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The Wii is beastly

I recived the Wii on launch day(nov 19th) at 12:06 pm at Gamecrazy. I went there with my brother and a friend of mine. I got Legend of Zelda the day before so all I had to pick up was the console and an extra controller. Then when we got home we played Wii till 4:00am then sleeped in till 10:30am and then started playing again. So far my favorite Wii Sports game is Bowling, it is a very good repesentation of the actual game and I pwn at it. Also Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess is amazing. Right now I am 20 hrs in and I am on the 3rd dungen. It is probably my favorite Zelda game as of now.:D The gameplay is great, the story is epic, and the graphics are supurb. Well I am off for more Zelda time..peace. 

I just had..

I just had my wisdom teeth removed about an hour ago and damn I feel freking loopy. My opointmet was at 7:00pm, we got there at 6:48 and the place was not opened yet so we sat in the car Till 6:55 till they finally opened the door. Then I sat down next to a bunch of magazines, I picked a Times magazine up and read an artical called " Are out children using to much technology" (or somrhing like that), and on the first page there was a girl(age 12-13) on her cell phone playing a DS and haves an I-pod headphone in one ear.... so then after a read a page or two they called me up to go do the sugery. I went into this back room and sat down in the dark brown "doctor" chair. Then the girl asked me some personal questions to calm me down, wile she puts on the circular sticker things on my wrists. After she is done she puts an oxygen tube into my nostrals. Then the docter comes in and put a rubber band on my right arm and says to squeze the fists a few times. Then after that he puts alchole on my right arm and spays this icy stuff on my arm an pokes a needle in, then he he puts a tube on the needle. He then says to me " you are going to fall asleep soon", and sure enough I fell alseep but I don't know how long it took. Then When I woke up I felt like a drunk man who just got punched in the jaw and his mouth is really num.

Wii are Family!

Well nintendo finnaly realsed the offical name for the next gen console. Formaly known as Revolution. They decided to call it the Wii. I am almost postive we will be hearing millions of people joking about this name all over the US and possibly other countries.