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Much of the origin of December 25 date has been lost to the tradition of Western Civilization in order to be forced to spend an annual weekend with your entire family, spend money on gifts in order to materially express an appreciation for people and then have an excuse to not come to work. Little do people know, Dec 25 date actually had to do with Roman public sacrificial ritual.

Long time ago before Jesus's supposed birth, Roman pagans celebrated a week anarchy, literaly speaking, in the honor of their God Saturn. The Roman citizens could do just about anything but kill people. This week before Dec 25 was to be concluded by a public sacrifice of a chosen one who was forced to eat and have sex indisciminatelly for the entire week before Dec 25. Sadly, behaviour like this was considered an offense by the Roman Authorities, so in order to rectify the situation and please their God Saturn, they would brutally kill that chose one and wash away all the mischief that was invested into that one person.

Later on, as the numbers of converted Christians grew stronger, (Because let's face it, keeping track of all those Roman Gods can be kind of a nuisance, so it's best to just be devoted to one God), they decided to recruit more people into their ranks so they started recruting these very same pagans. In order tocruit them effectivelly, the pagans were told that they could still celebrate their festival AND be a Christian. Eventually, the pagans forgot about Saturn and embraced Jesus Christ as their lord and savior. In order to seal the deal, Christians decided to link the Dec 25 date to Jesus's birthday.

All in all, happy Roman sacrificial ritual everyone!