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Everything Sports

I created a union called Everything Sports, and it has a bunch of EA sports games for PS3, 360, and DS.

I invited 8 people to join my union, I forgot who, lol, but those people, can u please accept, thanks.

We'll be talkin' about new sports games, and upcoming ones and stuff like that.

I didn't put a bunch of accociated games, I just put a topic of games, and it was Sports>>General. So ya, in the forum everybody can like post topics for like whatever games you want, So ya.

New GS

Ok first, the new GS design looks preety cool, although it is a bit harder to navigate across the site, but it takes getting used to, right?

Anyway, it's good and bad. The good is that your profile page looks cooler, but the bad is that its harder to use the site.

So in the end, I like it cause it looks better, but the old one is easier to use.

P.S, this is my 20th blog post, I forgot to do my 10th, Yay Me!

Call Of Duty 4

Hey Guys, I just wanted to put out there in the world of blogs, lol, that me and my brother reached 4th prestige for COD4, were like level 40 or somethin. Anyway if you want to play me just comment or something like that, see ya.


Hey everybody, I haven't blogged for a while, so this is something I thought that I could make a blog about.

I noticed I'm level 5, 1 more level till the ability to create a union. I was thinking about creating a union about maybe PS3, or DS, or maybe a franchise like FIFA, any suggestions?

The Dark Knight

Hey guys, on Friday I saw the Dark Knight and it was probably the best movie I ever saw in my whole life. Heath Ledger ( Joker ), was like the best actor in the movie, he was so crazy and everything he did was awesome. Too bad he died though, a moment of silence for Heath Ledger... , I wish he could be in other movies, he would've been so good, but everything happens for a reason right?

So even if you don't like Batman, you just have to see this movie movie because it is amazing.

Soccer Tournament Cont.

I just finished my tournament today, our score altogether was 1 win, 1 tie, and 1 loss, wierd eh, anyway we didn't make it to the finals, but there's always next year right.

Soccer Tournament

Hey guys, I'm just here to tell you that tomorrow I have a soccer tournament, so I'll probably be gone all day tomorrow so if anybody wanted to message me or whatever, I'll probably reply a day late, ok, see ya.

My Top Ten Most Favourite Games for PS3

Some games are ones that I don't have, but I played at someone else's house or whatever.

10. Uncharted Drake's Fortune

9. Skate

8. UEFA Euro 2008

7. MLB 08 The Show

6. NHL 08

5. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots

4. Top Spin 3

3. FIFA Soccer 08

2. Grand Theft Auto 4

1. Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

What are yours??

Slight Change

I just finished writing my review for Top Spin 3 on PS3, and I changed something about my reviews. I put that Top Spin 3 is 9.0 Superb, but then later on in the review I put ( Overall Score 9.1 ). I forgot to do that in my other reviews so for GTA 4 its really a 9.8, and COD4 is 9.7. So those are my real scores, see ya.

My Most Anticipated Games of E3 08 ( Nintendo )

I felt like seeing what new games are coming for Wii, and DS, so I watched the E3 08 Nintendo Press Conference and these are my most anticipated games.

5. Spore Creatures

4. Animal Crossing: City Folk

3. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

2. Wii Sports: Resort

1. Wii Music

Wii Music would probably be everybody's most favourite game, since it features over 50 different playable instruments, including, the drums, the piano, the guitar, the saxaphone, and many many more. Also because you don't have to press buttons at a certain time like you do in Guitar Hero and Rock Band, so that is why Wii Music is my favourite upcoming game from Nintendo.:D