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They stated that there are going to be problems for the first 2 weeks of online. They told you that, and people still complain. They are trying to do everything in their power to get it to work. I'm sure it's more than just "let's turn on more servers."

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I think they'll release either a zombie DLC or an alien DLC. The alien one seems more fitting (seeing how they hint at aliens non-stop with the UFOS, UFO parts, frozen aliens, getting abducted by aliens while high, aliens attacking you while high, etc). The zombie one would just be badass though. An urban GTA-Style zombie game? Sounds amazing. The best part about it is that Rockstar could re-use a lot of technical stuff from Red Dead.

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We know Rockstar can do it... And they have been hinting at the idea of zombies in GTA5. The only other "weird" DLC alternative I can think of them doing is implementing aliens into it. Like an Independance Day DLC. Or maybe a mix of both? Zombies AND Aliens. 

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Nice job misusuing the term "white knight". 

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I don't see what they big deal is. What are you losing, exactly? You still have private matches. You still have all of the original multiplayer modes. Even free roam wouldn't be affected by this "so-called pay-to-win cash." It's just a shortcut for weapons and car mods. Stop complaining.

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I played GTA when I was a kid (my parents weren't completely against it or strict, but they probably wouldn't have liked me playing it) and I turned out fine. At that age, it kind of freaked me out a little. I would honestly say no and let him play it when he's around 15-16 if you think he can handle it. 

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You literally hit the nail on the head. You bring up some great points about her lack of interest in other, more offensive areas such as racism, violence, and drug use. 11/10 would read again. 

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That would be really cool if they somehow incorporated it into GTA5. 

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Questioning Sony's security issues seems like a bigger deal than getting mad at who actually looked at it... 

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I've been waiting for this game to come out for about a month. I haven't seen much hype for it. Is there something I'm missing?

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