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Wii Live Give-away is ending this Tuesday

Either people are not readingt my blog, or they think this is a scam. Probably both.

But seriously, we pushed the deadline back, and the winner will be determended this Tuesday. Shall i even bother giving out instructions on how to enter?

Sign up at Wii Live Forums, go to the Virtual Console board, click the 2000 Wii Points Give-Away thread, post you're The Top 5 VC Games you own (or if you don't own them just put down the ones you want). Tell us why you own them/want them, and then post the Top 5 VC Games you want (including ones that have yet to be released or announced).

Are we doing this as a Scam? No. We are doing this for the Readers. Remember, these things cost 20 bucks, and to sit down, infront of you're computer, and possibly get one for free? And the code gets instantly emailed to you, so you don't have to wait a week for it to come in the mail.

3 more days!

It seems like alot of people aren't following me to Wii Live, but you guys got to at least give it chance. Think of it as a new GoNintendo, with a smaller fan base. Why not help you're good buddy Penguin (aka durffen on wii live and everything else) and read Wii Live, sign up on the Forums, Post you're Top 5 VC Games, (ones you own) and why you like them, why you bought them, etc. and you have a chance of winning 2000 Wii Points. The Code will be Emailed to you. and thats it.

Also, send me a message on the Forums, or comment this blog post here if you signed up, and be sure to tell me you're forum name.

Come on, you guys gotta understand where i'm coming from though, were a new site, trying to get a nice ammount of readers, Registering won't hurt, you will not get spam mail if you register. And it would be cool if everyone could help out.

Wii-Live Forums is giving away a free 2000 Wii Points Card!

Thats right, here are the rules.

Sign up at Wii-Live Forums, and post you're top 5 VC games, (ones you own) tell us why you recommend them, why you own them, etc. Basically tell us all about you're VC, And you have a chance at winning a $20 Wii Points Card, Free!

There is no official deadline yet.

You don't get this chance everyday, so at least go check it out!

Note: I'am not an Advertising Robot.

Come on everyone, these forums can't stay silent all day!

Thats right, more advertising. come on, the least you could do is sign up, and please, tell everyone to check it out!

I as a writer for the site, and a Mod for the forums, am trying to help promote the whole site, so i hope you can understand were i'm coming from, so please, help out, Read the site, and Check out the new Forums!

Look for my posts, and look for me on the Forums, My username is Durffen.

Wii-Live has Forums!

Were you a NSider poster that is now disappointed do to NSider being down? We feel the same way. Do you like to read Wii-Live? Well, we are proud to annonce that Wii-Live Forums are now open! Thats right, and how am i suppose to advertise it? Oh yeah, tell everyone i know to tell everyone they know! So please, even if you're not a Message Boards kind of person, come check it out.