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It's been forever...

Quick update:

1. I haven't been on in forever. obviously.

2. I'm (for the most part) playing my new PS3 these days.

3. My birthday was not too long ago (on Halloween).

4. I should sign in more often.

-That is all.

Anyone wanna start an XBL clan?

My gamertag is in a SEPERATE blog.

I've always wanted to be part of one, no gamertag changes required. Maybe centered around Resident Evil 5, Bad Company, Halo, Gears Of War, Fable 2, and Grand Theft Auto.

Add or contact me if you're interested

My gamertag...

So.. since I haven't given it to most of you, I wanted to release my gamertag(drumroll)


I'd enjoy getting your's also

The fall of gaming

Allow me to explain, tons of fanboys are giving their own opinions about MGS Rising. Everyone on Sony's side is*fake shock* mad about it being multiplatform. Microsoft's fans are being totally in everyone face about it. Fanboyism is a very scary concept if you ask me. This is worse than the whole Gears of War VS Halo thing to me.......... WTF happened to gaming.