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Halo Reach Shirt!

I havn't posted anything on my blog in such a long time, probably a year. I hope i still have some friends on here to show off my shirt. lol

cheapest thing ive seen in a game

i was playing in the force unleashed on the level raxus prime second time in the game and i was on the rail gun part and i was looking out toward where u can garbage floating in the air and downed star destroyers and rebel escorts and i noticed a split , i looked around the whole level and noticed it had a repeating picture of the same thing, how cheap is that?? plus its pretty noticable if ur not to caught up in the game

Merry X-mas and Happy New Years

i just wanted to wish all my friends a happy merry x-mas and happy new years, hope u guys get the games u wanted and be ready for 09 which WILL be the best year in gaming have a good one guys
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