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Pokemon Diamond Help

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I just went to GTS and gladly somebody agreed to trade a Gastrodon for a Chimchar, I was quite thrilled until I recieved the Pokémon.

First of all it is a Japanese Pokémon therefore its name is quite strange and I would love to change it, so I went to the Name rater and he told me that the name was flawless, it seemed like he didn't want to allow me to change the name. My question is, If he thinks the name is perfect is there anyway I can change the Pokémon's name?

And second, this Chimchar came with Rock Climb and Cut which are HM moves, I guess these moves can't be deleted once they are taught to the Pokémon, I heard there is a Move Tutor, my question is Is he able to change the moves of the Pokémon? If not, then How do I change it?

I think Nintendo probably created a way to make those things possible since you can get Pokémon with bad moves and a strange name via GTS, otherwise it would be stupid to do these kinds of trades.

Thanks for answering.

Finally I got a Wii

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Today I went downtown and finally bought it. Right now I'm posting from it, I played Wii Sports for a long while and enjoyed it. Monday I plan to head downtown again and purchase Wario Ware. I've been having some problems updating the system, an error code keeps popping, its number is 32004, I tried to check on Nintendo's site and I couldn't get any information. Is it a commom problem?

Pokemon Diamond Update 2

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I finished the 5th gym a while ago and so far I've been winning most battles easily. I guess this is happening because I trained my Pokémon a lot. I put a Girafarig on GTS yesterday and I plan to get a Turtwing in exchange for it, although I think that will be hard because starters are really valuable.

My current team is:

Empoleon level 43
Staraptor level 38
Roselia level 37
Meditite level 35
Graveler level 32

Unfortunately today I didn't get my Wii because my father couldn't go to the store to buy it, so I'll either go tomorrow with my mother or wait until Monday so my father can go there and pick it up. Hopefully I'll get Wario Ware and Super Paper Mario with it.

Pokemon Diamond Update

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Actually I haven't done many things since monday when I got Pokémon Diamond, I go to work and when I come back I play Diamond until I get sleepy. And during the morining I just play it a little more. Three days into the game I have 14:00 hours of gameplay and I have yet to get the third badge. This huge amount of time is due to my explorer soul and my Pokémon hunting.

I think I have captured around 25 Pokémon and so far my team is:
Prinplup Level 32
Staravia Level 28
Roselia Level 27
Meditite Level 25

I still need to level Meditite up because he's fainting often during battles, his defense status isn't great. I hope this problem is solved by the time he evolves.

Sorry I haven't been able to post much but I guess everybody who got Diamond or Pearl has been busy too. Nintendo pulled off another Masterpiece.

Tell me your Pearl and Diamond Friend Codes

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I got Pokémon Diamond today and I just can't stop playing it. My Pokémon are:

Prinplup level 17
Budew level 13
Staravia level 15

I just beat the first gym leader and I tried to get connected but sadly I didn't have any friend codes registered. Tell me yours so we can battle and trade! Mine is 1418 3252 7228, Name: Correia.

By the way, I have some questions for more experienced users. When I will be able to get older Pokémon via GTS? Because so far I just can seek for Pokémon I have already seen and I really wanted a Charmander as he is my favorite Pokémon. When will I get the National Dex?

And some noob questions. What is the Wi-fi club for and the Union?

I had to post this really quick as I want to play some more. Hope to see you guys on Wi-Fi.

Nintendo Wi-Fi

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Yesterday I decided to buy Pokémon Diamond, my sister is getting Pearl. So I went downtown to check some stores hoping that they would have the games. I looked for them for almost an hour and I just heard people say that they would only get copies of the games by Monday becase the release was just a week ago, and that they would just get a few copies so I'll have to be quick if I want to play these games soon.

After that me and a friend of mine decided to go to a mall and check if they had already gotten some copies, unfortunately none of the stores had it. So after I got home I thought it would be nice if I could test my Wifi connector as I hadn't used it in quite a while. So when I was searching for the install CD I discovered that my mother had thrown it away! I got really desperate but I was soon relieved when I discovered Nintendo had the install softwares on their web site.

I downloaded the latest version and tried to install the program, but I keep getting a stupid Internet Connection Sharing Error, I have tried almost everything but I can't solve this problem. That's quite disappointing as I was thrilled to trade and batle Pokémon via Wi-Fi. Does anybody know any solution? I'll keep on trying and I hope to see you guys on Nintendo Wi-Fi.

Discussing Mario Party 8

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Mario Party has always been one of my favorite series, since the release of Mario Party 1 I buy all of them, the only version I'm missing is the 5th one but I plan to get it soon. Many people complain that the series has gotten dull because the game doesn't present major gameplay changes since Mario Party 2 that introduced Items, Battle-Games, Item-Games and Duel-Games.

After Mario Party 2 all the installments have presented the same formula with only some minor graphical improvements, new boards and new Mini-Games, I actually don't care much as I still have lots of fun playing Mario Party when my friends drop by. Yet the games have been increasingly chastised by many gamers, just by checking the reviews you can easily notice what people think of the game's lack of change.

Mario Party 8 seems to be arriving in order to make people think differently about this series. The first and more obvious thought is how amazing will it be to control Mario and his friends using the Wiimote on outstanding mini-games. The graphics have gone through great improvements and by looking some of the images of the game I can already tell that board design has also been renewed with boards that take place even inside a train. I'll just miss online play, but I guess they will add it to one of the next games.

With so many changes Mario Party 8 not only will bring new life to the franchise but new fans too, and some of the people disappointed with what the series has became may give it a try. As for me I have very little doubts that this game is going to be the best Mario Party ever, and I'll be eagerly waiting for Mario Party 9.


Remembering Star Fox 64

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Yesterday a friend of mine dropped by to play some games, and as he was about to leave he asked me to play Star Fox Assault because he had never played it.

While playing through the first level he was quite impressed by the scenarios and the amount of ships that would pop up on the screen just to get smoked by him. Things were great until he got to the second level when he had to go for a walk using Fox. Then joy turned into disappointment.

He started to ask me if all the missions were like that and where were all the amazing dogfights. I told him that almost half of the missions took place inside the Airwing but on some of them you had to walk. I wasn't surprised when he decided not to play it for any longer.

Suddenly a conversation about Star Fox 64 began. We started to recall all those wonderful moments when we tried to find a way to get to a different level. I still remember the day my friend discovered how to enter the waterfall in Corneria, he quickly called me to go to his place and check it out. Afterwards we started to trailblaze new paths and each time somebody found a new path we would let the other one know, until we had all the game figured out.

I also remember the amazing bosses that made us all struggle for days until we killed them. You can call me nostalgic but most of the newer games do not manage to make us feel the same way.

I wish Nintendo went back to the old Star Fox instead of trying to recreate a series that doesn't need any of that.

Wind Waker Heart Piece Problem

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Well this weekend I decided to go back to Wind Waker and get everything I was missing, after playing it for a couple of hours and getting a bundle of Heart Pieces I noticed something strange. I was one heart pice shy of 20 hearts, so I started to wonder which piece I had left behind.

After a few minutes thinking I decided to check on GameFAQs, I read the whole list and to me it seems that I have already gotten all pieces listed there. But there is something funny, I don't remember getting the piece you get once you kill the Octopus near Tingle Island, so I went there but I couldn't find the lighting spot where the treasure was supposed to be.

Now I don't know whether I got it or it just vanished. Do you know about any glitch on the game that would make this happen? I can't believe after so many hours playing it I'll finish the game missing a single item!

NBA Playoffs Prediction - West

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Golden State Warriors vs. Dallas Mavericks 

Don Nelson has got the Mavs figured out, he knows them better than any other coach in the league, his team has defeated the Mavs three times this season and he knows how to stop Dirk, yet his team won't beat the Mavs. Dallas had one of the most outstanding seasons of all time, they have got a great bench and Dirk is playing better than ever. Golden State will win one game or another, but they will face a really strong team. 

Pick to Win: Dallas in five 

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Phoenix Suns 

Two of the league's most offensive teams, this series will be great to watch. The Phoenix Suns once again got to the playoffs by playing beautiful fastbreak basketball. Steve Nash is getting old, but it doesn't seem to affect him at all. The Lakers almost nailed down this series last year, but they are a weaker team now. Los Angeles will need many 50-point games from Bryant to beat Phoenix, he will make it sometimes but not enough to defeat the hot Suns. 

Pick to Win: Phoenix in Six 

Denver Nuggets vs. San Antonio Spurs 

The Nuggets are a different team since the All-Star break and they finished the season by beating some tough teams. Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson are finally together, but it will take more to go through the Spurs which have a Tim Duncan, Manu and Tony Parker that are already used to winning big series and titles. However, if the Nuggets defeat the Spurs they will have a shot at the championship. Duncan vs. Camby is a great matchup to look forward to. 

Pick to Win: San Antonio in Six 

Utah Jazz vs. Houston Rockets 

Utah started the season in a good shape, winning many games, showing great defense and a balanced offense, but a late slump made them lose homecourt advantage. Now beating Houston seems impossible, yet it is likely to happen. I'm sure McGrady will play great basketball, since this is the first time one of his teams has a shot at the second-round, but I still see Utah as a better team, especially if Kirilenko steps up. 

Pick to Win: Utah in seven