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Getting my Wii this month

As you guys probably already know the Wii is being sold here in Brazil for $1,200 which is a rip off, I know the Wii is a great system but is hard to afford it.

I got someone to send me one from the US, actually I got two people to do that therefore maybe I'll get two Wiis, if that happens I'll sell one. The first Nintendo Wii is getting here by  January 15th and I can't wait to put my hands on it.

I know I'll only play Wii Sports for some days because I'm only getting the Wii + Wii Sports package, but I'm thrilled anyway because I wasn't expecting to get a Wii that soon.

After I get some money I'll buy Rayman and NFL 2007, now that I'm working it hopefully won't take long, I could also get Twilight Princess but as I already have the GameCube version I don't feel so compelled to buy it.

Wario Ware is also going to be released this month and I'm sure it is going to be the craziest game ever, It will probably be my personal favorite for a really long time.

I know that by now the Wii doens't present that many great games, but do you guys have any other suggestions of games that I should get?

Animal Crossing

I traveled this weekend and as I probably wouldn't have anything to do I took my Nintendo DS, Mario Kart and Animal Crossing with me.

While replaying Animal Crossing which I didn't play for almost 6 months, I started thinking about what possibilities will Nintendo explore on the next game of the series that will come out for the Wii.

Besides being a slightly powerful system it also features the 24-hour Wii connect that will probably allow you to travel from one town to another any time you want, it is sure going to be a great experience.

So, Do you guys have any ideas of what this new installment is going to present?

This week I plan to finish both Minish Cap and Ocarina of Time, I'll finish the latter because I want to compare it better to Twilight Princess and maybe rewrite my review.

I've also been playing The Legend Of Zelda for the NES, so far I've beaten the first and third dungeon and it is really a nice game that remains good until now.

Happy New Year everyone!

Zelda Timeline

Many things have been said about The Legend of Zelda's timeline, each Zelda fan has their own opinion about how do the games complete each other. But there is actually only one person who knows what the proper order is, that is it, if there is one.

But today I saw a video of a pretty good theory, I believe that if this isn't the correct order than it got really close to that.

This is the video:

Not only they manage to connect every single Zelda game but they also give enough reasons for us to believe in that. What do you guys think?

Finished Twilight Princess

After many suprises while playing the game I finally got to Twilight Princess' end today, and I as I always do when I finish a game I wrote a review, a quite big one, for this amazing game.

The final battle was awesome, and for me Twilight Princess is better than Ocarina of Time.

Now I wonder what is Nintendo preparing for the next Zelda game.

Great news for me

As you guys already know, I haven't been able to buy my Nintendo Wii because here in Brazil the new generation systems are extremely expensive, but some days ago I discovered that one of my cousin's friends is on the USA, therefore he is going to send my Wii by mail. I'll save up to 500 dollars by doing that.

Today was also a quite good day because I went to the mall hoping to find a Gamecube version of Twilight Princess and luckly I bought mine, I was the first one to get it, the store had just received a bundle of them.

So, besides spending Crhistmas with my family I'll also play Twilight Princess for most of the week, which is nice, today I went up to Kakariko Village and so far my opinion is that this game is as good as Ocarina of Time, I'm still trying to understand GameSpot's score, but anyway, it doesn't matter that much.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Finally on vacation

I finished my last year of hign school today, it's sad to leave a school where I've studied for almost 12 hours a day during three years, many friends left behind, many stories and nice moments to be remembered.

During my vacation I'll work during the afternoon and fortunately get enough money to buy my Nintendo Wii. During the moring and night I'll play a lot of games.

I plan finish again Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Banjo-Tooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Donkey Kong 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Bros 3.

I'll also try to beat Mario RPG, A Link to the Past and Twilight Princess, all for the first time.

A pretty busy vacation, but I'l have lots of fun.

I'll do some NES shopping soon

I got my not so new NES last Monday and since then I've been playing Super Mario Bros a lot, the only problem I'm having is lack of games, because although Super Mario Bros is awesome, I'm already tired of playing it for hours, I also have got Duck Hunt but I don't have the gun yet, so in order to solve this problem I'm going downtown to search for some games.

I'll buy Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario Bros 2, Balloon Fight, Kid Icarus, Zelda, Metroid and Excitebike.

I got pretty sad after I discovered my father threw all of my NES' games out, because he thought I would never play them anymore, I had so many games but unfortunately they are now gone.

I was wondering if you guys could give me more suggestions of nice NES games to buy.

Nintendo Wii Launch

After many months of wait, the new generation has finally arrived, and so far the Wii is selling pretty well showing that Nintendo was right when they said that Gameplay is more important for gamers than graphics.

In two days more than 600,000 systems have been sold, besides Twilight Princess have received high grades from all webSites and magazines all over the world, only one game has ever had such good scores, and that game is Ocarina of Time, therefore Nintendo Wii launch couldn't be more successful.

My Wii is not coming until next year because here in Brazil it is being sold for around U$1,200 (I know it is an absurd), but I'm happy anyway because I'll get my NES by Wednesday with Super Mario Bros 3, plus 2 controllers.

Welcome Nintendo Wii !!!

1st - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Well, a game that is considered the best of all time by many gamers just couldn't be on any other spot.

In 1998 I was just 8 years old and as I couldn't understand a word of english, I struggled while playing it, I was never able to figure out what to do next, so it was quite a frustrating game for me.

By 2002, when I got my GameCube, many friends started telling me that I needed to play it, because it was the best game of all, therefore I decided to give it a try and it couldn't be different.

A game with astonishing graphics, great characters, dungeons filled with puzzles, great battles, a great soundtrack and a long adventure. Ocarina of Time brought to the N64 the whole Zelda formula and it couldn't be better, it seems like this series was born to be played on the N64.

And as time goes by many games try to be better than Ocarina of Time, but they obviously fail.

2nd - Banjo-Tooie

Banjo-Kazooie was an unforgettable game, with great scenarios and nice gameplay. When Banjo-Tooie was released I was wondering if it was going to be able to be better than its first version. I just needed to turn on my Nintendo 64 to notice that not only were all features of the first game still there but they had been improved.

With a original storyline, a great set of addicting songs, impressive worlds to be explored, many items to be collected and the best graphics the N64 has ever seen, Banjo-Tooie is a game that will take many hours to be beaten, but beleive me those hours are going to be awesome.