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Not into the whole blogging thing yet...

well, to be honest, I didn't know what a blog was until only a few weeks ago, I'd heard about them but I was never interested much but everybody seems to be very contributive on this website and I thought I may as well have a go. not too much has been happening in my life lately, not since holidays anyway (GOD I FORGOT HOW GOOD THEY WERE!!!) I spent the majority of mine trying to rack up trophies and I somewhat managed to get a few. I won't be playing much unless it's the weekend, and even then I don't expect to get much time during them. Hopefully when I am on I can game with a few of you guys (If I am on but not playing a game, it's probably my dad watching movies, btw, I don't get the notification that somebody has signed in/out or I get a message anymore. Anyone else had this?) Anyway, umm... I'm playing uncharted at the moment after I played it for a few hours at a friends place and was rather impressed, even though I'd already played the demo. 3 chapters away from beating it on normal, shouldn't take long.(don't assume I'm not good, I just don't play much) Hopefully I don't end up dying about 50 times at the same checkpoint when playing through on crushing, I can deal with the getting shot bit, It's just running out to get ammo and then being shot. Hopefully when I do I'll have my second platinum trophy. Not too hard ones, not too easy ones, certainly unlike wyse with his terminator salvation plat. lol Anyway, I'm off to bed before my dad comes up and kills me because I've been up late enough, c ya, Pex P.S. If your wondering why I am being so punctural and putting in capital letters and spelling everything correctly is because I have an english assignment coming up and I will need to be able to type FAST! Why do I need to know english anyway? It's not like I'm going to England