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Just got the game, and boy do I miss these games. I do have SILENT HILL 2 for the PS2 (standard first edition Japanese version) and RESTLESS DREAMS for the Xbox. I also have SILENT HILL 3, but man playing in widescreen is something else.

My only complaints is the piss poor presentation and cheap looking menus. You'd think the team that handled the port would've taken the time to make two or three fancy looking menus at least. But no.

Secondly, SILENT HILL 2 seems to be missing the remove grainy filtrer option from the XBOX version (or did you had to clear the game once to unlock it? I forgot).

Anyway, these games are still fantastic even after all this time. Personally I would've taken the original over the third if I had the option for this collection, but still I'm looking forward to replaying the third since the heroine's hilarious outfits make the game a little lighter to play.

Finally, maybe it's just me, but I thought the games would look a bit better in 1080p, but the higher resolution doesn't do that much in this case. Of course I was sold on the widescreen aspect alone, anyway.

Now, I just have to decide if I should play with the new voice overs or the ****c ones.

EDIT : I've been reading some user feedback about the game and it seems they messed with SILENT HILL 3 big time. I've read that they even changed the rusty floors and toned down the overall creepyness.

If that's true then it'll be a massive disappointment, and it makes me wonder why IGN gave the game a 9.

Oh, well, at least there's SILENT HILL 2, which is my favourite game of the two.