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Discussing Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

I was looking at the Nintendo Wii forum watching people talk about this game so I thought we could discuss it more peacefully, and give our opinions about it.

I read Reggie's interview during DICE and it was understood that Samus Aran's third 3-D adventure may be released later than we were expecting, I think that is nice because Nintendo is sure doing that to keep the quality of such an amazing series that has been Metroid Prime.

They did the same thing with Twilight Princess and I was really happy with the result they had, it was an amazing game and the wait was worthy, at least for me. Hopefully they will do the same with Metroid Prime 3, they will take their time in order to produce one of the best games we have ever played.

The main points of Metroid Prime 3 to be discussed are its online multiplayer, should Nintendo add it to the game or not, its gameplay that will probably set the bar for Wii's next games of the same genre and also if the game must be more like an actual FPS or if it should be more about solving puzzles and exploring.

About the online multiplayer I don't care if they add it to the game or not, actually Metroid has always been known for its deep single-player adventure, the multiplayer was only avaible in Metroid Prime 2 and it wasn't very good. If Nintendo winds up putting online play I will be happy, however if they don't I won't bother.

The gameplay is my major concern, we have seen some of Wii's biggest promisses such as Red Steel fail specially because of its confuse controls, I do think it won't happen with Metroid because Nintendo is aware of all the problems other companies have had when it comes to Wiimote's use.

The last topic is what Metroid Prime 3 will be like, I guess that following the formula of the past games would be awesome. In Metroid Prime we saw some amazing areas filled with puzzles and others enemy-ridden, this perfect balance between exploring and shooting must be kept, because it has been working for quite a while.

What do you guys think about Metroid Prime 3? What do you expect?

It is Carnival time

February is the month os Brazil's most famous festival which is Carnival and here in Rio we have the annual Samba Schools Parades to celebrate this amazing time of the year.

13 Samba Schools compete in order to win the title, it is a really nice festival and also very beautiful, the parades happen on sunday and monday from 9:00 pm. to around 7:00 am. I'll be there watching them on both days and I hope it will be great.


The Legend of Zelda NES

Well, I just came back from work to discover that my NES The Legend of Zelda has finally arrived after many days of wait, but unfortunately I've been having some problems on getting the game to work properly, that's the only bad thing about old games, I've tried for 15 minutes and I wasn't able to do it I'll try it again later after I watch Button Mashing.

I'm also happy because I got my first salary therefore I'll be able to buy a new GC game, I'm thinking of Viewtiful Joe because I can't find any negative feedback on that game so I believe that it is one of the best games that have been released during the last-gen.

And I would like to ask you guys something, In order to play Virtual Console games on Nintendo Wii do I need to have a classic controller or can I play them with a GamCube joystick? 

GameCube Championship

Today, as I've told you guys some posts ago, was the day of the GameCube championship. 7 friends dropped by and we had an amazing time for more than 8 hours, at the end I won by a 300 point margin and my sister winded up in 3rd place.

It was quite nice and I've got to tell you that I think I won't be able to play games for a while because of this tiring gaming marathon.

I also would like to ask you guys if there are any Wiis on Best Buy stores, because I told a friend of mine to search for them there but as I've been told it is kind of hard to find a Wii in the US, I hope he can find it and send it to me soon.

Super Bowl XLI

Tomorrow is the big day, Indianapolis Colts vs Chicago Bears, both teams started in a pretty good shape, winning most of their games, but when the regular season was coming to an end they started to make major mistakes, Indianapolis on their defense and Chicago on their offense.

When the playoffs started there weren't many people who believed that those teams would make it to the Super Bowl, I was one of those I thought it was more likely for both New Orleans Saints and San Diego Chargers to head to Miami, but once again the NFL playoffs showed that there is never a favorite team in any game. San Diego was defeated by Belichicke's Patriots and the New Orleans Saints couldn't go through Chicago's strong defense.

I'm a Buccaneer fan since I watched my first game which was the Super Bowl XXXVII where the Bucs defeated the Raiders, unfortunately this season the team wasn't good enough to win many games, I hope they fix their problems and win the NFC South so we can go back to the playoffs.

Tomorrow I'll be rooting for Indianapolis because I do believe Peyton Manning deserves to win a Super Bowl but I wish good luck to both teams, I hope it will be an unforgetable game.

By the way, I just ordered both Metroid and Zelda for my NES, so while I'm still playing Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life I'll be waiting for those games to arrive, I also think I got someone to sell me Earthbound which is one of the hardest SNES games to find around here, I don't know if it is the same in other places.

See ya!

My Wii saga continues

There is still hope for me to get my Wii. I think I got someone to send me it by mail, I'm not sure about it yet, but I hope it will happen this time.

I got my Harvest Moon for GameCube yesterday and I cant stop playing it, it is really nice to take care of the farm, although the game doesn't present anything much different from other installments of the series.

I'll also get Metroid for my NES soon, I'm not buying those games for the Virtual Consle because here in Brazil is cheaper to buy a NES game than those Wii points that are actually quite hard to find, I've only found some over the internet.

In February 10th me and other 7 friends are going to do a GameCube championship, we'll play 11 different games to see who's going to win. We have already done it 5 times, but the past championships were all N64-only, I hope we can do the sae thing with the Wii soon.

I'm looking forward to the Super Bowl!

Not getting my Wii this month

I just discovered that the person who was supposed to bring me my Nintendo Wii didn't do it. Now I'm going to be without a Wii for a long time, I have two options either I find someone else to buy it on the US or I buy it here where the system is highly overpriced.

I can't wait to play Wario Ware Smooth Moves but I guess I need to be patient, fortunately that is the only game I'm crazy to play on the Wii so far, otherwise I would be really mad because I don't have a Wii.

In order to relax I just bought Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, I'm waiting for it to arrive here, I hope it is a great game because I was a little disappointed with the last game I bought, Pikmin 2.

I just have one month of vacation left so I want to play a lot of games because when my vacation ends I will hopefully start at the University and I will also be working, so I won't have much time to do many things.

My 2007 Wishlist

Another year is beginning and as many of you guys did I'm going to make my own Wishlist for this year. I know it is a pretty long list, I don't think I'll get all those games since some of them are really rare, at least here in Brazil.

Here it is:

Kid Icarus
The Legend of Zelda
Super Mario Bros. 2
Balloon Fight

Earthbound(Really hard to find)
Donkey Kong Country 2
Super Metroid
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to Past
Mario RPG
Killer Instinct
Super Mario World 2

Mario Party 5
Harvest Moon: A wonderful life
Viewtful Joe
Batallion Wars

WII(First I have to get the system)
Wario Ware
Super Smash Bros Brawl
Super Mario Galaxy
Mario Party 8
Metroid Prime 3

I've already played and finished most of this games except the ones for NGC and WII , but I'm planning on building a Nintendo collection, I hope I can get at least half of them, I also want to buy some more games for my DS but I don't know if I'll have enough money for that.

Still waiting for my Wii.

Got Excitebike for my NES

My Wii hasn't arrived yet, I'm really anxious, perhaps I could freeze myself just like Cartman did, but I think it would'nt be such a great idea. :D

Today I was browsing on the internet at work and I got a great deal on a classic NES game that I believe everybody loves, Excitebike, although I have already played it many times I won't get tired of it.

I guess older games are usually more addictive than the latest releases from the game industry, it happens because 20 years ago games were obviously much shorter than they are now, so producers had to struggle in order to make games that would last for a long time.

I'm not saying that those games were better than the games most of us play nowadays, they are just different because fortunately for us gamers, the companies are always creating new ways of interaction with their systems and that's how great franchises such as Mario, Final Fantasy, Zelda, Metroid and Sonic are still being played after so many years.

Almost finishing my GameCube collection

After four years with my GameCube and many moments of enjoyment is now time for a new system to arrive here, at least I hope it gets here.

During this four years with my GameCube I played many games, unfortunately not as much games as I've played in my Nintendo 64 specially because here in Brazil I can't find any places where I can rent games for a GameCube.

Nintendo was really popular during the early nineties but it all changed when the Playstation was released and as people could easily buy cheap copies of the games, specially Winning Eleven and GTA, the system was a success, the same thing happened with the Playstation 2. Therefore Nintendo was kind of forgotten but now with the Nintendo Wii it looks like they will be back on top.

Well so far I've got 20 GameCube games which I think is enough, but I'm still interested on getting some more.

I own:
Animal Crossing
Metroid Prime
Metroid Prime 2
Super Mario Sunshine
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Mario Party 4
Mario Party 6
Mario Party 7
Mario Kart: Double Dash
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Pikmin 2
Mario Power Tennis
Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
Mario Superstar Baseball
Super Mario Strikers
NBA 2003
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronichles
F-Zero GX
Star Fox: Assault

I still want to buy Mario Party 5, Viewtful Joe, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and Batallion Wars, after that I'll focus on my Nintendo Wii.