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"Greatest Gaming Developers" featuring: Climax Entertainment.

...continued from last post.
Other games:

Blue Stinger 1999/2000 SEGA Dreamcast

As pretty much anybody should know, 65 millions ago a meteorite crashed in the Yucatan Penninsula in Mexico, succesfully wiping out the Dinosaurs from the face of the Earth. Now in the year 2000 an island has surfaced on very place where the meteorite first crashed. The island was named "Dinosaur Island". (yay for original names) Elliot G. Ballade, elite member of the ESER forces was vacationing around Dinosaur Island when a mysterious object suddenly fell from the sky to Dinosaur Island, then an energy barrier has surrounded the island preventing any means of escape.Shortly after, Elliot encounters a mysterious creature called Nephilm that will lead Elliot throughout the island. Elliot then decides to investigate whats really going on in the island as well as to secure a mean to escape. Along the way Elliot will meet the grumpy old sailor Dogs Bower who will team up with Elliot and will help him in the adventure.

Although Blue Stinger might not be something really special and by the numbers it might be just an average survival horror game. It's not a bad game neither. The game aims to give a decent survival horror adventure and that's pretty much what you'll get. The game isn't really a memorable gaming experience, but there's nothing that bogs it down. The game is enjoyable from start to finish.

Unfortunately some changes were made upon it's localization and they weren't for the best. Apparently someone thought the game suffered from some pretty bad camera obstruction problems, (as if the Resident Evil games up till then didn't) so they changed the camera view to a behind the back angle. This change just killed the great cinematic camera angles of the original Japanese version, and changed quite drastically the overall cinematic atmosphere of the game. There were also areas of the game that were removed or censored.

Just like Climax Landers, Blue Stinger is also dirt cheap which is always a great incentive for getting a game. Surely the game isn't a Resident Evil:Code Veronica, but Blue Stinger manages give a decent enough survial horror experience that will be able to please game of the genre and it's cheap price of admition makes it more than worthy of playing it. Just do yourself a favour and get the Japanese version if you can as in the same manner of the Resident Evil games, the dialogue in the Japanese version is fully in English.


Those are the games which in my opinion are the most important ones for the company, but they're not all of their library.

Some other games by Climax Entertainment are the Runabout series and Illbleed:

Runabout/Felony 11-79 - 1997, Sony Playstation

Runabout 2 -1999/2000, Sony Playstation

Super Runabout - 2000, SEGA Dreamcast

Super Runabout: San Francisco Edition -
2000, SEGA Dreamcast

Runabout 3 Neo Age - 2002, Sony Playstation 2

Illbleed - 2001, SEGA Dreamcast


Climax's last known project is the remake of LandStalker for the Sony PSP stated to be released sometime around this year.

Since the company is not done yet, there's still hope of a Stalker-quality game from them in the future. Although my personal wish would be that they would again team up with SEGA and re-take the Shining series now that Camelot has left them and the series seem to be on a free fall streak. The chances of that happening are pretty much non-existant, but hey, anyone can dream.

Climax Entertainment has clearly left a mark upon many gamers. Their unforgettable games as well as their distinctive artwork s-t-y-le have gained them a place in the annals of gaming history.