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Yay, I've figured out how to blog!!!

Hoooraaay, I've figured out how to blog!  This box is a little small, but beautiful.  Why is it beautiful?  I have no clue!

I found this crazy music video, and it is hilarious!  I posted it on GAMEFAQS, but they said it was old.  I don't care, I was new to me, and I for one liked it.

I think maybe I ought to memorize it like I memorized "Ode to Spot" from "Schisims" and episode in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

On that note, I think I might be able to convince this girl I know to become a Trekkie, and I am super excited.

I recently found out my eighteen year old second-cousin got married without his parent's permission.  He only knew her for, like three months!!!!  He really didn't seem like the type to do that.

I am now faced with a problem, how to label this blog entry.  Ah, other will work.  Hope someone will read this,

                       Some Random Person Who You Most Likely Don't Know,