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More bits and thoughts about the wonderful "hi-tech" 80's

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So I was dusting off some of my old game magazines looking for info about some old PCgames and I came across a couple of issues of the MyCom BASIC magazine from Novemeber and December 1988. For those of you who might not know, this was the time when the Mega Drive was released.

I don't have a PC scanner unfortunately, but the good news is that I searched a bit and came across a sort of MyCom BASIC database with the front covers and at least a one page scan of each issue.

Something is better than nothing, right? (^^;

Anyway, the header of the November 1988 issue was :

セガ16ビットTVゲームマシン発表 !

(SEGA Releases Their 16-Bit TV Game Machine!)

▲Click for insert scan.

The hottest games of the month were ORDYNE at the game centers and JACK : LAS VEGAS SERIAL KILLER - a black and white AVG (adventure game) for PC.


Now, the December 1988 header in turn was :




▲Click for insert scan.

The hottest games were IMAGE FIGHT, THUNDER CROSS and METAL HAWK (This was the time where shooting games ruled the Middle Earth still).

CAPCOM's DAI MAKAI-MURA was also kicking arse at the game centers.

Man, I know I can't say this enough but the 80's and early 90's were the sh+t. Loads of games and systems everywhere. The arcades impressed us with their super sprite scaling and 3D games that seemed like out of this world at the time. The powehouse gaming computers with arcade perfect ports that were far out of reach for most every kid still stuck with their 8-bit systems, but they still read about them and wished of one day owning one.

If you were actually playing stuff like STAR CRUISER or AFTER BURNER at the comfort of your home back in the '80s, you were one lucky kid.

There was none of this nostalgia BS that plagues the nowadays video game userbase. No lousy standards either, game companies had to be in the game to remain alive. Competition was fierce in every aspect.

More importantly, video gaming was more self-centered. Gaming was for the gamers, basically. It was game company vs. game company fighting for supremacy. Nowadays we have games with celebrity voice-overs and movie size budgets. Gaming has become way too mainstream and Hollywood-like.

There's lots of advantages in current gaming for certain, but I think the disadvantages are just as numerous.

But I guess for the new generations the online gaming, services and community must seem like the greatest thing ever, and above anything that came before it.

A thing that I'll never be able to dig though is why people want to play *new* games that look and play as if they were made over 20 years ago. And worse even how can they possibly think they're any cool.

I sure as hell don't remember anyone making Atari 2600-caliber games well into the 16-bit generation, and certainly even less earning praise for it. If that's not standards slipping, I don't know what it is.