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Its over ... but it doesnt feel so good :(

Yeah school is over for me , and this time around for good . I just finished 12th grade and all my exams with it . I was expecting to finally be able to feel free , but now to be honest I know that I will miss school a lot :( There where bad times to , but mostly I had fun during the 4 years . My calssmates where OK and as much as I complained about it school wasnt that hard :?

My final grades where pretty good IMO :) . I have an average of 94.5% for the 12th grade and a 91.9% for my final exams which where the folowing :

Romanian ( oral ) : 9.50

Hungarian ( oral ) : 10

English ( thank god its an oral exam , I think we all know how "good" my writing skills are :P ) : 10

Romanian : 6.85 ( ouch )

Hungarian : 8.70

Catachism ( yeah I was part of a religious class :P ) : 9.15

History : 10

Geography : 9.35

Whith these grades Im hoping that I will be able to go fro free to the university ( veterinary medicine ) if not Il have to pay big $ to be able to go , and yeah , that will take away a part of my gaming budget :P

Well lets finish talking about school , because it just makes me feel melancholyc and all :P This week I watched The Incredible Hulk and Hancock :D Hancock was better than what I was expecting , and luckily Will Smith played his role pretty well :wink: The Incredible Hulk was so-so . I like Edward Norton , but this is far from being his bets movie . The special effects where awesome , and the final fight was brutal , but thats juts not enough to make a good movie . Well Hulk never was intended to be a refined experience so I dont know from where my high expectations came from :P

About games ... well at this point I have at least 20 games on my PSP , PC and PS2 that I still have to finish , and I havent even started ~ 10 of them :P Luckily Il have plenty of time to play games this summer :D Im also planning to replay the GoW games ... I just miss them so much :P Also Im trying to finish MGS3 : Snake Eater . I never finished any MGS games execpet Portable Ops , even if I played 1,2,3,PO and even Babel :o ( yeah some might remember that GBC game ... )

Well this is all that I wanted to say I guess ... the blog came out to be a bit longer than what I was expecting . See you all next time :wink:

5 things about me :P

Well , I just got tagged by Viveckvivu , and everyone knows when you get tagged , you have to write 5 things about yourself , plus tag 5 other users :) So , here are my 5 facts :

1. I actually owned 2 DSs :o Yeah , it might be a bit shocking , with all my PSP love , but dont worry , Ive sold both . The first I got it in 05 when the DS Phat was launched in Europe . The second I bought it this January , just to sell it in February :P Yeah , I played a bit of Phantom hourglas , NSMB and a couple of others and Ive got bored of it :?

2. I often like to watch extremly poor quality movies ... I cant explain why , but I do :P

3. I hate cars !!! :twisted: Well not hate them , I like them in games like Burnout , but except a Smart , I couldent imagine myself driving anything else ...

4. I dont have a girlfriend ... sad , but true :( :P

5. My plan is to become a vet ... thats the only thing I would like to do except game designing , and because Im carp at it , the pet vet is the only job Im left with :P

So ... now the guys whom I tagged :

Autobon , CowMan07 , darkPSPfan , Daxtermania and LexLas ( sorry , I cant link them , Firefox wont let me :( ) .

W ell thats all for now :P

PS : Ive got today Chains of Olympus .... its simply amazing :D

Merry Christmas and a happy new year !!!

Well this is all that I wanted to tell you all . Im leaving for the holidays tomorrow , and I dont know if Il be online , so I wanted to tell you all : MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Oh , and here is a cool comic Ive got while Ive googled for a pic ( funny , but sad in the same time ) :

Our old friend is back ...

Who is this friend ? Well its Viveckvivu ! :D Many people knew him for a loooong time , and because of somebody we dont love , he was banned for a good ammount of time :(

Well he somehow got back here , and if you knew him stop by his blog and say hi :)

2 years since Im on Gamespot !

Yeah , two years have passed , since Ive signed up on Gamespot . What can I say ... they where 2 really good years in my life . Iv just turned 18 BTW :P , my B-day was yesterday :lol:

Anyways , except some pretty ammount of $ :D , that I will spend probably on my gaming needs :P , Ive also got a PS2 :o ... Unexpected ? Yes it was , especially now , that we are pretty deep in the 7th generation of consoles . But Man Im gald , because I really need to finish GoW 2 untill Chains of Olympus comes out ... well thats all untill now , see you all soon :P

( PS : Ive just finished Metal gear Solid : Portable Ops ... man the neding was amazing :D ) .

New Alien&PSP baner !

Yeah ... it was time . The old paint-made banner was getting boaring and it was , lets be honest , ugly . Luckily friends are the ones who helped me this time to , more exactly a big thanks for darkPSPfan , who is the one whom made me this banner ... he knows that Im a big Alien and a PSP fan , so he made me this banner ... thanks again :)

This smile is for you ( and everyone who bothers to read this :P ) .

My PSP Slim & Lite has arrived !

Finally , afther 13 days of shipment ( :o ) my new PSP is up and running ... and man Im impressed . Dont listen to people whom say that its not a worthy upgrade , because they simply lie ... The weight reduction is awesome , and the new UMD/memory doors are much batter than the old ones . Also load time in games like SWB 2 and MHF are seemingly batter ( at least in stage loadings ) .

PS : sorry for the few blogs that I make lately , but the 12th grade is killing me :cry:

Got answer for RE petition !

I finally got an answer for the petition adressed for Capcom , aking a RE game for the PSP . They told me , that they will forward my petition for the Osaka based RE team , and if I could gather 10,000 signatures , than the chances would be extremly high for the game . Unfortunatly we only have 1700 at this point ...

Wow ... what a summer !

Hy everyone . First of all I want to apologuse that I wasnt in for a long time , and I have a good reason . Im traveling all the time again between citys and villages :P There are tim es when I can find a connection , and there are times when I cant :( Ayways during this time many things happened . I had finished school with a 9.54 media :D So my parents wont mass my head with reading and learning all the time no more :P and Il have more time to play games :D

Then there was E3 . Man the PSP redesign looks awesome . To be honest there are 3 things that excite me about it : batter battery , double RAM ammount and TV output :D All I wanted .

I have some friends here for whom I had promissed a few things . Dont worry I didnt forget about it :)

At this point Im playing some interesting games to . I had replayed POP : T2T , well more exactly RS , Im tryeing to finish LocoRoco under 1 hour , Im dessperatly tryeing to finish RE4 and Im playing 2 RPGs :) One is Gothic 2 , what Im only tryeing to finish , because Ive allready played it , and the nother one is Gurumin , for the PSP , which I got from my cuz. Its quirky , but its shure lots of fun , so try it out :D

Well thats all for now , soryy for not being in , as soon as I can I will be on much more on GS , untill than ... well by :)

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