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Just beat Witcher 2 on Insane.

I just have to announce this moment in my gaming history.

May 14, 1:03 AM. I, PeterDuck of Rivia, beat Witcher 2 on Insane difficulty after approximately 3 months of trying, 14-15 failed attempts and 173 hours:

1. Finished Roche's path.

2. Gave Anais to Temeria.

3. Let Letho go (hope to see him in W3);

4. Saved Sile (hope to see her in W3

5. Killed Henselt (don't want to see him in W3)

I have 6 more Steam Achivements to unlock which I intend to get before W3 comes out.

Super pysched. Got all my saves ready for import, got my Gerald statue, all I need to buy is a Witcher T-shirt and the silver medallion




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