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Alright Where to start off?..

Well Couple Updates on my sig and Avatar. Although Barney Stinson is all so Legendary, I feel that Ron Burgondy deserved a chance to be on my Avatar and Sig. Hopefully he can perform greatly! When in Rome, Yes Go On..

Next - I currently have given up my Union on account I have not been able to post very much. I wish the best of luck to those in the Union and hopefully the union can keep Active as it once was. Best of luck to the New Leader. So Now that I have a lot of free time on gamespot, if you are the leader or even are in need of a active Recruit just let me know and i'll be there :)

Next - For fun went out to Gamespot and Bought Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5. Now I always said Resident evil 4 for the game cube was one of my all time favorite games and now I remember why!! This is one of my favorite games ever! I rate it a 9.5/10 .. Only Flaw in my opinion is the camera view, but still one of the best!!

Now Resident Evil 5 is a different case. Haven't really played too much of this game cause all my time has been on Resident evil 4! But So far this game looks really fun and exciting! looks like its going to be a lot of fun!

I.. Am.. Back!!

People of Gamespot.. I Yours Truly PecualtorX Am Back from the nondead! Just thought I'd let you know that :)

My New Union!! || Just Had McDonalds Breakfast || Xbox Live Account Up!

Alright So right to start of, Gotta get my New unions name out there!! So its called The Just Sports Union! If you don't like sports then your in luck cause I got the Non OnTopic Union:) BUT if you like sports feel free and Stop Bye :) We can talk about any sports! Baseball, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Soccer, Golf, Ping Pong, Pool Billards, Swimming, WHATEVER SPORT you wanna talk about we got it there :) Now if you stop by don't think it sucks cause I just got it up and running in the last like 3ish hours.. So its a work in progress;) Oh and We need a Banner and a Union Avatar. Anyone is bored and wanna whip something up for me that'd be Awesome!! We totally need that!

Whoa Guys, I just had McDonalds Breakfast. I haven't had that stuff in lets say somewhere between 3-4 years. Damn was I missin out! That **** is GOOD! haha Had Myself a Deluxe breakfast! 3 Hot Cakes, Biscust, Egg, Sasuage, HashBrown, and a Dr. Pepper to seal the deal. Damn was that good stuff! haha Any one here go to McDonalds Breakfast at all?

(Makes me just as hungry as before!)

So I'm Crashing at my friends this weekend and Ive been saving up 48 Hour Gold Membership passes. So I'm Gonna be on NBA 2K11 and on Halo Reach, maybe a little Modern Warfare II. If anybody wants to play some of those games hit me up just send me a friend request. ALSO Just passed 8000 GS on my Xbox Account! Sweet! haha I'm kinda crazy about trying to get all the achivements, But I never do get them all! haha there too damn hard!

Bought 2 New Games! Halo: Reach and NBA 2K11! ANNOUNCEMENT AS WELL!

Alright so I got NBA 2K11 (Awesome) and Halo: Reach (Awesome). Here I go in a little more details.

Halo: Reach - 9.5/10: I thought that his game was awesome!! The new Weapons were awesome. The Levels were amazing! The Story.. was ****ing awesome! Dang, I wish that they didn't end all the game so fast! lol But I thought this game was awesome. I don't wanna so too much and Spoil some stuff. But overall Favorite Halo Game besides Halo 2. Oh and damn could those Elites get any harder to kill! :

NBA 2K11 - 8/10: First off before I start anything else. Damn! This game is hard! The passing is so much more real! Like if someone isn't looking and you pass them the ball, it isn't going to go right through them. Its going to hit off there back. lol But other than that. AWESOME Sports Game. Love it!


I here by PeculatorX am thinking about Changing my Avatar to Ron Burgundy..

Yeah thats Right! You wanna say something to this?!

Yeah.. Thats what I thought!

Stay Cla$$y Gamespot!.. Peculator OUT!

Blog Update For PeculatorX! (Awesomeness)

Alright Well here We go. IGot Internet Taken Away so I'm not going to be online for all that much. But I will be online through my phone. I just wish that you would post with Apple iPhones! Then I would always be active. I Just Bought 4 New Video Games. Red Dead Redemption, Fall Out 3, Call Of Duty: World At War, Madden 11. They are all pretty good games. God I love Fallout 3!

And You can't Go Wrong with Nazi Zombies! But What the hell is with The Ray Gun? Lol The Gun in Legendary no doubt!

Upcoming Games that I'm really looking forward to is:

1. Halo Reach - September 14

Halo: Reach Boxshot

2. NBA 2K11 - October 5th

NBA 2K11 Boxshot

3. Call Of Duty: Black Ops - November 9th

Call of Duty: Black Ops Boxshot

Level Update is 18 with a 84%. They Call me Flicky.. Whatever the hell that means. haha But I should be on my way to Level 20 so I can change my Color on my name. Got Some new Emblems. But Since I got this Raptor thing they got really small and I lost track of all my Emblems.

Need Help finding a New Avatar. If anyone Finds a new Barney Stintson Avatar or a good picture let me know.. I kinda got sick of this Avatar kinda fast. I need a new one because...

How I met Your Mother Season 6 Is coming out Starting September 20, 2010.. Oah yeah.. Its gonna be Legend.. Wait For it.. Dary!! Haha!

Comment if you guys got something to say:)


The Rumors are true...The Bro Code! And 2000 Posts!

So I'm in Barnes and Nobles when I stroll along nothing other than the Bro Code...

brocode.jpg (333×500)Ladies and gentleman, the rumors are true. The Bro Code is real. And I mean I had to get the book. They whole book is purely articles of what bros should and never shall do. Document was written June 4 1776.. The year the declaration of Independence was written. For All Bros out there with bro problems.. This is the book for you.

Also 2000 Post! I've been getting alot of posts in my union! The Non On-Topic Union! Tomorrow with be the 1 month birthday for the union! Get this the union that has only been up for 1 month, already has 365 members and 11,000 posts! Its growing so fast. And it doesn't look like its going to stop. So you have joined yet, you need to join soon!


Hawaii Vacation - Catered Bon Jovi!!

2-14-10010.jpg picture by Exit_293

(In Picture Mohala, ME. Then in the Background Bon Jovi and Richi Sambora*Lead Guitarist*)

K Well a Couple Months ago I went with my dad to Hawaii to go Cater Bon Jovi on his tour for his new Album "The Circle". We got to make food for Bon Jovi and his band and his whole Crew. I got to meet Bon Jovi! He said that our food was so good that I asked him for his Band Signature and he signed my Bon Jovi Poster and gave me his Guitar Pick :o. He gave me his Guitar Pick!! It was the best vacation ever!

I got the job because my dads company is *Caterer to the Stars*. We live in Utah and so my Uncle owns part the buiness so my dad and I go down for every big show to caterer the big shows such as Bon Jovi, No Doubt, U2, Beach Boys, ACDC, Linkin Park, Green Day, Lil Wayne, Micheal Jackson, all of them.

This was the greatest experiance of my life!!

Yesss.. 1,000 Posts!! I rock! thought I would let you gyus know that I rock! Just Joking! But 1,000 Posts! Yesss!! I've been getting alot of posts in 2 or 3 Unions...

The Non OnTopic Union Is my new union. Its really active. 1,500 posts in a week coming along with 70 members!

Thinking of changing my Avatar to Barney Stinson From How I met your Mother. I love that show! Have you ever seen it?

Time to Suit up!!

My New Union!! Come Join!!

Hey Guess Just wanted to let you now that I made a new union last night. The non On-Topic Union. Not the best name couldn't think of a name. But it already has like 36 Members. Its a off topic union where you can talk about Sports, Movies, Food, Games anything you want! We are a friendly union and we talk about anything. Everyone is Welcome. I hope you guys join. For everyone who has already joined thanks alot and Keep up the good work!

And for the I'm On a boat a picture... I don't know :)

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