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Sectoid + Resistance 2!

I reached level 7 yesterday. I was going to make this blog yesterday, but I got too caught up playing Resistance 2. :DI even beat Resistance 2. It was a great game, and the last level was a blast. I was a little bit unsatisfied by the ending, but maybe there will be a third game.One can always hope. :D

That's all for now, thanks for reading and commenting. :D

Back from Vacation + School

Imade it back from vacation about... 2 hours ago. The driveseemed like it took forever, but thankfully I brought The Phantom Hourglass to combat the boredom. :D

So it started off with a two day drive (we stayed at a campground for one night) to my grandparents house in Oregon. It was pretty boring for the most part.

When we arrived at my grandparent's house, it was about 9:00 pm, so there wasn't much to do, plus I was tired (something about driving makes me sleepy I guess :lol: ) so I went to bed.

The next day we went rafting down the Rogue River, which was a lot of fun. Especially going over all of the rapids. :D About midway down the river, everybody went swimming in a small pond where there was no current. Unfortunately, the water was freezing.

For the next two days we went river rafting, and had water fights with other boats. :D

Theday after that, we did absolutely nothing, because we were all so tired. :P

Then the day before we left for home, my uncle, cousin, dad and I went fishing in a small stream about a mile away from the highway. I caught one fish, but I let it go. It was a lot of fun, even though a broke a really old fishing pole. >.>

And that is pretty much what happened on my vacation. It isn't all that exciting, but it was very relaxing.

Also, I start school next week. :( I'm starting high school, which should bea lot of fun. :D

So, that's all for now, thanks for reading. :D

Going on Vacation... Again :D

So I'm going on vacation today. This time I'm going to Oregon to visit some of my relatives. So I will see you all in about a week and a half. :D

Talk to you all when I get back. ;)

Level 5 + Valkyria Chronicles

I made it to level 5 today. That is the fastest I've ever leveled up!

And I downloaded the demo for Valkyria Chronicles on the PS3. I beat it about 5 times, and I still find new ways to beat it! :o Long story short, it was amazing. Now I just have to find a copy somewhere. :P

So, that's all for now. :D