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Retro Games beat the New Gen?

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Before I go into this, I'd like to say that this is my opinion. If you don't like it, move on. No offence.

Every now and again, I find myself staring at my games collection for my X360, DS and PC and just have no desire to play any of them. Yeah, I still play things like Gears3 every now and again, and certain fighters as well, but the new age of gaming seems to be dying out for me.

For me it's been a long time since I've sat down and played something memorable and enjoyable long-term like the old games on the NES-N64 era, and a handful of PS titles. I loved playing things like Punch-Out, Paperboy and Mario. I spent hours on Super Mario Kart and even longer on Mario Kart 64. I was a huge Tekken fan, and put a fair bit of time into things like Spyro. I still do.

I miss those times.

The "Next-Gen" is plagued with developers who want to makes games to be the next Call of Duty (one of the major culprits), the next Elder Scrolls, or whatever genre they're looking to put a game into. Even then, successful games are often followed by sequels that are nothing but a slight rehash, after rehash. All to a point when not even a breath of fresh air is left in a game, and developers rely on gamers to buy regardless, usually knowing they won't bother to complain.

The last while I've been slowly buying back my old collection. Getting together all my favorite games and consoles of the 'good times'. All this while I've barely touched my 360, or other consoles for that matter. It made me realize those games weren't just good for nostalgia; they are legit good games. Sometimes simple is better.

Anyways, I didn't really want to drag this on this long. Thanks for reading. I wish future consoles and games good luck, with hope that gaming won't end up with a dry, boring future.

Games I regret ever looking at.

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Its been many months since I last posted a blog. Anyways to get straight to the point, there have been a quite a few games from 2010 that I played and enjoyed from the start and ended up hating (or abosolutely hated from beginning to end). I am simply amazed by the sheer number of people who rated Final Fantasy XIII well. I've stated this a few times already, but I was very angry about the time it took for Square Enix to put together that game (as well as the cost to buy it) and in return, I get a game with limited enjoment value. Battles were tedious, cutscenes were too long or too stupid (or strange, if you prefer a nicer word) and too much walking around. Did I mention battles sucked? Graphics were pretty much perfect though, but sadly IMO, the game didn't preform so well. Whenever I see any review of that game with a score of 7.0+, I wonder if the reviewer was reviewing the entire series instead of the game.

On a different note, I loved Dragon Age: Origins. Until the end. When there is nothing to do. In just about every game I've played after beating the last boss, there is end game content. But in DA:O, you can't even carry over your character with all its items into a new game (unless you import it to Awakenings, which sucked) I've noticed that many Bioware games (yes, you too Mass Effect 2) have a great story, but after you finish it, content afterwards either is too short, or too lame.

Then there is one of my favorite games to bash, Over-G Fighters. Thank god it's a bargain bin game now. If that game was made as DLC, I wouldn't have had much problem with it. It's gameplay seemed too much like a mini-game to be a full fledged game to me. Enough said.

There are a few more games I'd like to add in this blog, but I'm a little short on time.

Thanks for reading. Night.

Bunch more Ratings

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I just finally got around to putting up most of my ratings for the games I've played. Gotta say though, some of the games I haven't played in ages (Pokemon Red in particular) which goes to show how far behind I am on all this.

Anyways, just got Dragon Age Origins, and I'm impressed. The game starts out a bit on the slow side, but after the opening it's just simply amazing. Great story, characters, graphics, etc. Might get around to doing a review of it, if I ever decide whether I want to review FF13 or not, considering it was a complete disapointment to me. I can't believe so many people are impressed by FF13. I thought I was just boring. It has good graphics and a well made plot, but the battles drag on way too long and the combat system is far from perfect (Hate when you go to switch fighting styles and the enemies keep attacking you). I think it'll be the last FFI ever play, tbh.

Another good year of gaming

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I'm really enjoying the games that have been released this year. I haven't really gotten around to rating or reviewing anything new lately, either. There's quite a few games I'm looking forward to that will be out this year (and next year) like Gears of War 3, WoW: Cataclysm and Fable 3. I'm just hoping that it will be a while before any new consoles come out, because I'd hate to buy something new after having to get 4 Xbox 360s (the first 3 got the famous Red Ring) Besides, I just don't think I've seen the full potential of the consoles we have out now. I think that games could be taken so much farther than what's been shown so far, graphically and gameplay wise.

I heard a rumor that the new Pokemon games were going to be "Pokemon Black and White." It really surprises me that some people are stupid enough to say things like "These names are racist" and, "Some people might be offended by this." Are you peopleserious? If Nintendo really wanted to get sued, they could have tried alot harder then that. But honestly, I can't believe people have nothing better to think of than racist comments just based on the name of a game. I just can't stand that people always think the absolute worst thing when someone says something or brings out a game like this.

Anyways, I was a bit disapointed with the new Final Fantasy. Square said that they wanted the game to seem more like a movie, but I think they made it too movie-ish. There are way too many cutscenes (The gameplay goes a bit like this: Cutscene-walk forward- cutscene- boss fight).There seems to be too much of a need to power level, too. Although there isn't a leveling system in this game, you still need to fight about everything on the way to the boss (sometimes camping an area) just to get your characters developed enough to fight a boss, or a large mob of enemies in the way. I could say so much about it here, but I think I'll save it for a review.

Until next time.

Never mind console war.... Look at the (4) RPG's!

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After a long blog break, I think I've managed to prepare one of my legendary blog rant/reviews yet again. This time, I'm focusing on the evident war between the most popular computer RPG's. When RPG comes to mind, most of us will turn to World of Warcraft (will be refered to as WoW in this blog) and recently, Aion. The latter I have yet to play, but WoW is a great experience. Other RPG's of considerable note are Guild Wars and RuneScape (Yes, Runescape). Although there are many RPG's in the world, I've chosen to revolve around these simply because they are of the most popular, and that there is considerable hate in between the players of these games (GW players usually hate on WoW, and vice-versa)

What people need to understand is that it's all about personal opinion. If you want to say that one of your games is superior, do it within your own opinion, but don't try to force it on others. Obviously there are countless debates that are going on at this moment, but there is no need to grief your fellow players simply because you are overreacting to the fact that someone likes an RPG that rivals the one you like. Every game has it's qualities that are unique, but thats up to you to decide. Nobody wants to hear somebodies endless rant about how much your game sucks, and that you suck for playing that sucky game, and your friends suck for being the suck friend of yours...... I hear this junk all the time. If you want to let out some rage, do it when you're on the toilet, becuase I and many others do not care to hear it.

That ends my latest anti- rant. Thank you to all who take the time to read this, as hopefully you will take steps to remove hateful rants from the world.

Aside mine, of course.

And besides, think of the poor kiddies out there. =P

Grinding- The Dirtiest Dirt of RPG's

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There are plenty (hundreds, maybe thousands) of RPG games out there. However, the sad thing is that many also include, in my opinion, the worst thing to put in any game- grinding. Yes, this is yet another rant. Seriously, how many times have you seen rants in my blog posts?

For those that are unfamiliar with the term, grinding (and also farming)is the concept of continually doing the same thing, may it be killing a certain kind of monster, mining a specific item, and so forth to gain levels, money etc. At the end of a grind, depending on what you did, you may have exactly what you wanted, but that would also take a ton of time. And THAT, my friends, is the problem.

In some games, companies feel it nesicary to force the players to grind in order to 'increase difficulty and playability', but lets be serious here: I'm sure everyone enjoys a challenging game, myself included, but grinding? I'm sure there's a better way to allow players to have fun without forcing them to sit in front of a tv or computer for hours on end just to level up and earn money. Grinds/farming just plain irritating, IMO. However, I admit to playing some of these games, (I won't list them) simply because having friends online outweighs the brain cell massacre of grinding. But seriously, some games really are over the top.

Games should focus more on player skill than hours played. Yes, there should be a reward for being loyal, but having someone spend more time than needed is just a bit pointless. If games were more skill based (in online RPGs), it would balance RPG's out for those that don't have all day of level up or earn enough money.

Some grinding, though, is actually fun and relaxing. You might be thinking, "WTH?!?!? Does this guy ever shut up?!?", or, "Why is he ranting about grinding if he likes it?!?!?" Well, sometimes fighting certain monsters and doing certain things just feel good, esspecially after coming home from college/work. The thrill of taking down a high-level monster is cool, too.

Well, to wrap things up, grinding is awful, but the end result is always something to be proud of. This is yet another report-sized rant, and if I'm lucky, there should be plenty more to come ;)

Peace out, peeps.

Soul Calibur IV, re-rant

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Alright, I was probably a little harsh on my last blog about the new SCIV. I love the Soul series of games. Aside from Tekken, it is my favorite fighter game to play. But as of late, the series is just disappointing. I was gonig to do a review on it, but the previous blog pretty much sums it up. When I first heard about SCIV, I thought it would be great. Online mode, a possibility of multiplayer Team Battle, and an intriguing storyline. Once i got the game, I put it into my 360 right away. I felt very ripped out of my cash to find the Story mode was only 5, very fast fights apart. In story mode, you dont really learn much behind the character... The intro and the ending is the only times you see anything about them, and then you wonder: What the hell happened in between? Yeah, but beat down people in 5 matches, but what else? Why did you kill/KO these people? What happened in between? Seriously! If Project Soul put so much into giving us info on each characters story before the games release, why not feed us a bit more when you send it out into the public? it isnt really a 'story' then, is it? I also heard a few rumors about a Soul Calibur V being a possibility. If they do end up going with it, i hope they do some work on the storylines, put in a multiplayer team battle, and give a final boss actually worth playing. TBH, I don't think I was the only one dissapointed not to see Night Terror in the end. the character creation was fine (except not being able to use parts from the player1costumes) the graphics superb and having an online mode was great. I am hoping for another Soul Calibur game. When and if it is released, I hope they do more than just a light show.

Soul Calibur series in a nutshell

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Geez.... I havent been on this site since.... When I wrote the last blog (Read:Nov 2007). Anywhos, I finally got to playing Soul Calibur IV: the verdict... Not impressed. The game went from the first, known as Soul Blade or Soul Edge, and it was a huge bang, like a revelation for fighting games. Soul Calibur, the first sequel, was also an amazing hit. SC2 was again exceptional. Afterwards, Namco-Bandai really cheaped out on the game. Ok, yes, they added 3 new characters and character creation in SC3, but the graphics were very mediocre, esspecally compared to the series rival, Tekken 5 at the time, which had graphics that could easily rival any ps2 or several ps3/xbox360 games to date. Also, they took away key components of the game, such as Team Battle, and replaced them with a "Soul Arena" which was a compliation of serval other lame attempts to interest the player. Soul Calibur IV represents to me a desperate way to dig at fans pockets to buy time for a real game. Good graphics (which will probably again be surpassed by Tekken 6's), online was nice, but not alot of content. Tower of Souls? ................................... That long stretch of dots basically describes it all- lame, boring, etc. You go through 50 'challenges' to conquer the tower, or decend and try to survive in an extremly lame version of Team Battle, which itself was not present in the game (would have been awesome for online). The added characters, Hilde, Algol, the Star Wars guys (and anyone else I missed) were kind of lame, esspecally Algol! (Could anyone have picked a lamer boss? Seriously, Meat from Mortal Kombat Armageddon could smash him) *Cough add Night Terror instead cough* After a few fights, the game gets boring... The graphics, armor breaks and Cirtical Finishes aren't enough to keep me interested. I seriously hope the staff at Project Soul, who create the game, start listening to their fans soon before they lose them to Street Fighter 4 and Tekken 6.

Big long wait....

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Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh..... Well, not really, but I'm getting eager for the release of 2 of the games I've been waiting for since a very long time- Tekken 6 and Soul Calibur IV. I've played bothseries for a long time (Well, Tekken was the first game I ever played back when it was released) and I enjoy both series alot. Thing is, I'd have to go get a PS3 to play Tekken 6. Obviously it's a game I won't stand to miss, but I don't really want to just go buy a PS3 just for the sake of one game, so I've spent a while looking into what I might get. God of War III is a good possibility when it's released, and I'd like to get Gran Turismo 5 also. Anyways I'll see what I can do, but for sure I will get both games :)

Well, thats enough for now, and until next time.....

If you fail to succeed, try again, if you fail again, you may realize you succeed only in failing

AC4 Domination.... World Champ to be!

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 Don't let the title fool you... I don't even have Gold membership on Live anymore. Anyhow, I beat Marche Au Supplice on Hard (With S ranking! WOOOOO!) a bunch of other missions on hard as well. I'm still trying to get White Glint... Someone, anyone tell me how I can get that AC! The thought of it just melts my brain. Anyways, I'm still working on beating all missons on S and I have a long way to go, so I'd better get started.

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