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New Xbox 360 Slim + New Games (Skyrim, Sonic Generations, Dead Island etc.)

My old Xbox 360 busted a couple of months ago, and ever since then I've missed a few of the late releases.

Well, I finally went and bought a Slim model, and got Skyrim, Sonic Generations, Dead Island and Dead Rising 2 : Off The Record to get up to date. There was also the new Ace Combat, Batman Arkham City, that Warhammer game, and a few other games I'm interested, but I'll get them monday or so.

Luckly, you can use the old HDD on the slim model, so I didn't had to buy another one.

I'm very impressed with Skyrim BTW, tough it has the same black and white choice answers from Oblivion.

The game looks fantastic, the character creation is a huge step up, it has dual wielding, and the interface is the best in the series.

The only thing I don't like is that you cannot checkout your character appearance on the item or status screen.

I only hope the game isn't as buggy as Fallout and Oblivion.

I also have noticed that the character models have this light lines around them. It's not a big issue or anything, but it's odd.

Dead Island was a bit of a disappointment though. It just doesn't have the charm of games like Left 4 Dead or Dead Rising. Characters are far from memorable.

I still have to install Sonic Generations, so I can't comment on it right now.

Finally, my old system didn't had an HDMI port so I also was able to test that. I couldn't see any noticeably difference in image quality though. Both component and HDMI look exactly the same at 1080p on my TV.