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XCOM Baby!


Finally, I've cleared XCOM : ENEMY UNKNOWN on CLASSIC IRON MAN mode. Took me a while since I had to restart several times, but it was worth it.

Overall, it was a decent strategy game, the field battles were fantastic, but in my opinion the programmers dropped the ball on the base management aspect. It was too simplistic and lacking in customization and detail.

At first when you can barely afford anything the game gives you the impression that there'll be lots of stuff to research and lots of facilities to build, but by the mid game you realize that isn't quite the case. And for me at least, it didn't mattered how much I lagged behind in research and facilities in the beginning, by the mid to late game, I had a lot of money but there was nothing exciting left to buy.

Actually, the game gets sort of boring once you start taking things under control, and at one point in my original CLASSIC difficulty run, I lost the desire to keep playing. Thus I decided to give IRON MAN difficulty a try, and it did serve to renew my interest.

I think they should've stretched the research trees a bit more. For example, there's only two higher weapon tiers : lasers and plasma, (and you can skip lasers altogether). And once you've got the plasma guns, that's it for the weapons, there's nothing beyond that.

The ending was pretty cool (not to mention surprising), yet it was too short and lacked more exposure.

What's wrong with game endings nowadays? A lot of games I've played recently (XCOM, DISHONORED, HALO 4 etc.) only have these lousy 5 minute endings.

With nowadays game developing costs, long developing times, huge developing teams, and that's what we get? A lot of these games have longer cut-scenes in between, I can't believe they won't pay the same attention to the ending.

Also, I started playing FAR CRY 3 again. I actually got the game a few days ago, but I stopped playing since I couldn't stand the main character being this dumb-looking rich kid who's turned RAMBO overnight. However, after reading the IGN review (where's the GameSpot one?), I was glad to hear that the character actually changes throughout the course of the game, so I'll be giving it another chance.