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Ninja Gaiden II

After nearly 60 hrs and three straight consecutive playthroughs, I've finally completed NINJA GAIDEN II on 'Master Ninja' difficulty setting.

In my opinion the game is plain awesome. I really can't believe I never bothered playing it until now, specially since I've had the game for a long time.

I also can't believe the game only received average scores at the time. The action and fighting system is faster, deeper, and just a lot better than NINJA GAIDEN BLACK.

The de-limbering mechanic isn't just for cool looks as it adds a whole new dimension to the battle system.

Sure, the game is rough around the edges, but so was the original game, if you ask me. That one had a lot more of annoying platforming action, and underdeveloped arrow shooting mechanics which really contrasted with the more polished battle system. Lousy saving/continuing system, annoying never-ending respawning enemies etc.

I think the fact that you could drown yourself in elixirs made the annoyances of the original game more bearable for most people.

I also can't understand the complaints about the environments. Yeah, I guess they weren't the best for 2008 standards, but do people actually like the generic looking city, military complex/warehouses and TOMB RIDER-esque ruins of the original better?

It's really a shame ITAKAGI left TECMO before he could release an updated and reworked version of the game like he did with BLACK. But still - all in all, I think NINJA GAIDEN II is a great game and definitely one of the best action games of this generation.