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Musou Orochi 2

After like 15 years of rehashing the same gameplay concept over and over AND over again, developer OMEGA FORCE finally did something to improve (at least slightly so) their way too worn out, yet for some strange reason, extremelly successful MUSOU game series.

I'm talking about the latest entry in the series : "MUSOU OROCHI 2" (called "WARRIORS OROCHI 3" overseas).

Most notably in recent years the MUSOU series began implementing a "tag team" feature like the one in fighting games in hopes of making the otherwise simplistic and overly repetitive gameplay mechanics a little more interesting.

While this feature has been alright so far, MUSOU OROCHI 2 brings it to next level by making it a whole lot more versatile and also *SHOCK* a lot of fun to use. And this is definitely good news because the game pretty much revolves entirely around its tag team mechanics.

An all-bishoujo dream team? Sign me up.

Basically after successfully landing a hit on an enemy you can push the LT or RT buttons to swap characters and continue the attack. If done correctly you can keep attacking and swapping characters non-stop, which as you can imagine is pretty awesome.

Tearing through the enemy's ranks whilst chaining tag team attacks is a LOT more fun than anything you could possibly do in any of the past MUSOU games, period. And personally I found it hilariously fun how you can now juggle enemy generals to oblivion like if you were playing MARVEL VS CAPCOM or a DEAD OR ALIVE game.

This wouldn't be a proper Japanese game without stuff like this.

Don't get me wrong though. Nearly all of the design and gameplay flaws that series are well known for are also present in WARRIORS OROCHI 2. The game doesn't re-invent the series, it's just that the improved tag team mechanics go a long way in making fun what before seemed more like a chore.

On the downside WARRIORS OROCHI 2 feels significantly more low-budget in comparison to the likes of SHIN SANGOKU MUSOU 6 (aka "DYNASTY WARRIORS 7"). The CGI movies are blurry and not very impressive, and there's a lot more still pictures than real-time cut-scenes this time around.

But on a postive note, it seems TECMO-KOEI have finally learned their lesson and settled for a default Japanese voice track.

After the NINJA GAIDEN 3 fiasco, I'm glad that this game was able to wash at least some of the terrible taste that unforgivable awful game left in me. Believe it or not, finally a MUSOU game worth recommending.