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An update on life

I haven't posted here in forever, but I might as well in the mere chance of someone reading this.

Basically, I've been busy with school and work currently. I'm going to be in my junior year of school at the University of Minnesota in the Aerospace Engineering program. It's hard work but fun I guess. I work part-time as a computer tech even though I'm barely working these days.

I'm still a mod at GameFAQs. It's going fine still. I think that's all I need to say about that.

I cleared out my favorite boards and resigned from all remaining unions. I don't post on these forums, and I see nothing of note happened with the unions. That's disappointing, but it was poorly implemented. I only visit this site now for gaming news, videos, and reviews. I didn't renew my membership and I'm glad I didn't. Back when it was GameSpot Complete, there were a lot of nice perks with the membership. Now there's really nothing that interests me, and they can't send e-mails to me as it is because of something I can't talk about.

I've still been gaming and you can check my PSN and XBL profiles at Philz20 for games I've played. Don't send me friend requests though--I won't accept them. Currently I'm almost complete with Saints Row 2, then I'll be moving on to playing more of Super Mario Galaxy 2. I haven't been playing games much since I'm halfway through summer class, but I imagine I'll be catching up in August. My current queue looks like this:

Currently Playing: Saints Row 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2

Games awaiting: GTA IV: Episodes From Liberty City, Resistance 2, DLC packs for Assassin's Creed II

Upcoming purchases: Halo: Reach, SOCOM 4, Fallout: New Vegas, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

I have left most GS unions

I've finally done what I should have done months ago--leave the unions I belong to. I don't post on GS anymore, and the union system failed long, long ago. I still belong to the unions that I am an officer at which are the ones I still care about. It may just be a matter of time before I leave those as well. Where can you find me? I've still been posting at GameFAQs for over five years, and I won't be leaving there. I post around Message Board Help, Current Events, and the COD4 board. I post at other boards too, but you might find those to be a challenge to find.

My thoughts on Jeff's departure.

GameSpot has officially sold out to the most important people--the people that visit the site. They no longer have our trust, and I doubt they will get it back unless there's a clean sweep in management, and it'll last as long as this cover-up resumes. I am angered that the best reviewer on this site and the one I most trusted has been let go because of some BS management decision. The PR statement is full of BS that absolutely no one believes, so they will go downhill. This "scandal" won't go away as long as CNET comes clean, but other review sites must stay weary about having a similar situation happen to them. The PR people tried damage control and failed--you suck. I officially pity the GameSpot reviewers for probably *****ing their pants walking into work because the same could happen to them.

I would like to thank Jeff for the years of work that he put in to make this site great. I wish him nothing but the best in the future, and I will look forward to him popping up on another site in the near future.

Summer 2007: Gaming Update Part 2

Hello again, this is part 2 and the final part of the Summer 2007 gaming update. I've kept myself busy with work and games, and now that school is almost a week away, I will conclude this summer's series leaving off from the last post.

Completed Games

- I completed the Elevated Risk difficulty of GRAW 2 which was pretty fun. Too short though but fun while it lasted.

Games in Progress

- I am 50 hours into FFXII doing a bunch of hunts and that stuff. I'm at the Phon Coast for the first time and having that Zodiac Spear makes the game easier, manageable, and more fun. I've completed a bunch of hunts as well, my characters are 38-40, so that's going along great.

- I am at the seventh tier of hard in GHII with The Trooper and Rock This Town completed. It's hard--I got 90% on Madhouse before I failed it.

Games on Hold

- Forza Motorsport 2 has been put on hold since I'm at that area where the races become extremely long and boring. I'm way too bored with that game right now to play it again anytime soon.

- Burnout Revenge hasn't been touched for awhile, and it probably won't be.

Upcoming Games

- Halo 3 Collector's Edition is still reserved of course.

- GTA IV for the PS3 is reserved even though I'm pissed about the delay.

- GHIII is reserved for the 360. I'm looking forward to that game a lot.

- COD4 will probably be a Christmas present. I'm hoping to get into the beta.

- SOCOM: Confrontation seems like it'll be out this year. I'm not reserving it yet since the demand isn't there, but I will get it the first day it's out.

- I might not ask for AC6 this holiday season since there are a lot of rumors that the 360 version is just a timed exclusive and will come to the PS3. I'm holding off right now.

- I'll ask for Assassin's Creed for the PS3 since that game looks amazing and fun to play.

Other Stuff

I bought the HDTV finally. I got an Insignia 22" LCD HDTV for $395 and it is so great. I got an HDMI cable for the digital HDTV DVR box and PS3 while I'm using the 360's component cable to hook that up. The games look so much better in HD... I was missing a lot of detail on my old TV.

Well, that's all for the summer. I might make a post if I get selected for the COD4 beta, but who knows. A lot of people have already started school, and I'm definitely looking forward to my senior year. I'm pumped to the max for the first football game on Thursday night. Real senior fun. Goodnight.

Summer 2007: Gaming Update Part 1

Hello my friends, it has been awhile since I've made a blog post here. I have a few gaming-related areas to talk about since a few things have changed since I last posted. Without further ado, let the posting begin!

Completed Games

I haven't completed many games so far this summer but a few have been significant. I beat Gears of War on insane which was... insane. I thought it was easy until General RAAM where I beat him by using the box glitch. Torque bow and shotgun ftw indeed. I also beat KH2 with most of the journal complete. I beat Sephiroth which was a lot easier than the first game. I was at level 97 when I beat him so that could explain a lot. I actually thought the last form of Xemnas was the hardest in the entire game, but I beat him without losing.

Games to Still Complete

- Forza Motorsport 2 is super long. I have a long ways to go to beat it which probably won't happen until late August or maybe put off.
- Guitar Hero II is still a priority of mine to beat hard mode since I want to be good at the five-button tracks. I'm finding it hard of course, but I'm on the third tier. It might happen soon.
- FFXII might be played this summer, but I am reluctant to since I don't have time to invest a lot into it. I didn't beat FFX for two years after I bought it which means I could very well beat FFXII in 2009. Ouch.

I have to make a break here since I left out a big detail--I got a PS3. I got a great deal where I got a PS3, a SIXAXIS controller, five Blu-ray movies, and a memory card adapter for $495. It was way too good of a deal to pass up plus when the Emotion Engine is still here. I completed KH2 on it and played SOCOM on it as well. The wi-fi is way cool but I miss the rumble a lot.

Upcoming Games

- Halo 3 Collector's Edition is preordered and I'll get it on the 25th for sure. Not at midnight though lol. The online will be so fun since my entire friends list will probably have the game. Fun fun.
- GTA IV for the PS3 was just preordered on Wednesday. I'm very excited for it. I decided to pass up on the 360 version and the exclusive content since Blu-ray is way cool and I'm used to playing GTA for the Playstation.
- GHIII for the 360. I haven't preordered it yet but I will on Sunday or Monday.
- Ace Combat 6. I tried the demo and the 360 controls feel great. No complaints at all!

There will be more games soon but I'm not sure how many more I'll get. I'm going to buy an HDTV soon though which will be very fun! That's all for now--part 2 should come near the end of the summer. Good night from Two Harbors, MN!

Okay, I lied.

I've decided to put off Final Fantasy XII since I'm a few levels behind and I do not want to take the time to level up. I'm playing Kingdom Hearts II instead and have made significant progress for completing the synthesis notes. Only 10 more complete lists to go!

Gaming update - 2/19/07

Well hello! I haven't made a gaming update for a few months, so I think it's time for an update.

SOCOM: Combined Assault was finished during Thanksgiving. The single player was fun, but I thought it was too hard on Admiral difficulty. The medpack system was lame and the SEAL AI sucked. Online was okay, but I'm not planning to play it anytime soon.

Christmas Presents

Call of Duty 3 was the first game I completed over Winter Break. The game was amazingly fun and I've unlocked most of the achievements. I'm not planning to play it anytime soon but I will if I get bored.

Gears of War was amazing too. I beat it on hardcore during Winter Break and am currently at the end of Act 3 on insane. I'm not sure when I'll return to it but it'll happen regardless.

Birthday Presents

Rainbow Six: Vegas was completed a few weeks ago. I thought the game was amazing and both the single player and online portions were great. I'm planning to spend more time with the online portion at a later date.

Final Fantasy XII: See below.

Currently Working On

Final Fantasy XII is my current project. I'm 25 hours in the game and at the Ozmone Plains. That means I'm not far at all. My characters are level 20-21 and I'm having a lot of fun with it. I'm unsure how soon I'll get done with it since I'm getting my old job back.

Future Purchases

* I am planning to pick up GRAW 2 next month. The first one was great and there's no doubt in my mind that this one will be too.

*My dad and I will buy Guitar Hero II for the 360 in April. We are very interested in it.

*I have decided to buy the PS3 when Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, or Grand Theft Auto IV comes out. Metal Gear Solid 4 looks great, but the three above are what I call the "decisive purchases."

*Splinter Cell 5 and Burnout 5 will most likely come out later this year, so I will pick it up for the 360.

*Halo 3 duh.

*I will buy a Wii whenever it happens. I'm in no rush and the demand in my house is not strong enough for me to spend $250 to get it. If I am to get it, my sister has agreed to pay for some of it.

Postponed Projects

*Kingdom Hearts II was put on the postponed list last October when I picked up Splinter Cell and SOCOM. I have decided not to work on it until Spring Break or Summer at the earliest.

*Burnout Revenge will be completed whenever I feel like completing it. It's one of those games where I don't feel like I'll be rushed towards finishing it. It may become a problem if it's not complete by the time Burnout 5 comes.

*Gears of War is in the same boat as Burnout Revenge. I only have 2 and 1/6 acts to complete on insane so it'll most likely not become a problem.

*Final Fantasy VII and VIII will only be worked on if the above projects are complete. I doubt it'll happen and they will most likely be returned to their owner soon. I've lost the will to continue either of those because they just don't impact me that much. Call me whatever you wish, but I was never interested in FF when I was a kid nor did I even own a Playstation. FFX was my first FF game that I ever played and owned. Seriously. I appreciate what they've done for video gaming, but I'm seriously not interested in them unless total remakes for the PS3 happen. Sad but true.

Next update should happen whenever so stay tuned!