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Well, I guess it's back to retro gaming

As soon as I'm done playing Dragon Age II I think I'll be logging off current gen gaming for a while and try and get my retro game groove back. I wanted to put my shiny new LCD HDTV to good use and mission accomplished, but now I'm getting bored again. Of course there's still many current gen games I'm very interested on, like Skyrim and Catherine, but they're still months away.

Also, I've purchased a lot of retro games in these past months that I've yet to try. Seriously, I have a huge backlog of retro games that have piled on me it's not even funny.

As for my latest current gen HD experience, it's been bittersweet to tell you the truth. I'm really not digging all these DLConline nonsense in the least. Suddenly it seems that $60 is not enough for the poor game publishers to make a profit, so they try to scam $5 here and $7 there with their DLC, many of which should've have been on the disc (or is actually in the disc already.

I mean, if the publishers think $60 is not enough for their game, then charge $65 or whatever they think its fair but make it worthwhile. I'd very much prefer that over dealing with DLC, because you know what, sooner or later games are gonna go up in price anyway yet we will still have to suffer unhinged publishers offering DLC on day one.

I have always noticed how people that didn't experience the 8-bit and 16-bit generation themselves have a sort of messed up conception of how those times truly were. They'd love to think that everyone cared only about the gameplay, that graphics didn't matter, that their favourite games that ruled their respective generations weren't considered mainstream and weren't dissed around just like they do with the mainstream games of today.

But while these people might be wrong about many things, something that is true about those days is that most of the times publishers and developers (both big and small) did went the extra mile to make their games stand out as much as possible. Nowadays even with great games, it seems they are content with their games having only acceptable content charging you for any deluxe or extra stuff.

If Bayonetta had been published by EA for example, Jeanne and half of the unlockable costumes and weapons probably would have been a pre-order exclusive DLC, while Little Zero and the other half of the unlockable costumes and weapons would have been regular DLC.

Sure, many people would say that it's only EA and some other companies that are ruining everything, but the more those companies continue to make a decent profit, the more they are going to force others to follow suit. That's how it usually works. I mean, do any of you actually think that this DLC trend is gonna slowdown? I can only see DLC growing and becoming more openly shameless in the future. Various Japanese companies like Capcom and Namco-Bandai have already embraced DLC in full.

The worst thing is that this new generation of gamers is growing up thinking that this is normal, and that is ok for publishers to overcharge them. Unfortunately these companies know too well how to appeal to our materialist side, therefore they led games to believe that DLC gives them the edge or makes them more "hardcore" if you will.

This is very bad, because like I said, before they would've at least made the effort to put it in the game. Now even shooting games like Raiden IV which the media in general cosiders lacking in value (I've actually been saying this about shooting games since the days of the Dreamcast) are blatantly cutting corners. I mean I still can believe they'd make you pay for extra DLC ships. And it's the same thing with Otomedius in Japan. They both have less selectable characters/aircraft than in previous installments, yet they make you pay more for their game and even more for the DLC. This is where you start to realize it's all going down to hell.

Oh well, this is the industry we have today I suppose. I don't think publishers or these new batch of gamers would care much about my opinion. I'm just glad I'm from a different generation and can fall back and enjoy the games of my time.