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I got a Moc Page Account

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Hey! Well, as the title states, I made an account for Mocpages.My username is Phazonix. So go on, check it out!

Syphon Filter Logan's shadow 'tournament'

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Hey! just wanted to let u guys know that on............hmm...........maybe tuesday around 3:30 I will be hosting a Logans shadow 'tournament' in which anyone who wants to join, PM me, and there will only be 7 spots availible, so do it fast! from there, i will give you the password and also, in the private messege, state your username.

Created a union

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hey guys! just finished creating meh union and to teh people thatgot teh invites, I hope u join. Peace!

I (Finally) Picked up Metal Slug Anthology!

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I never thought it would happen. I finally found a copy of metal slug anthology (PSP) At My friends Gamestop, and i had to trade in a couple games (Simpsons game, RBSV) And it was worth it. Though it might get repetitive, it is very fun, Review coming soon. TTYL!

Mistika have arrived!

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for the Bionicle fans out there, i recently went to wal-mart, and, sitting on the shelf, were the Mistika, along with the new ships, and the limited edition Mazeka! when I saw these, i was jumping up and down, banging my wrists together, like a madman, saying: "*breathes deeply* THE MISTIKA HAVE ARRIVED!"

And after a hard time of deciding, (I have a problem with this, i can never seem to make up my mind) I picked up gorast. But then, as we were walking through the store, I decided i wanted bitil. So I got him. and he's............... Alright, i mean, he's just kinda missing something for me (needs more LASERS!lol jk) Look for a review here soon (with PICTURES!)

-Phazonix (The Freak Among Us)

new Metroid game?

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I assume most of you have played a metroid game at least once in your life. If you have, you probably must remember how it was nearly impossible to get 100% just to unlock an ending. Well, if you Played MP3:C (Metroid Prime 3 Corruption), And got 100%, you saw Samus's ship take off and a strangely familiar ship follow it. For those wondering, That ship is (allegedly) the Delano 7Aka, The ship owed by Sylux from MPH (Metroid Prime Hunters) Could this mean that Samus may have one more adventure in store, pitting her against Sylux (And Quite possibly, all of the other bounty hunters?) Boy, I sure hope so!

quite a familliar ship hmm.......

Quite A familiar Ship.

EDIT: sorry I couldn't find A pic of the Delano 7 From Hunters THANX FOR READING!

hoppin around gamespot!

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YO GUYS! Im now a level 3, so look for me on the comments, or check out some of my reviews posted daily! C YA!

My Reveiw : Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow

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Yo guys! I'm here to give you MY scoop on some new (but probaply old) games. I will probably be releasing these either on a weekly basis, or a monthly basis. I pretty much give my summary of video games, and give my pro's and cons, and rate it. so, without further aido, My reveiws.




GAMESPOT SCORE: 8.4 or 8.5, I forgot:roll:

Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow is the newest addition in sony's long running SYPHON FILTER series. It follows a secret agent named Gabe Logan as he settles an old score with a rival from Dark Mirror: Bitar. Bitar is after a secret device that is being held on the U.S.S. Mt. Saint Helens' hold five. And, as usual, gave is led on a cat and mice chase as he trie to find his rival, his main partner Lian Xing, and stop Bitar from destroying the cities of Los Angeles and New York. The story isn't great, but it was good enough for me to watch all of the cutscenes. it has a well written ending (Wish I could say more, but if I do, I might spoil it!).

The control Scheme for Logan's Shadow, or the first one, (The only one i used) is pretty well set. the triangle, square, circle, and x buttons move th camera in their respective position's (Triangle moves it up, square moves it left....etc) The Left shouder button zoom's in on your victim a little, but if you have a sniper you can zoom in twice as much. The Right shoulder button fires your firearm, throws a grenade, and is your MELEE attack button. The analog nub moves Gabe around, and the D-Pad is used to perform certain actions like open a door, grab a crane, or enter a keypad number. I haven't tried the other control schemes because this one worked out so well for me, but if this one doesn't work for you, you can use the game's other two control schemes to suit your moods.

The action in logan's Shadow is a blast. Gabe now has some new abilities, like he can grapple a human and use them as a shield, and he can blind fire to keep enemies at bay. This is a great way to reload while not losing health, or precious body armor.

Where Logan's Shadow really shines is in it's multiplayer. It allows for 8-player Infrastructure and Ad Hoc. It features over 5 different multiplayer modes, and if you have a headset, voice chat. If you want you can create a team, or cell, and have an ultimate team in battle.

OVERALL, Logan's Shadow is an AMAZING game for fans of the series. Even if your not a fan of the series it is still is a great game!


Story: 7

Controls: 10 (NOTE: This is with the preset controls.)

Multiplayer: 10 Can't get any better.

Overall rating :9.7 AN AWESOME, AWESOME GAME!