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The second funnest review on gamespot, MASS EFFECT 3 by DerianArdor; 7.0 rating

gotta save this one before it is deleted:

"Oh how I wanted to give this game more. I have been an avid but not devoted follower of the series. You won't see me with 25 runthroughs with everything done from one game to the next.No. I read some books, wikied some things kept up on it. And my goodness i was ready. This was the pinnacle, I just was ready time to get teh game sit down an not sleep. the night i got this game i forced myself to get sleep, then play. and at first I was HAPPY. The emotions hte voice acting the feel that I DID something was superb. The music hit the notes for me, oh wait small glitch, move on. I was Grinning ear to ear these past 2 days. Hit the middle of the game, slowed down a little. ok. nwo by this point im meeting my old friends or finding out who is goen what i did, the game blended my actions wonderfully, and then we come to the end. Take earth back, up to your last moment on...a very important place..(can't spoil after all) its tense and heartthrobbing i am glued to this game! then the ending comes...ending one. huh...feels kinda empty..ok rerun new character blah blah blah. new ending..differant colars...similair cutscenes....ok.... ending 3. slightly differant probably the meant to be ending. and its still very similair..and whats this tahts it?! This is the biggest fall fo the game. The endings. sure there are some plot holes here an there but this game creates such MASSIVE emotional attachments especially for long time fans. its a pity that bioware takes pride in this. I wanted to give it more. I loved this. but i literally cried at teh lack of...more...for the endings,...otherwise teh game has decent gun mechanics fun multiplayer, interesting spots...its all around gonna eat up time fairly well, btu with only 3 real endings and so little of yoru choices making it into feels....hollow. It's gonna take you for a ride. byut that last drop is actually the station time to get off."