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The PSP to get Parodius and TwinBee collections.

Konami will be releasing both Parodius Portable and TwinBee Portable on the PSP on January 25 in Japan. Parodius Portable contains all 4 Parodius games: (except spin-off ParoWars) Parodius DA! Gokujou Parodius Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius: Forever with me Sexy Parodius The Parodius series is one of the best and most fun SHMUP series of all time. A stand alone Sexy Parodius port would have been worthwhile, but with all 4 games this is simply a must-have for any SHMUP fan. I mean where else could you play a SHMUP while listening to Glenn Miller's Up in the mood in the background? TwinBee portable also contains all of the TwinBee games: (except spin-offs TwinBee RPG and Puzzle Drama) TwinBee Detana TwinBee Pop n' TwinBee TwinBee Yahoo! The TwinBee games are vertical SHMUPS and overall all of them are highly enjoyable, and very fun. My personal fave is Yahoo, which is amazingly fun. Even though I already have all of those for the Saturn and PS I really wish I had a PSP then I would buy them in a heartbeat just so I could play them everwhere. Any import fan should really take notice, these games are worth their price in gold in my opinion.

TwinBee Yahoo!:

Parodius Series: