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MLB Season 2007-2008

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10 days left for the beginning of a new MLB season, all teams seem prepared to give us thrilling games and hopefully many Home-Runs!

Both Red Sox and Yankees have improved their bullpens, which in my opinion were their biggest problem. During Spring Training the teams that are doing better so far are the Diamondbacks, Reds, Rangers, Dodgers, Astros, Braves and Indians, but as we all know it doesn't mean much as during the Regular Season many of those teams will have serious problems and won't be able to keep a good winning pace.

 As a Yankee fan I'm quite happy about the changes that have been made and I hope we can get back to the World Series this year, even if the team winds up losing it I'll be happy because on the last seasons they weren't able to get there.

The biggest polemic this year is about Barry Bonds going for the HR record, I think that he will easily break it, but it won't be a remarkable feat.

I want to know your favorite team and players, and who Do you think will win it all this year?

My friend has just lent me Harry Potter III(I forgot the name) and The Urbz for the GC so I've been playing those games together with Metroid Prime whenever I have some time to do it.

N64 Problems

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Today after playing Donkey Konga for a while I decided to start playing Majora's Mask all over again and try to get all Heart Pieces which in this game are quite hard to find.

Well, unfortunately I couldn't get the game to work!! After more then 30 attempts I decided to try another game, so I picked Conker's Bad Fur Day, a game that I had played a few weeks ago, therefore it had to work!

Surprisingly it didn't work as well, so now I'm kind of desperate. Although I know most of the games I own at the N64 will probably be released for the VC, but there are some other classics that I may never play again if I can't fix my N64, like Banjo Tooie, Banjo-Kazooie and Conker's Bad Fur Day.

So I decided that I would try again after a few days and hope that there isn't anything wrong with it, if it keeps that way I guess I will have either to fix it or to buy a new one.

By the way, I also got Rayman 3 probably my last GC game before I get the Wii, I also want to get Mario Party 5 and Viewtiful Joe but I'll get them after I play my Wii.

Donkey Konga is here!

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I got Donkey Konga for my GameCube two days ago and I only had time to post it today. It is a great game that presents quite a innovative gameplay, so far I can't stop playing it, it's very addictive. I want to get great scores for all the songs and every time I fail I just keep trying until I do it!

Although the presentation of the game is quite simple it doesn't actually matter as you don't have time to look at the graphics while all those notes just appear on your screen. The best songs are the game related ones such as Zelda Theme, Pokémon Theme and Super Mario Bros, I wish they had put a few more game themes like some Donkey Kong Country songs.

During the last days I read two interesting articles, one of them is Gamespot's "What can Sony do to make the Playstation 3 more attractive to gamers?" although I'm not a Playstation fan I read it and I must say that they gave some interesting suggestions such as diminishing the price and fixing some online features, I guess the only system that has completely succeeded when it comes to online games is the Xbox 360.

And IGN is publishing its list of the top 25 GameCube games of all time, I can't wait to see which games they picked, and how many games of my collection made it to the top. If you search more you can also find top 25 games for all last-gen systems including the GBA.

Finally I want to know from you if you've been having problems when watching Gamespot's videos lately, because here I couldn't watch any of their latest footage.

Wii Channels

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Yesterday I was reading something interesting about the Wii Channels at IGN.

Here is the text

Two guys talking about the Wii Interface. They had some interesting opinions such as saying that there isn't enough room for channels and VC games and that sooner or later many gamers will face these problems because every week Nintendo is releasing new games and they are all must-buy.

They also had some great ideas about how Nintendo should use some features of these channels. For example, they could use the calendar to show the launch date of some games.

I think it would be great if they added a Demo Channel, so we could download versions of some games that we are not sure if we should get them or not.

Do you guys have any complaints about the Channels? What Channels could Nintendo create? 

Another Wii Saga Episiode

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I guess you guys are already bored of listening to me say that I may have got someone to bring me a Wii from the U.S, that's great because so am I!:D

But unfortunately I've got to say it one more time. This person will return from the U.S by the end of March but I don't want to get too hyped about it this time otherwise I may end up disappointed, if my Wii doesn't come this time I will buy it here which means I'm going to spend $600 just to get a Wii and Wii Sports.

That's bad because I will be spending almost all the money I saved to buy my Wii and I won't have anything left to buy the games I want, more Wiimotes and other stuff.

And while I can't get my Wii I bought Rayman 3 for the GameCube and it will arrive in a few days, I hope it will be as good as Rayman 2 which was one of the best platformers of 5th generation.

Zelda Reorchestrated Songs and an Update

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I think we all agree that The Legend of Zelda has what can be considered one of the best soundtracks among all games that have ever been released, although some people think that Twilight Princess lacked orchestrated songs I thought its sound was perfect and as good as many next-gen games out there.

So, I was browsing on the internet looking for interesting sites with soundtracks and I discovered one that had Reorchestrated Zelda songs, from The Legend of Zelda(NES) to the most recent installment which is Twilight Princess. All songs are really nice and I enjoyed the site a lot, however I haven't heard all songs yet.

Zelda Reorchestrated

Hope you guys like it!

The next subject of my post is that I won't be able to post, comment on your blogs and be active on Gamespot for the next months, I'll try to come once a day but I can't promisse that, because I have a course to prepare me for my SAT exams during the morning(I don't know if you have this kind of course in other countries), during the afternoon I'm working and at night I'm at my english course, so all days of my week are pretty busy.

See you guys soon!!

Nintendo says goodbye to GameCube

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Well my friends I haven't posted for a while because Carnival was very tiring and  I was still recovering from it so I didn't have enough time to even think about games. Yesterday after I logged in Gamespot for the first time in 4 days the first thing I read was "Nintendo officially pulls plug on GameCube?".

I think it was already time for they to do that because so far the Wii is being really successful so they need to give it full support.

Differently from many people I do think the GameCube was a great system, it didn't produced the same amount of classics as the N64 did, but it improved when it comes to good RPGs which was a genre that the N64 really had problems with.

So far I've spent 4 years and 5 months with my NGC and I bought 26 games, I don't think I'll get more of them as I'm saving for my Wii, I guess I'll still play it for much longer.

I was trying to start Ocarina of Time over again yesterday but I couldn't because the game doesn't save, that's sad because Ocarina is the best game I own, I guess I'll have to fix it somehow before I can enjoy it.

Discussing Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

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I was looking at the Nintendo Wii forum watching people talk about this game so I thought we could discuss it more peacefully, and give our opinions about it.

I read Reggie's interview during DICE and it was understood that Samus Aran's third 3-D adventure may be released later than we were expecting, I think that is nice because Nintendo is sure doing that to keep the quality of such an amazing series that has been Metroid Prime.

They did the same thing with Twilight Princess and I was really happy with the result they had, it was an amazing game and the wait was worthy, at least for me. Hopefully they will do the same with Metroid Prime 3, they will take their time in order to produce one of the best games we have ever played.

The main points of Metroid Prime 3 to be discussed are its online multiplayer, should Nintendo add it to the game or not, its gameplay that will probably set the bar for Wii's next games of the same genre and also if the game must be more like an actual FPS or if it should be more about solving puzzles and exploring.

About the online multiplayer I don't care if they add it to the game or not, actually Metroid has always been known for its deep single-player adventure, the multiplayer was only avaible in Metroid Prime 2 and it wasn't very good. If Nintendo winds up putting online play I will be happy, however if they don't I won't bother.

The gameplay is my major concern, we have seen some of Wii's biggest promisses such as Red Steel fail specially because of its confuse controls, I do think it won't happen with Metroid because Nintendo is aware of all the problems other companies have had when it comes to Wiimote's use.

The last topic is what Metroid Prime 3 will be like, I guess that following the formula of the past games would be awesome. In Metroid Prime we saw some amazing areas filled with puzzles and others enemy-ridden, this perfect balance between exploring and shooting must be kept, because it has been working for quite a while.

What do you guys think about Metroid Prime 3? What do you expect?

It is Carnival time

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February is the month os Brazil's most famous festival which is Carnival and here in Rio we have the annual Samba Schools Parades to celebrate this amazing time of the year.

13 Samba Schools compete in order to win the title, it is a really nice festival and also very beautiful, the parades happen on sunday and monday from 9:00 pm. to around 7:00 am. I'll be there watching them on both days and I hope it will be great.


The Legend of Zelda NES

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Well, I just came back from work to discover that my NES The Legend of Zelda has finally arrived after many days of wait, but unfortunately I've been having some problems on getting the game to work properly, that's the only bad thing about old games, I've tried for 15 minutes and I wasn't able to do it I'll try it again later after I watch Button Mashing.

I'm also happy because I got my first salary therefore I'll be able to buy a new GC game, I'm thinking of Viewtiful Joe because I can't find any negative feedback on that game so I believe that it is one of the best games that have been released during the last-gen.

And I would like to ask you guys something, In order to play Virtual Console games on Nintendo Wii do I need to have a classic controller or can I play them with a GamCube joystick?