I can finally finish it.

I'll be writting the review as soon as possible. When I finish it I'll wait for Twilight Princess.

SNES without saving

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Well, a pretty sad thing. Today I turned on my SNES after about 6 years and after playing DK Conuntry 1, DK Country 3, Super Mario Kart and Super Mario World I discovered that none of the games were saving!

Now I don't know if it is my SNES problem, I don't think so, or the save batteries of the games worn out. What do you guys think?

I Finally got all Mario 64 Stars!!!!

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After 8 years with this game today I've just finished it completely. I hadn't played it for 4 years, but my sister started playing it again so I decided to try all 120 stars, there were 3 left, 100 coins in Tick Tock Clock, Tiny Huge Island and Haze Maze Cave and I got them all!!!