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There and back again.

Hey guys! It's been a while since I checked in. I had done some traveling and transitioning.How is everyone? Personally, I've found my gaming interests have changed. Been playing more games in arcades then on the console or pc. Thumbs up to playing Mechwarrior 4 Vengeance arcade while having a brew in hand :). That said I also acquired and blissfully played through a copy of FFVII, so I can now R.I.P. when the time comes. Also, loving the Warcraft III mod called "Video Game RPG." It's basically SSB-meets-Warcraft III rpg-style gameplay. Very cool. Here's a link: And of course, the coolest character in it would have to be..................Alucard. He levels up insanely fast, and his room clearing spell/technique also heals him completely. It makes him a little unbalanced compared to the other selectable characters but that's alright. He is the "son of Dracula", after all lol. I sold Okami, and am happy for it. Played Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood and thought it was decent. Also bought Wargames: Defcon 1 for PS1 and I like it, lots. That's all for now. Hope to hear from you now on your endeavors in the wide world of gaming.

my take on lotr: the third age

I started playing this game about a couple of weeks ago. At first I didn't care much for it but over time I've grown to accept its shortcomings and enjoy it for what it is: a simple but action-packed rpg.

Here is my take on it so far:


level-grinding is not necessary (however you are not penalized for doing it)

characters display all of the weapons, armor, helms, etc. that are equipped on them

decent graphics

good variety in settings, battle scenarios

it's Lord of the Rings

although some of the characters seem dull they still made the dwarf awesome; if they didn't it would be an unforgivable error lol

easy to pick up and play, especially considering the streamlined character management; very nice

great music and above-average voice acting

it's cheap


graphics can be very grainy at times

story is decent but could have been a little better

character development is a little lacking

repetitive and somewhat shallow gameplay

"epic" cutscenes aren't really anything new

stiff animation

needs more minigames; evil mode is too easy

why can't I item craft outside of battle?

the minimap is kind of lacking; what about a fullscreen map of the area?

moria was a headache cause for most of the time there was mysteriously no minimap to guide you!

I realize many of you have already played this game so this may be nothing new to you. However if you could give me some tips/reactions to it I would greatly appreciate it.

As always, happy gaming!


Impulse Buy

I was reading through reviews the other day for rpgs and I came across Lord of the Rings: The Third Age. Judging by how the game is supposed to play and considering it was so cheap I bought it. I hope it's good.

The end is only the beginning

Well I beat Okami today. I have to say that its one of the best games I've ever played. Thank you to all who recommended it to me.

I figure I might have to pick up something else and play through it. Likely candidates for being this next game I play are:

Dragon Quest VIII

Einhander (if I can find it somewhat cheaper than it is right now)

Philosoma (for PS1)

Final Fantasy X or XII

Chrono Cross

Final Fantasy Tactics

MGS 3: Subsistence (with the old MSX metal gear games)

Also I have to say, having played Little Big Planet myself (I love 2D sidescrolling gameplay), seeing Metal Gear Solid as a 2D platformer (see;watchlink;4) is actually intriguing to me, albeit quite hilarious as well.

Finally, I came recently came across a PC shooter called Ether Vapor. It's really hard to find and I don't know of anyway to actually purchase the game, or if they really have released it yet. All I know though is that having played the demo/full version of the game it's one of the best (if not THE BEST) shmups I've played. Just look at this:

here's a good review of it:

It's worth looking into if you like those kind of games.




I don't know how long it took me exactly but I finally beat Gradius V. What a sweet game!

On another note, I've logged in around 50 hours on Okami and I still haven't beat that game yet. That's my next task.

Now Playing: Okami

Apparently Okami has been getting more popular over time than people realize. A lot them call it something like an underappreciated gem. However when I bought it at recently it came as a "greatest hits". That means, I suppose, that it has been selling pretty well. In any case this was a surprise to me; I thought I was getting the black case copy of it. Not that that really matters to me though. I'm just surprised about this.

My initial impressions of the game (from screenshots and video) was that it looked ok but not really entertaining. A lot of people were talking like it was some great thing but it honestly didn't look like it to me. However, I was at the same time looking for a great and unique action-adventure game and I thought I would buy it anyways (since it looked so unique and got so much praise). When I saw it "on sale" for 20 dollars at I picked it up.

When it came I was surprised (not just because the whole greatest hits thing). The gameplay is really good; I like almost everything about it, and that is saying quite a bit for a modern action-adventure game.

I got the game Friday and I've played it ever since, clocking in around 10 hours already. I've never been immersed in a game (outside of morrowind) this much. So yeah, I like it...a lot. Even more so than zelda: oot.

Oh, and mariokart wii is awesome too.

max payne movie trailer (older news)


Max Payne, what a great game. Let's face it- at its core a cliche story of revenge, yet it was still fun to play. The flow of the game always appealed to me; the story was extremely well presented in the graphic novel medium, while the gunplay had the basics of the matrix-esque bullet time. Some game was going to rip the matrix off for this and yet Max Payne proved to be much more than just a rip off of a cool action movie. It was, in my opinion, the standard for all action games to come after it.

Anyways, they're making a movie based on the game. I really hope they don't screw this one up. I also hope they don't include references from the second Max Payne cause I still haven't played through that one yet.

Ways they may screw it up:

1. making it like Boondock Saints, which tried to make saints out of the "heros" of the story. Not only did this propagate a poor understanding of Catholicism, or Christianity in general, ("killing in the name of" is not what Jesus had in mind) it was just a dumb movie to begin with (imo). The blood in it didn't even look like blood! But that's beside the point; Max Payne is a man on the edge, who's lost everything and has nothing to turn to. He doesn't make himself out to be a hero or a saint; he's just out for revenge. If anything, Max sees himself as dumb; in the game he said something like "If I was smart I would have left town. I guess wasn't that smart." Cops are after him and the tv sees him as a criminal. There's no halo for Max.

2. Play down the main plot points; Max developed throughout the whole game through all of his encounters. The movie had better acurately represent these encounters well.

3. The music;: you have got to keep the music the game had. The trailer has some other music going and it just does not compare.

4. Talk like Max, walk like Max, shoot like Max. Whalberg has to get these key parts of his character right. Max will not be an easy character to act out.

5. The humor and references. The nice thing about the game is it had the right amount of humor to lighten things up. Not only that but the references were funny. The movie needs some of these imo.

6. SCRIPT WRITING. Judging by this trailer the script looks a little "meh". Keep it true to the story of the game and you can't go wrong. Go off and write crap and fans of the game will be pissed.

The potential for this game-based movie is still great. I can't wait to see it in October.

recent purchases

I went to Gamestop recently looking for Odin Sphere and Gradius V. The store I went to didn't have any in stock which was a shame since Gamestop is selling them for really cheap. However upon looking around the store I saw Soul Calibur 3 for 10 bucks new and also a used copy of Sly Cooper and the etc. etc. for cheap also. If you've been holding back on these and other games I would recommend getting them at Gamestop since they're so cheap and will most likely go up in value (except for games like Sly and Soul Calibur 3).

Metal Gear Retrospective videos

Upon visiting for their high-quality video reviews I came across the Metal Gear retrospective videos. I highly recommend them to any MGS fans.

I hate Steam

So I bought Half-Life on Steam for 10 bucks. Low and behold the download stalls at 84 percent; i've tried everything to fix this but it doesn't seem to help. All I wanted to do was play Counter-Strike and other Half-Life mods. I really don't care for this game itself. It seems however that Steam will charge me money for playing Counter-Strike 1.6 even when I have bought Half-Life through Steam. I have e-mailed Steam about all of this and they haven't got back to me.

I hate Steam:x