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"Nickelodeon Guts Is Back"

First I have to say the show is coming back. Its great that its coming back because I missed the show. When I first saw the commerical I was like wow this show looks very famiar when I saw the commerical

Here the promo:


The Pros:

-It seems that they brought many of the orignal games back.

-Yeay one of my favorite childhood shows is back.

-This being a family thing looks very intersing though there isnt anything about it just being kids.

The Cons:

-The oringal host are gone! (no Mike o' Malley and even more sadly no Mora Quirk sabs)

-The age rule cages from the highest 14 though I thought 14 was even kind of to old for a kids competing back then.

-It wont be filmed where it orignally filmed in Orlando FL due to it was shutdown. So I dont know where it will be filmed.

Dam there to many celebeties dieing.

I think its crazy how many celebrities over the years are biting the dust. I thought Aaliyah would be the one in a long time but over the past year its crazy.

Izzac Hayes: Died Auguest 10

Bernie Mac: Died Auguest 9, 2008

Bobby Murcer: July 12, 2008

Anna Nicole Smith: Febuary 8, 2007

Jericho gets cancelled!!! How can this be?

Dam you CBS for cancelling a quaity show. The ratings werent that poor, just average. I guess for losing the #1 network to FOX, CBS had to make a move. This upcoming Tuesday is the series fanalie? I say why?

Dam you CBS and NUTS you aswell. Who else agrees?

Whose more of a dirty player?


B)Shelley Duncan and Akinori Iwamura

Okay the fist one was a play where Johnson was sliding into home plate with his helmit causing injury to Yankees prosect catcher casing a 10 week injury. In reataliation Shelly Duncan #17 slide into 2nd base with his foot up in the air claiming to hope to drop the ball though he did say he would retaite.

Whose most at fault?

Lets Go Giants!!!!

Yeah they beat the Cowboys today, take that Dallas. I cannot believe the Giants are turning it around though Greenbay can be a bigchallange. I hope the Patrioits get an upset next week.