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RAGE & OTOMEDIUS : EXCELLENT - Double End-year Disappointments


I'm a huge fan of post-apocalyptic games, so naturally RAGE was a game I had to play.

The adventure started fantastically-enough. The game's trademark top-tier graphics made the wasteland a joy to watch, and the gameplay is mostly traditional no-nonsense and non-gimmicky shooting action, which also was a big plus for me.

So, at the start you're quickly introduced to a couple of small but interesting towns with the obligued quest giving NPCs. The characters in this game look and animate superbly, so looking and talking with them was very enjoyable.

Basically, the pace at which you're introduced to new stuff in the beginning is pretty good, and I was sort of expecting the game to keep it up throughout most of the adventure, but alas it did not.

I was done with the first two towns in just a couple of hours then arrived to the first "big town" and was pretty much stuck there for the next 10 hours or so. The game started to feel rather small-sized by then, and I couldn't wait to just move on to the next town.

Finally, I cleared the first disc and when I started the second at that time I said "wow, it was worth it". Imagine my surprise though when I found out this second big town that I just arrived in was in fact the last one in the game.

Seriously, the whole end game of RAGE was total BS, not to mention surprisingly short. The story was also awful. I mean, the game throws these cool and intense shooting sequences but all the motivation the devs could come up with to put you through all of this stuff is that you have to prove yourself to some one-dimensional mobster mayor character? That's just lame.

Then when you're finally ready to hit the enemy in their turf in this supposedly epic final mission, I was expecting to see another town or at lest new scenery. But there's only this high-tech facility, you flip some switches, fend back a small bunch of enemies and the game ends... TOTAL LET DOWN!

Bottomline, I don't see me playing RAGE again ever. It has one of the most disappointing and anti-climatic end game parts I've seen in a long time.



I have to be honest. When I first read the media feedback about this game I totally rolled my eyes. I mean, the media critics have always sucked big time at rating arcade games ever since the 32-bit generation.

This time however, I must admit I was wrong and they were right. This game just isn't that good.

As I've already mentioned a few times in this blog, OTOMEDIUS : GORGEOUS is one of the best shooting games of this generation.EXCELLENT unfortunately is nothing like it.

GORGEOUS had the legendary PARODIUS feel. It had more interesting and well made stages, better bosses, better music, better animation, well, better everything. EXCELLENT on the other hand feels like an unspired, low-budget sequel made out of the left overs of the previous game.

It's a real pity that western players were introduced to the series by this uninspired sequel and not the excellent arcade game.