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The Fourth funniest review on gamespot by sarmadsameer1 (HITMAN ABSOLUTION, 9.0)

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I wuld say WTF! da thng I most liked was dat gal taking bath. it isn't like 123or4... it's the best of hitman series ,, the gameplay,the combat(hand-to-hand's better),the story,the bald head,the girl(oh yeah!)at the main menu..... o man! the best thing loved is the engine... the movement is totally changed from previous(they sucked!) well I have one question too how do u read 10 or |0 or I0 what the hell..>!......
well I will rank it 9.0 and as a feed back to gamespot plz improve the reviewing procedure as it got many boundries u know what I am talking ..after reading gamespot might be saying what an a**h***....
.......AS for the review this game got gr8 gfx and good engine as it supports every kind of gfx card , laptop-pc etc... and doesn't got that NVidia PhysX sh** and got gr8 PhysX even without NVidia gfx card... I play it on my intel built-in gfx card ...... I can play it on my Amd radeon 6950 gfx card but as it supports so who would miss portability and flexibility on a laptop.... it's got a great story and especially in the story the reasons for everything to happen i.e the reason for the girl to be saved by 47 was very relevant and real..... dats all I gonna say.... and also spent lot of time to write this sh** which no body reads....