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September 14th

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Two more days until Nintendo tell us everything about Nintendo Wii, maybe more details on some games and big surprises.

I hope they talk about Super Smash Brawl, show some new videos and some more characters. I also want them to talk about Twiligth Princess storyline and how long is the game going to be. Metroid Prime 3 and the new DK game details would be awesome too.

Actually I'm more interested on this announcements than in the price and release date stuff because I'm not getting a Wii until 2007.

So, what do you expect Nintendo to say and what are your wishes for Nintendo Wii?

Ocarina of Time

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Well, I haven't been online lately because I'm playing Ocarina of Time and when playing a game that is so good we just can't stop playing.

Today I finished the Shadow Temple and I'm getting near the end. Honestly, I've never finished this game. When it was released I was only 8 years-old so I just couldn't understand anything that was going on as I didn't know english, some years after I played it, but I didn't got to the end I went up to the Water Temple, now that I bought it I can finally finish it.

I'll be writting the review as soon as possible. When I finish it I'll wait for Twilight Princess.

SNES without saving

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Well, a pretty sad thing. Today I turned on my SNES after about 6 years and after playing DK Conuntry 1, DK Country 3, Super Mario Kart and Super Mario World I discovered that none of the games were saving!

Now I don't know if it is my SNES problem, I don't think so, or the save batteries of the games worn out. What do you guys think?

I Finally got all Mario 64 Stars!!!!

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After 8 years with this game today I've just finished it completely. I hadn't played it for 4 years, but my sister started playing it again so I decided to try all 120 stars, there were 3 left, 100 coins in Tick Tock Clock, Tiny Huge Island and Haze Maze Cave and I got them all!!!

Games I'm looking forward to see on Nintendo Wii Part 1

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The new Nintendo system is going to be awesome, almost everybody agrees. With its gameplay and easy 24-hour Wi-Fi connection, but what about games?

Well, honestly I have had many disappointments on the NGC, some games I was expecting (some were only dreams), didn't show up, so here I will list my game wishes for this new videogame.

1°- If you have seen my reviews and my previous blog poster you know which game will be at the top of this list. Banjo-Threeie, of course. Ok, I know Rare is with Microsoft, but I still hope to see these guys back. All their games were funny, beautiful, long and really challenging, I just hope that if they don't release it for Wii they don't do it in 360, otherwise I'm gonna get mad.

Mad Monster Mansion, really scary


2°- Well, now another of Rare's gems. Donkey Kong (platform style, please), Donkey Konga and all other Bongo games might be nice, but everybody missed the old kong and his huge adventures looking for his bananas and going through huge worlds and bosses. Now Nintendo announced a new DK game for the Wii, I just hope they don't mess it up.

Banjo-Kazooie Union

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Today I was searching for a Banjo-Kazooie Union and I got really shocked when I didn't find a single.

So If you wanna form an Union for this games, which in my opinion are the all-time best platform games, just let me know.

Ubi Soft's Rayman

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I've seen some intersting videos of Nintendo Wii Games. But I must say the videos that have really gotten my attention were from Rayman.

Ubi Soft is presenting us a really different marketing strategy. All those crazy rabbits that appear in videos that are even crazier.

Now they've released a new one that shows Brazilian Rabbits that are beaten by French rabbits(this one I still need to find) and another one that says that:

"Rabbits can't play with Fireworks, but they can dance!"

Watch some:

Vaccum Cleaner


Official Trailer

So what's your opinion about Rayman: Raving Rabbids?

Wario's Hideout

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Welcome everybody. Here in Wario's hideout you will be able to check my comments on Games and other non-related subjects.

Feel free to give your opinion.