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Please if you are interested people this is my new profile,


so don't be confused if PEPSI-fussion posts instead of me :P

PEPSI KFC resign

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This profile shall shut down on,

08 - 02 - 09

this also goes for the PEPSI POWER gaming association, the profiles has allready moved to


Updates in my life

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Well some of you may have heard me and combatsoilder have had a minor... ok large... ok massive fall out mostly as he dosnt understand me and keeps changing his opinion of me and I dont understand him blatty-blah-ti-blah anywho I do not wish hate on combatsoilder or anything I must say I was almost disgusted with the way he spoke to me I hope he dost speak to everyone like that, I hope it was just anger and Im not going to quote anything as thats just being b!tchy really. For some reason I still don't think negative of him yet he certainly thinks so of me I don't know Ill see what happens, well something has as I think hes been modded as his blog has disapeared with some of the coments, problem is hes going to blame me so I can cencerly say I didn't mod you combat.

Moving on to happier news, ok not happy Ive got severe dehydration problems right now apparently my lips have dryed up and cracked and my eye pupils have turned grey all due to a lack of liquid, I must admit I ran out of PEPSI at the start of the weake and have had a litre od it a day since and nothing else, thats perhaps my problem I also have a bit of a headache and cold probably as my imune system dyed from no water... woops my bad.

My birthday is coming up soon :D which I wont delve into but what I wanted to say is that my prelims (exams but not the actuall exams) start straight after and I have to revise, basically no birthday for me more revision but Ill get the dreamcast and PS2 and what not ;)

My brothers X box broke completely and its now melting his discs so hes getting it fixed and probably selling it and then gettin a PS3 him and his friend Jake both plan to do that as 4 X box's broke on the same day out of my brothers class so only one person in his class has a never broken X Box and two have a PS3 which have never broken and I think 12 have a wii, one of which has broken I believe so its likely no more X Box for me, like I was ever on :P

So thats me time to restock on PEPSI as soon as I get a bit of cash, well my mums bought me 10 litres of 7up one of PEPSI's 3 lemonades the worst but the only one avaliable in the UK, so I hope all of you are having a good time, yes even combat I wish the best of luck, honest!

just something I guess

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Well I havn't blogged in a while so I have a few random perhaps pointless things to say but none the less at least you know Im active unless youre a member of my union cause I spend all my time there ;) On the subject of unions I guess I have a few things to say *note Raahsnavj you may wish to skip the whole union part ;) * so without further-a-do...

PEPSI POWER HOUR! well I set up a new board in my union where you can host links to youre favourite music videos and art work related to music like the old PEPSI POWER HOUR! in the 80's as were named after it I thought it was a very good idea indeed and its already got two shows up, you host it like a show so add show like coments etc and you have to be respected as you only whatch shows you respect or you despise. It also caters for shows you may dispise as you can post links to shows you dread like rap etc as it was and is a metal and rock show :D

Blue wind union, it would appear this union has been abandoned as folk dont seem to know recruits can post again despite all the problems earlier on and incase you don't know what the blue wind id or what it does please come this way! I may also send out a telegram as I'm sure that hasn't been done.

Oh and since I posted a link to my best Gamespot friends union (jtslade27) ... well I would say joint as Im one of those that can ahve 10 best friend Gamespot wise mythicfiredark and daxter233 are also included :D I thought I should put a link to their unions, baring in mind mythic has none of yet :P runescape mafia and... kings court ,thats fair ehh?

Of the subject of unions Gamecube games :D... V rally 3 is superb a great really addictive racer with good graphics for the time part from the fact the outsides of the road is a different colour from the rest of the road and its one porblem is poor handling, realistic but in the end annoying unless you love small cars especially Voltzwagons then its easy ;) Due to the shear amount of fun and 24 varied courses with different weather effects etc and 6 countries, a solid career mode, time trials and mission I gave the game a 9.5 as it honestly deserves a score of that proportion!

Resident evil 4 is amazing, superb atmosphere really great handling and getting the shot gun to non-zombies heads is rather amussing AND if you keep dying at a certain bit i.e. just before the castle for fun you can shoot that Ashley girl in the head shes quite annoying at the best of times. you tell her to wait and I go down the ladder to kill folk and all I hear is "hey what are you looking at you pervert" gee thanks for one I was looking at a guys spewing guts and two video game porn... just no! Anyway moving swiftly on the story is very appetising makes me want resident evil 1 so much now not 5 as I don't like the look of that game, sorry to jt and all but its atmosphere is weak... very weak and the setting, Africa in broad daylight in many a case... its just not a germanic country in any way even though they spoke spannish if you go to spain youll realise resi 4 cant be set in spain mabey Austria or Germany... hopefully Austria as Austrias pretty awesome and Im not just saying that as my real life friend Zaku Abumi @ gs thinks so. I said 10 but the castle is slightly disapointing despite much cooler weapons so I may knock it down, doubtfully as the millitary guy Im yet to face looks awesome specifically I would say 9.9 rounded off same as Metroid prime yet very very slightly worse as atmosphere wise Metroid Prime 2 echoes is still the best cube game to me... atmosphere wise I mean... F ZERO GX!

Dark summit is rubbish, 3.5 at maximum, need I say more so cheaply and badly made with 64 graphics and thats being genrous and pools of sluges are allways in cuboid form and a poor story line snowboarders verses millitary skiiers.... yeah thats going to happen and thats an entising story! Extreme G 3 is great unlike the first two good sence of speed not F ZERO but hey and great weapons to use and decent courses basic graphics but hey its acclaim and a Gamecube, it wasn't going to be great graphically I would say 8.5 was reasonably perhaps slightly high so 8.3 more specificaly.

Its my brithday on the 20th of Febuary I wont say that again except on my birthday but that will explain why Im getting some games soon again and a PS2 and a dreamcast... cant wait for Fire emblem for cube ;) I have preliminary exams staright after my birthday (23rd after the weekend) and I have a day with 7 hours of exam, goegraphy and biology combined... damn but none the less I shall press on and no study leave means I have to give up my holliday for decent grades... which even though there not the proper exams I am willing to do... owww arnt I a good little boy :P well tall... yet skiny being politically correct etc.

So thats-a-me for now... ohhh Mario ehh? I guess I will hopefully see you guys around the maze that is Gamespot ;) and I wish you the best of luck for whatever you plan to do... expcet coke I hope that spit in youre face and makes you ill :P ok ok harsh even if its drinking coke as long as you guys are happy ;) ... two last words as I havnt mentioned it yet in this context at least... PEPSI COLA!

Gamecube... happy Pepsi Gamecube

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oh me and my titles ehh anywho anywhere anyhow I thought I should reflect my time on my cube and why I love it sooooo much :D so here goes...

F Zero GX - This game is just breathtaking, although unlike extreme G 3 it does not concentrate on sound effects associated with speed or speed lines or blury effects it just naturaly has speed, all 2800 km per hour of it! It honestly cant be outdown speed wise and its sheer fun, great graphics even today and brilliant colour :D

Resident Evil 4 - Just got this game yesturday and it has a great atmosphere, greta controlls and unfortunately my wavebird ran out of battery half way through the fish boss... so I cant say too much but the fun itself is not as much as it could have been in places, perhaps repedative I see why this game was also a movie as it feels like a very well made king kong game, dont get me wrong its great bun I want more action... hopefully more shall come and if so yet another 10 ;)

Wavebird wirless controller - forget the poorly made 360 controller which drains out battery in 20 hours or so adn overturns on random instances or the D-pad... dont get me started on how bad that thing is, microsoft word of advise up is no left, right is not up/left and down most certainly insn't do nothing anyway wavebird is the most comfortable controller ever in my hands, my hands are quite big so yeah the PS2 controller and standard cube one even really hurt my hands after an hour or so. Oh and it lasts mabey 50 hours at least on decent batteries :D

Gameboy player - I hate playing a console over one I even only like slightly better, hence why i dont touch my 64 despite the fact I have some of my favourite games ever on it and same with the gameboy, the only way I was seriously going to play it was via the gameboy player... and on the big screen its not actually to badly pixelated... yey gameboy on tv ;)

Metroid Prime - great music, greta gameplay, great puzzels, great graphics and a brilliantley well put together game just means I love this game as do most folk ;)

Games - the gamecube really does have the widest variety of games out there even today admitably not ofen the popular types like GTA but it does have, animal crossing, pikmin, metroid, F zero, pokemon, sonic, resiedent evil, mario party, mario, luigis mansion... or ghostbusters Im surprised they wernt sued and it goes on... Im running out of time :P

... and thats it as I have to go and play more resident evil 4 now and try that damn boss :D toodaloo folks ;) PS- I really really hope V rally 3 arives tomorrow ;)

Pepsi KFC's gaming revolution

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well sort of :P I signed up for GAMESPOT TOTAL ACCESS again :D its very nice... good value too I highly revoemnd it to those who spend over 15 minutes a day on Gamepsot on the forums at least, although as I'm not american I don't get the magazine but chances are I woudn't read it anywho, anywhere anyhow.

I also ordered some GAMECUBE games :D they are...

RESSIDENT EVIL 4 - seems to have an amazing atmosphere BUT from looks it could be very boring, just feels great y'know like halo 3 so well made, great atmosphere so you give it 10 but on fun alone perhaps 4 is a push and Raahsnavj seems to ahve cottened onto that idea with it too. The wii one has controll issues though and PS2 version has blury graphics so im getting the best version so heres hoping it good :D

V RALLY 3 - after seeing its graphics I doubted it was a cube game more PS3 or 360 but like metroid prime I was stunned to find out it is a cube game :D Its got good ratings (7 or 8) only falling as its controlls are stiff (the way I like it ;) ) and its apparently basic in options, fair enough excite truck was too and I adored that :D

VEIWTIFUL JOE ROYAL RUMBLE - a bargin (50 pence, 70 cents) its may have a much lower rating than the other 2 but its affordable ;) the other two were £10 or so and had 9 or so in score this one has 6.5 suggesting controll and lack of originality problems.

EXTREME G 3 - although it would appear Gamespot overated it the first 2 were SOOO bad I thought it was nice this one looked good and at £3 I had to snap it up :D also its as close to F ZERO I can get without buying the dregged and horrid neddish piece of tt, wipeout... the 64 one was dire I wish Gamespot gave us power to rate in the naggatives :D

DARK SUMIT - yet another steal only £1 and its rating is above 1080's and EA's snowboarder so Im hoping THQ's is as good as it sounds... despite graphics you'd expect on the SNES not even enough shading for the 64 even but Im gettin 1080 soon :D

... yupper so thats them so once again thanks and :D and I plan to get the following on my birthday...

Fire Emblem (£40) expesive but I trust Mythicfiredarks strong recomondation that this is the best fire emblem and it lokks brilliant so Im trusting £40 in his suggestion... and its generally high rating :P

Animal Crossing (£25) Denny and Zaku (banned) have convinced me into this... must buy ;)

Pikmin (£10) the 2nd may be slightly better but this one is less than a 3rd of the price so Im getting it ;)

(£70) PS2 with PEPSIMAN import and freeloader... would I say no? now how do I put this...


(£40) dreamcast and the odd cheap game thanks to loopy_101 for introducing me to the fact this console did exist, its fighting and racing games looked so good I really couldn't say no!

If I have change Ill import F ZERO climax from Japan for £15 otherwise Im content with the above listed :D

... so thanks for reading and I wish you all good luck in gaming this year ;)

PEPSI POWER gaming association and my input

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Well despite it being my union as its rather democratic, maximum powers given to all and all that yabber I kinda thought what I do should be a blog post not a union update so heres the info...

First I've started making a really big sig and dont even get me started on the benner and tags as I havn't even started as this is taking very long indeed so here is what I have almost so far...

random pics 6

... but I've added bits to that now, it has two red Allasaurus' (big ones T-rex sized but slimer and 3 claws not two per hand) and a raibow going behind the PEPSI POWER text and logo. The puprle repressent areas I havnt even got round to start yet :P I must say I think all the above has taken 20 hours so far on Microsoft paint BUT I now have patterns saved for silver, gold, retro red, retro blue and a rainbow SO I can make life MUCH easier in the future.

I have barely started the badge system and I've decided to completely redo it so I'll start it with just 4 badges, there difficult to earn mind so its not going to be a minutes job to earn them all :D

I must admit I've been helping out a lot with the blue wind union, the dark wind union and the kings kourt union my own has seen little upgrades so this weekend I promise to upload the badges system, and union avatar rankings! This is a clevel little system I invented basically as its a gamespot union it has a lot to do with badges and now... experience, but not levels as such, youll still get levels but each level corresponds to a special avatar :D you can use it in youre sig or as youre avatar to show of youre PEPSI POWER ranking, reaching certain levels allows customisation such as gold frame, silver frame and text added etc.

I hope all this is good and I promise I'll get the basics of it set up by MONDAY! so heres hoping you like the sounds of all this :D

why has gamespot modded all level 20's?

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I hopes its just a temporary mix up but me and everyone on my friends list whos level 20 got put down one level... just wondering if that has happened to other folks not just level 20s.. this is the 2nd time and the last time I prepared an angry blog so unless its fixed soon prepare to see my angry blog and possibly my departcher from this site... well recently I've noticed many faults in Gamespot... and its tempting me to use my IGN account right now, infact thats what I am doing :P

If it is a mix up I appaulagise to Gamespot and/or CNET for critisising them as long as they resolve it but y'know this isnt the first time! I also understand that many folk have had annoying problems with GS most notably daxter and jtslade, I shant go into detail...

Stratavarious :P ehh Denny?

PEPSI KFC is going 3 in a row, I'm on a role!

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well its now a 3rd day I've been drinking standard PEPSI and 4 or even 5 litres of it a day and I got to see Denny after school today so I'm officially going a bit mad and rather hyper... not lol pie hyper, hyper hyper, y'know in a cheary happy humerous mood... yet I'm not very good at brilliant jokes can barely put a slight smile on folk, well actually thats not up to me to judge so here gos ANOTHER really wierd blog... and I mean wierd, just a bit crazy ehh?

1. yeah we all know Barak Obama is now officially pressedent, that PEPSI drinking awesome guy who seems to hate being seen as awesome, well being modest is a good thing I guess but I think theres one more important thing we have all learned today... GEORGE BUSH IS GONE! 8 MILLION PEPSI'S TO THAT! damn republican what not.

2. In other news jhon McCain is dead... well not quite hes still rolling in his grave, but Baraks rival candidate, Sarah Palin (lets be honest she outdid MacCain) is now going to be the new host of eurovision, yeah shes got nothing to do with it but when youre that fake and cheap youre guaranteed a place :D

3. Global warming is upon us all now... ah hah hah hah you're kidding right! I mean I know for a FACT it was warmer in 1,000 AD to 1,500 AD and there abouts by quite a few degrees celcius or farinhieght I mean yeah we need to take better care of the plannet but I hate these folk who say were going to die tomorrow, you all said that the day before, and the day before that, AND the day before that and so on for the past 10 years!

4. EA made a good game :lol: c'mon you didn't think I was serious did you, were still waiting!

5. I love my games, physical outdoor games are the best, have you tried real life bully... well as I already said being the victim is awesome... ok Im being held at gun point to say that but imagine, real life yu-gi-oh. Imagine what a t!t you'd look like going out in the street and saying

"I have this all powerfull card it boost my blue eyes white dragons attack power by naught point 5 percant to 3,005 and upgrades its deffence by 7 grades to 2,560 to make it the ultimate dragon and prevents youre anti anti anti attack power from working on my trap cardm stratavarious and metagoal and protects my hand from card steel..." yatta yatta yatta *throws card on ground after 57 minutes claiming to sumon red eyse black dragon* ... um ok moving swiftly on...

6. The bible says " only those pure of heart drink only PEPSI cola and no coke" seriously check it up on PEPSI KFC's mini bible (Number 7 :D )

7. this is the PEPSI KFC bible...

Only those pure of heart drink PEPSI cola and no coke. Those who believe that they are better than others... well you can shove it basically... I hate egoistic coke drinkers!

... amazing huh... ok this list is lamer than the last two :P

8. According to an advert on TV right NOW (see how many ideas I have of my own :P ) PEPSI is acid aroding my teeth, that may be true but if adverts have got to that state whats wrong with Britian, our adverts are so lame remember the good old adverts, well I'm not that old but this is my kinda advert...

"puff clean air, clean style, clean world try the pure smoke, pure white cigars are only 5 and a half pence" ok I actuall don't suport smoking but I quoted that directly from my TV fact book... actually its not mine its my dads oh heres another from 1997 in New Zealand Newspaper add, voted as being the lamest studdy in advert history so here goes...

"we studied 77 people in Christchurch and found that 43% prefered our orange drink to the other we tested against" Im not kidding, thats seriosuly taken directly from the book :D

9. If you want a proper humor blog worth reading (mines not humore its just erm... unique :P ) try my friend Don_mankis... trust me and get Denny Carmassi in a rant about metal and thats amussing to right don and denny ;)

10. My final and only actuall joke as such... is... drum role please...

coke tastes good

... that is all thank you and good night... or morning or whatever... thanks for reading anyhow and its much apreciated but I'll respect you if you only read parts of it ;)

Pepsifullness o'happiness, say what?

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Trust me and my titles... I kinda thought I do to much seriousness in my union at times especially with rules SO I want to put some randomness into my blog... also so its actually worth reading, on the rare case, incase you hadn't gathered I look down upon myself I only recently after CONSTANT praide from jtslade and praise from other folk accepted that I'm good at MS paint... HOWEVER I hate seeking attension so I'm not a charity case unless you really mean it please dont bombard me with compliments... I have felt that at times that has been the case, I'm pleased to say no-one I can think of of the top of my PEPSI can is guilty of going "overboard".

Ok serious stuff over now prepare for randomnis. . .

1. "I wish everyone would come into school naked" ... PEPSI no thats not what I said ask denny and zaku our good friend, well not as much in zaku's case I guess sayssick things along those lines all the time. So I just thought I'd say that if t=you are wondering whether I can take a sexual joke... I can if any of you get to meet Chris you'll understand.

2. Chris will become first minister of Scotland... according to him ;) yeah he seruiously thinks he has a good chance well I think I'm leaving Scotland before thats the case :P Chris is a great laugh, gives don competiton but unlike don its at his own expence.

3. want to hear a joke... "John McCain had a chance of winning the elections and sarah palin wasn;t the main focus of his campain" :P no matter how many times I hear that...

4. Do you know what music takes REALL talent to play? well its Slipknot and Rap... ok I admit I cant cover that up I mean it must take minutes... mabey 2 minutes to proudce a CD... PEPSI, now thats a lot of effort!

5. What is the point in healthy food, it tastes like **** so why not treat it so, flush it down the toilet if you get the chance I mean rustler burger VS apple... hmmm difficult.

6. I love EA, there a great company, well lets face it without them would we have a games company to mock and make our selfs feal great we bought a SEGA game etc... sheeeshe

7. Oh damn this list is getting long too, vegetarians should set themselves straight... well if you really believe in it why do you eat yeast... its an animal, why?

8. Oh want another joke "the wii has good one player games" oh now thats a good one oh oh "people are kind warm hearted beings in many of the world habbitats, minus governments, coca cola and X BOX live :P "

9. I love bully the game, ofcourse I was the victim BUT thats not the point :P

10. heres the best news of youre life... the list is now finished :lol:

thanks for reading my erm... AMAZING BLOG :P ok its rubbish but I needed something to do ;)