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The funniest review on gamespot by darkbow285... SKYRIM

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I came across this...umm review of Skyrim in the xbox section of the game. Here's what the guy wrote, it's hilarious and it should immortalized in this blog:

"this game is so bad i are f be!!!!! this piece is so bad i wantaed to be a dragrren and i try but they no me. i so mad i want money back i want be dragon!!!!!!! gameplay s artsy and displays a shartty undertone of berlesque piccaso, maean the by i go and gameplay not. makes me want harder i cant make but i try.
dissss shshartyt is so bad i play all over the up side of it but i never find the stones i keeep blocking but they came. i cant even begin to go for the town i nevr the whole door it allways backways and i never get it. in the final sequence when i was death screech all over the guy he kept falling and i could not stop, i am so lost as to how the end i keep screech but he not goupside. almost the wierdest you are dragon man i cant how you would do ,waht so dragon blow you out its vag 0_o yo daddy do da dragon what else he go eat da poopoo i cant figure this!!!!!!!!1

I think I'm gonna read this now and then to uplift my spirit.