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My Top 10 Games of This Generation Day #5 (#2)

#2. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


When I watched Sony's E3 2009 conference, I had no intention of buying a PS3 in the near-future, I was perfectly fine with my Wii. However, when I watched this game on the screen I knew that I would have to buy a PS3 before the year ended. Uncharted 2 is probably the most cinematic game to date, with buildings crumbling, car chases in the snow where you jump from one car to another, and a level where you move up a moving train taking out enemies and ending with a battle with a helicopter. Some may say the rising levels of cinematics in videogames is a bad thing, but Uncharted 2 is one of the most entertaining games I've ever played.

My Top Ten Games of This Generation Day 4 (#4-3)

#4. Bioshock Infinite


The most recent of all my top 10 games, Bioshock Infinite was something that truly surprised me. Of course it was going to be a good game, but from the moment I layed eyes on Columbia I knew I was in for something special. From the vigors and skylines, Infinite feels like a breath of fresh air in terms of shooter gameplay, but the game is so much more than the gameplay. The story and the characters feel fully fleshed out and the ending is one of the best I've seen in video games.

#3. The Elder Scrolls Skyrim


This was actually my first Elder Scrolls game, and I feel ashamed that I missed out on the other Elder Scrolls games. The world is massive with tons of sidequests to discover, the main story was entertaining, and there was a seemingly endless amount of content in the game. Some people complain about the combat for being boring but i found it quite enjoyable, especially the archery and spell casting. Overall I can't wait to see what Bethesda does for the next Elder Scrolls.

My Top 10 Games of this Generation (Day 3 #6-#5)

#6. Zelda Skyward Sword


Zelda is probably my favorite franchise of all time, and I couldn't have been more excited when I found out that the next Zelda game would be using Wii Motion Plus for 1:1 Swordplay. For the most part the motion-controls work great, the combat is fun, there's some creative puzzle solving, and the items make good use of the motion controls. And while the game itself was very linear for a Zelda game, there's still plenty of secrets to find, and the story is the best one in the franchise.

#5. Super Mario Galaxy 2


Super Mario Galaxy was the first game that sold me on getting a Wii. Seeing it at E3 2006 I remember being wowed on several occassions. When I finally got my hands on it, I was sure that no other Mario game could ever best it...until the sequel came out. Galaxy 2 took everything great about the first game, and expanded upon it with new features like Yoshi, new powers for Mario, and tons of new mission types. It also has the most content of any Mario game, with 242 stars to collect.

My Top 10 Games of this Generation (Day 2 #8-#7)

#8. Assassins Creed 2


What's this?! Assassins Creed 2 is only ranked number 8? Isn't PhazonBlazer some sort of Assassins Creed fanboy? Assassins Creed 2 began my love for Assassins Creed (it was the first one I played), and I still think it's position as best Assassins Creed will never be lost even with all the new Assassins Creeds coming out every year. It's thrilling to leap from rooftop to rooftop, the mission design is excellent, and it features some of the best music this gen.

#7. Batman Arkham City


When I bought my PS3 it came with a copy of Batman Arkham Asylum, and I was thoroughly impressed. I had high hopes for the sequel and it smashed my expectations with a world packed with secrets, a story that put Batman through some of his darkest moments, and it expanded and perfected the combat from Asylum. Add in all the challenge rooms to beat and you've got one awesome game.

My Top 10 Games of This Generation (Day 1, #10-9)

With this generation drawing to a close I thought I would give a list of my Top 10 games of this generation. Note that the game must be released already so no GTAV, The Last of Us, or any other games that might come out from this date on.

So let's beging

#10. Super Smash Bros Brawl


Super Smash Bros Brawl was probably my most anticipated release of this generation. Melee is probably my second favorite Gamecube game, so I was definitley looking foward to this game. Brawl took all the elements we loved from Melee and packaged it in with TONS of content including a story mode, online multiplayer, and the trophies we all love to collect.

#9. The World Ends With You


I remember when I first saw TWEWY in a Nintendo Power magazine and I was instantly hyped for this game. There was just something about the games style that instantly drew me in, and when I finally got it, it was everything I hoped it would be. The combat was unique and fun (though sometimes too chaotic), and the story and characters kept me interested throughout the game. 

My Top 10 Games of 2011

10. L.A Noire

9. Crysis 2

8. Super Mario 3D Land

7. Pokemon White

6. Infamous 2

5. Mass Effect 2 (PS3)

4. Batman Arkham City

3. Uncharted 3

2. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

1. Skyrim


For Christmas, I got a PS3. I got the Black Friday bundle at Walmart with Infamous and Batman Arkham Asylum. I also got Uncharted 2, Modern Warfare 2, and Little Big Planet. I also bought Resident Evil 5 after Christmas.

My PSN is KingCurtis34. Add me and I'll add you.

For those who do not know King Curtis watch this

The Conduit

I got the Conduit yesterday, it is actually really good.

Pros: Great Online, good soundtrack, good graphics, ALOT of customization, good campaign, and great controls.

Cons: Sometimes laggy online, campaign can sometimes be very difficult, and sometimes laggy in campaign.

So overall its a great game, I giveit a 9/10. If anyone else has it, add my FC.

Wii Code:5955-0345-8073-1513

Conduit Friend Code:0431-6062-7833

Tell me if you add me.

Birthday Blog!!!

portal-cake.jpg Portal Cake image by WildCatZA

Today's my 16th birthday! I got a new phone and I'm going to get the Conduit when it comes out. I also got a Wii Point card and I bought Swords and Soldiers and Starfox 64.