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3rd - Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Donkey Kong Country 2 is the game that marked the highest level of one of the most amazing series that the world has ever played.

Donkey Kong Country games were graphically revolutionary, because of its side-scrolling 3-D style and its beautiful scenarios. The game also presents the best soundtrack ever, all songs are so nice and addicting from the opening theme to the credits.

Sequels usually fail in surpassing their predecessors but Rare knew what to do with this game. The whole DK magic is here but now you have many more Bonus hidden in all stages, many more secrets and a huge challenge to conquer.

Just Perfect.

4th - Super Mario World

Mario made his debut on the SNES with a game that couldn't be better.

Super Mario World is a game that has more riddles than most of the games that have been released up to now. With a huge overworld filled with different stages and secret exits, this game will require a lot of efforts to be completely finished. You will come across many challenges, fight many bosses and have lots of fun on your way to Bowser's Valley.

Super Mario World is game that is still regularly played by many gamers and will never be forgotten.

5th - Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

When I thought Mario's RPGs had already gone as far as possible, Nintendo came up with the idea of pairing up the Mario Brothers and putting them in their craziest adventure up-to-date.

The game has a storyline that manages to be funny and interesting at the same time. The battle system is just thrilling, as most enemies have more than 3 attacks and is up to you to dodge or counter them besides, when attacking, you will need to be really skilled in order to perform your moves, because most attacks, specially the ones that use both Mario and Luigi at the same time, require a perfect timing when pressing the buttons. You can  also upgrade many of your character's characteristics after you go up a level, such as speed, attack, defense and HP.

Mario & Luigi is a game that has all charming of the Mario universe and is a deep RPG. 

6th - Super Mario Bros. 3

This is the game that made me a Nintendo fan. I was really young when I played it for the first time on my NES, although I couldn't understand much, I just loved to jump around the levels and stomps bad guys.

Mario Bros 3 is a game that has amazing graphics and awesome songs, for the 1980's of course, but a gameplay that is so solid that even almost 20 years after its release people still love to play it and go through all those colorful challenging levels.

A real proof that graphics are not necessary for a game to be unforgettable.

7th - Paper Mario

A little while after the release of Super Mario RPG, Square left Nintendo and many fans thought Mario would never appear on a RPG game again. This changed when in 2001 Paper Mario was launched.

The main charm of the game is its Paper style that will make you remember those days when you couldn't stop playing Mario Bros. Besides, the game also keeps all features that made its predecessor a huge classic, such as the nice battle system, beautiful scenarios, many strategies to be used and, of course, all those marvelous characters that inhabit the Mushroom Kingdom.

You can also learn several special moves by using over 50 badges that can be found in the game. With that many options, added to many hours of gameplay and one of the highest levels of challenge you will find in any game, Paper Mario is definitely a classic.

8th- Metroid Prime

Metroid Prime is perhaps the best transition any game has ever made for the 2-D side-scrolling style to a huge 3-D environment.

Although the game and its world are pretty different from the ones featured in its prior versions, all the Metroid series feeling is still here.

With overwhelming graphics, large areas to be explored, many items to be found and many pieces of information to be discovered, Metroid Prime is an interesting game that is a classic in every single aspect.

9th - The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask

A game that is still criticized by many people and loved by many others, is in fact one of the most astonishing games ever.

Two years after the massive success Ocarina Of Time had, Nintendo decided to release a sequel, while many gamers were expecting a game that would follow into its predecessor's footsteps, Nintendo came up with something completely different.

With a creepy storyline and a new world to be explored, Majora's Mask is indeed an awesome game, although it is a lot shorter than its prior version, the game has lots of interesting sidequests, 24 different masks to be used, 4 temples in which you will need to use your Deku, Goron and Zora masks and it also features the most beautiful graphics that players had seen up to that year. 

10th - Banjo-Kazooie

With stunning graphics, nice songs and an unusual storyline, Banjo-Kazooie quickly became my favorite game when I was 8-years-old.

It is just amazing to explore all 10 worlds, learn all the moves, find all jiggies, musical notes, honeycombs and Jinjos. A long challenging game filled with funny characters and worlds with the most different scenarios, from a ship to a haunted mansion, Banjo-Kazooie has got everything it takes to be considered not only a N64 classic but also a game that even 8 years after its release is still remembered in every single conversation about platformers.

Congratulations Rareware for making such a nice game.

My Top 10 Games of All Time

As Nintendo Wii's release approaches I decided to make my own countdown.

I will post, from today to November 19th my favorite games of all time up to the Gamecube.

Come back later.

Buying a NES this month

November has finally arrived, the real battle of this generation will start in around 18 days when both PS3 and Wii will be launched.

While many people are going to buy the latest systems, I'm going to do something different.

My NES stopped working about 8 years ago, since then I've only played NES' games in my computer. That is about to change because I got a great deal on a NES. I don't even know how many games will be included, I just know I'm going to buy it.

I'm quite happy because my Nintendo collection will be completed once again, also because I will have a great time playing all those awesomely fun games as Mario Bros, Ballon Fight, Kid Icarus and Metroid.

Sorry, I haven't been on lately, I have been studying a lot for my SAT exams, but fortunately my vacation will start soon so I'll be able to rest, play games and be active.