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So I got ARMORED CORE V, which I was highly anticipating since FOR ANSWER was pretty good.

But after drooling at the amazing OP movie, I got a message that without online access you cannot buy new AC parts.... I was WTF!?

So yeah, the biggest, hell, the core focus of the series, the AC customization is totally nerfed unless you have Xbox Live. And I wouldn't be surprised if they made you pay for them as if they were DLC.

I'd totally understand if online allowed you to get a lot more parts as long as the game had at least the same amount of parts than the previous game. But the offline AC part selection is meager at best.

I'm aware that you can get some new parts by defeating enemy AC units, but even so there can't be that many of them.

Anyway, it's BS like this why I hardly buy original current gen games. Ironically, the last original game I bought was the FROM SOFTWARE game DARK SOULS, which is one of the longest and most gratifying games I've played this generation. Nothing like this game.

FROM SOFTWARE should've released CHROME HOUNDS 2 instead, because they've ruined this AC entry. Too bad because the game does make a lot of things better, but poor customization is too much of a downer.

NAMCO and CAPCOM are really scaming their userbase this generation. It's despicable.