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Migrating to IGN

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Ok so I did some scouting on the IGN website. I must say that even though their website layout is generic and has a lot of useless and irrelevant junk on it, I enjoyed their reviews as much if not more than Gamespot's. Ok, let me be frank, their website layout SUCKS, plain and simple. The ads are all over the place, you will have a hard time looking for news, updates, as well as the site's rating for that matter and I still wasn't able to pull a single player review of ANY game. Every time I attempt to do that the tab says: "Could not load the page" - does IGN even HAVE user reviews or not?

But I did notice that their ratings, especially with the most recent games, are 0.5 higher than on gamespot, which resonates with me more. I don't understand why Uncharted 3 has 9 (GS) instead of 9.5 (IGN) ; why BF 3 has 8.5 (GS) instead of 9 (IGN) or 9.5; Why Arkham Asylum has 9.0 (GS) instead of 9.5 (IGN), etc. They aslo rated Rage higher (8.5). Regardless, I guess I like variety.

And even though IGN gave Modern Warfare 3 an outrageous 9.0, at least they had the decency to put "Turns out the PC version is pretty much the same." Now THAT I wanna hear.

Also, I love the fact that IGN posted a video called: "Batman: Arkham City - PC Technology Exclusive" wherein they describe the Nvidia Physx benefits and super particle processing effects on PC rigs.

They say and I quote: "Check out our exclusive video to see why the PC version of Batman Arkham City will be the best version of all."

Oh, and did I mention that they have a decimal system? That's right. You MAY rate that game with 8.8 or 8.9 while saying "Almost, but not quite" or something like that.

Moreso, by subscribing to their elite membership I have already received a free STEAM game from them: "King Arthur" which costs $ 20 on Steam. I wanted to try it out at one point in the past but never had the time. After all, I have hundreds of games since I spend about 15% of my income on buying games.

I'll still write reviews on this website besides the fact that I can't access a single user-review on IGN OR have the ability to write my own reviews there.

I've also noticed that IGN has more frequent coverage about games, funny gaming moments, other miscellaneous gaming gadgets and references to movies, TV shows, etc. Plus they have that Jessice Biel chick, love her or hate her, at least IGN's got a mascot.

In the end, meddling on the IGN website made me confirm once again that Gamespot is mostly about catering to the general (console) population, and since PC gamers aren't getting fair representation on this website, neither can we get a fair fight when we ask for fair separate PC reviews, then it is time to look elsewhere for fairness.