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I got a PSP today!

An early birthday present for my B-day on Monday. I surely wasn't expecting this, i was surprised to say the least. It has impressed me so far, with it's capability and power. And i haven't even turned it on........after all it's still charging. Spider man 2 and a sample disc came with it.....and i think i might pick up a game tomorrow at Best Buy. Probably Lumines or Wipeout Pure.

I might be posting in my journal and the forums less often so if im less active or absent for awhile.....don't worry. :)

It's officially Spring! What games are on the top of your list this season?

It may not feel totally like Spring where you live but it is already here. I know it feels like it here in the Southwest (in the 70's) but i know we are just a step or two away from the century mark of 100. Spring break was nice, i watched some great March Madness games and also watched my bracket bust. Although i still have Illinois for my winner, but no other final four teams. Last year i actually had the opposite, three final four teams in with the one out as my winner. Let's just see if my 1 seed holds up.

I went to a couple of Spring Training games during break and finally got past this Ultra hard boss in Xenosaga 1 to put me into the latter stages of the game. The game for Spring Im most looking forward to is God of War. This game is looking amazing and i think has already scored a 9.8 by IGN. It looks like a great mix of storytelling and action with amazing visuals. Another game is Tekken 5 even though it has been already out for about a month. It looks as if they have made the best fighting series better. And no pun intended on the looks part if you know what i mean. Those graphics are ridiculous.

I'm back!....but I never left

I have been almost completely absent from the boards since December now. But i have been checking up on Gamespot weekly for updates and game guides. I don't think i missed much in the forums, but they do look a lot different. And whats up with this whole Union thing? Maybe someone can fill me in.

I have recovered from heartbreak after the Eagles championship loss and have focused my attention to basketball with the Suns and Sixers. I pretty much watch parts of every game the Suns play since they are on TV all the time here. What a season they are having.

I did attend a spring training game down the street (Angels vs Rangers) during my spring break which is now. Im loving the 70 degree weather and cactus league games out here! Don't mean to rub it in Northeasterners.

So my journal resumes after a long break. Feel free to talk about what's going on in the community or outside. I will try to respond to some friends journals and post here at least once a week maybe. I'll try to check out a few boards, give myself an updated avatar (the eagle has landed and left), and possibly revamp my sig. First i must address a question to a much needed answer in Xenosaga 1, which i have been playing for a few weeks.

The "Big Ticket" comes to town

Im headed out to America West Arena tonight to see the hot Suns take on KG and the T'Wolves. Which coincidentally was the last team i saw the suns play two years ago. I hear they are pretty good seats too....i mean they were given to my dad from his who knows. Wait.....breaking news........i just got a call from my dad who said the phillies have aquired Kenny Lofton and cash for F-Rod. Okay...not bad...i knew the phillies were going to try and address their center field position sometime. Lofton is 37 so hopefully he still has some gas left in the tank. I liked Felix though....oh well ill get over it.

In GTA i've now made it into San Fierro after burning that psychedelic guys weed, and beating Vercetti in the race. Funny how him and Catalina were going to Liberty City....hmmmm. I will most likely finish the campaign for COD i could possibly get the expansion pack at Christmas. I just downloaded the Doom 3 demo off of DLX....and i will see how it runs on my computer. I should play it tonight with all the lights off in the house! :|.....So im kind of making the transition right now to some important PC gaming oppurtunities....since i have spent most of the time playing on the ps2 after we got our new PC last Christmas. It's still up to date though so Half-Life 2 and Doom 3 should run smoothly.

Up to NY and the rising Suns

The Eagles head up to New York this weekend to play their divisional foes...the Giants. Eli Manning will get the start in place of Kurt Warner. This will actually be the second time the Eagles D will get a look at Eli, since he got some time in week 1 to meet the Eagles D. Yeah...Hugh Douglas sure met him....if you know what i mean....or was that Derrick Burgess who delivered that blow? Anyway....the Eagles will still have to stop Tiki Barber who can always cause problems. A win clinches the NFC East for the Eagles and thier fifth straight playoff birth. Oh...and one more TD by T.O. clinches a wearing of tights by Andy Reid.

Meanwhile in the NBA the Sixers are in first place in the Atlantic division with a 6-6 record and the Suns are in first in the Pacific with a 11-2 record. (Sounds kind oif lobsided). The East and West are still far apart. But being able to watch the Suns lately has really impressed me. Steve Nash leads the league in Assists and is making this uptempo team go. While Stoudemire is dominating with a league leading 30 some points a game, and Shawn Marion is third in Rebonds per game.....only trailing Garnett and Duncan. Holy Cow! They are sure fun to watch too!

I just returned from N. AZ for Thanksgiving with the relatives, some fishing, hiking, sleeping, eating,sleeping, eating holiday with some football throw in to get me psyched about the upcoming Eagles game....which is on TV here!....hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too. Thanks for reading gamespotters!

Flying high!

Im still on a high after the Eagles big win on Monday night, and it looks like i will have to venture out to a bar to see this Sundays Skins game. And the AZ Republic makes me think they're showing the Eagles game once again, but drops them for the Falcons or someone. That McNabb scramble on Mon. reminded me of a couple amazing Cunningham evasions. The famous back in the endzone...Bills....Fred Barnett 96 yard TD.....and the one against the NY Giants when Cunning ham was up and delivered a TD strike. Ill save some other top Eagles plays for another journal.

ASU vs Wazoooo!

Looks like i will be heading over to Sun Devil Stadium tomarrow. Yes that concrete like bowl that no one ventures to. An ASU game is actually likely to draw more crowd than the Cardinals. But nonetheless....i haven't seen an ASU football game in a long time. They take on the (4-5) Wash. St. Cougars, Arizona St. stands at 3rd in the PAC 10 at (7-2). The weather forcast for the game is actually calling for showers, so it might be a drizzly day in the desert!

As for Gaming....i look to finish Katamari Damacy tonight by playing Make the Moon. And also finish MGS 2, since im on the final boss fight with Solidus. Arrgh! That storyline is damn near confusing at the end...but oh certainly looks good.


Mid-week madness

It's Wednesday or midweek...but i guess it feels more like later in the week with Veterans day tomarrow. Maybe i just wish it was the end of the week....sigh. Any way i have been playing MGS 2 this week and have almost beaten the game! Iam in Metal Gear Arsenal's stomach with a naked Raiden, and a lot of storyline suprises. I guess its good that im finishing up mgs, since Snake Eater is coming out in a wekk or so....although it will probably be a while till i buy it. Greg Kasavin's Video impressions were quite impressive.

The Halo 2 madness has been abundant this week, my friend even took off Tues. to play the game all day. And the hype has bee off the charts.....i could even say that it has been larger than GTA: San Andreas. Im not too suprised at that though because Halo 2 is like a cult phenomenom to Xbox fans...something that is kind of hard to describe if you are only a ps2 owner. I think sometime soon i will have to stop over my friends and have an Xbox live Halo get together. But im still more excited about getting the ps2 exclusive GTA in a couple weeks.

The Suns have started off 4-0 for the first time in a long time....and who says you need a big man! :). Their run and gun play with Amare dominating has proven to be efficient so far. The Sixers on the other hand aren't looking so hot. A.I has got to rally the troops. I think the sixers can no doubt take a playoff spot in the weak East.

To find what is Lost......

Ok so i lost track of time and missed the doubleheader of Lost tonight, so ill see one on Wed.. and just read the synopsis of the previous one. Its not like they all were ambushed at night by giant beasts in the jungle and then tossed into the Ocean. who knows. But i do know that some relationships/egos are conflicting among the group. And this could spell trouble.

Anyway...i finished my applications for Toys R' Us and Best Buy. Im only focusing on those for now because they are both seasonal apllications....therefore i may be released after the holidays. Plus either one of these should come with a discount for games!!

I dont normally trade in games, but I traded in Burnout 3 yesterday for 25$. This happened to my other racing game before...NFS2: HP.....maybe the genre is just boring after a while. I still think if i do manage to buy another racing will no doubt be GTA4.

Spooky Ravens.....

The Ravens tried to scare the Philadelphia Eagles on Halloween......but their frights were simply not enough. The Eagles defense bent but did not break, and stopped the Ravens weak offense while doing a good job containing the run. Both teams were without their stating backs and that left Kyle Boller to struggle to get anything going against the Eagles secondary. David Akers kicked some clutch field goals, and T.O. caught and ran 5 yards for the only Eagles TD. (Ray Lewis dance) 15 - 10 Final. First time in franchise history....that the Eagles are undefeated at 7-0. And now they are the only team left in the league yet to lose.

Next Week: Pittsburgh, who beat NE this week. Should be a great matchup of the PA teams at Hienz field.

I started playing MGS 2 again this weekend.....which i have not played for a couple months now. I just beat Fatman, and now have to contact an Agent Ames in Shell 1.....where the President is being held. The story is getting deeper and more interesting on the plant, as Raiden infiltrates the terrorist hold.

I missed this weeks episode of Lost, and hopefully they will show a rerun of it soon. If not i will have to get caught up on the synopsis of it befor the new one airs.

Well im off to finish some Hw.....