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My disappointment with Dragon Age II continues...

I hate to sound like a broken record, specially since I already made my point on my previous post. But it has been quite a while since a game I was highly anticipating came crashing down like this. So bare with me as I vent some anger and frustration.

It's not only that there's no race selection and customization for your allies. Or that the story is not great and the locales are limited and get reused over and over. The more I play the game, the more I am truly getting a real idea of how restricted the game truly is.

It seems you can't dual-wield unless you're playing as a rogue and even then they can only dual-wield daggers (gone are the axe, longsword etc. combos). If you equip a longsword, the game automatically *forces* a generic (and magical since it's not even in your inventory) shield on you. Archers were also fun to play in Dragon Age Origins and they had talents that allowed them to handle pretty well in melee range, but in this game if you get in melee range *again* the game forces a set of magical daggers on you. Even worse is that the weapon set switch was ditched completely, so you can't even substitute them with your own unless you go into the inventory screen, which in Dragon Age Origins was accessible even from the radial menu.

Oh, and the save data transfer feature is totally glitched. It loads just fine then for some reason it can get corrupted along the way. Why didn't Bioware made a save data transfer utility like they did in Mass Effect 2 is beyond me.

And of course the game lacks an auto-attack (which exist on the PC version). Of course its silly to think that this alone turns Dragon Age II into Dynasty Warriors Age (the DW series wished it worked like this), fans are just overdoing it in this aspect. But yes, the lack of auto-attack can be somewhat annoying at times.

Honestly, I just don't know why Bioware went and change what didn't needed to be changed in the first place. I mean, we don't get anything positive out of this at all. All we get in Dragon Age II is a way more restricted and dumbed down player customization and gameplay mechanics.

It's just too disappointing... (T^T)